Israel Taking Her Borders

Rev. Raymond M. Jackson


About two weeks ago there was one of the big leaders of the Hamas movement found, he had been killed. Now the Hamas and PA together, have vowed revenge against Israel and Jewish targets. When they say that, that means there is no way that the United States or Canada can escape it. We have approximately 5.2 million Jews here in the states. Most of these Jews are manufacturers of different products as well as holders of many stocks in different companies. Once this starts, there is no doubt they have plans to rain havoc on as many Jewish and Americans as they can, because they know that America has always stood with Israel in the hour of crisis. Also, there is another man that has an article here, I have his picture, he is a Jewish man, and this other man is supposed to be a Christian. I do not know if he is a Christian from some Arab country, or what. The article says, “Israel Wants to Rule Arab World.” Well, that is a fact, you can’t escape it. I am going to point to some things here on the map. Right here is the Middle East. Here is the Suez Canal. This is the Sinai, and here is Israel right here. Here is the country of Jordan. Over here is Syria, here is Lebanon, and here is Iran. It takes you right straight through to the Euphrates Valley. We are going to title our thought this morning, “Israel Taking Her Borders.” There was never but one time in the whole history of the nation of Israel, that Israel ever did possess everything in her borders given by God. Turn with me to 2nd Samuel. Before I start this message I will say, During the coming meetings I have a message to deal with, that brings us a little more up to date on the pending things in the Middle East, why it is necessary and why it should be important to us. I realize that right now, maybe what we are saying about a war in the Middle East just sounds like to much talk, and so much being torn to pieces. But by the time that has started and you begin to see how it affects the world in general, there has never been a war in the world that will affect the world and society, nations and people, like this one will. God has designed it according to His plan. Once it starts, there is not a man on the face of the earth that can stop it until God brings it to its justified end. It will be a war that God starts. It will be a war that God ends His way. There is an objective that He is after and God will be the captain in the midst of it. There is not another mortal man, no matter what his rank would be, that could even design or change it. In 2nd Samuel, King David has been elevated to king of Israel. This is really just in the beginning of his kingdom. But David has a plan in his mind. As we read some of this, and as we talk about it, I would like for us to think that somewhere in the months ahead God is going to move upon the leadership of Israel to do a similar thing, only with much more supernatural display, because of the type of military weapons that are going to be involved in this event. David had been anointed king and he had begun to set a few things in motion. I am going to read a few verses of the 8th chapter. When David accomplished this great victory, this is the first time that the borders of Israel that were promised to Abraham and his seed, were ever accomplished. Starting in verse 1 we read, “And after this it came to pass, that David smote the Philistines, and subdued them: (We know that up until this time, all the conflicts that Israel has had with the Philistines, they have never been able to subdue this people for any lengthy period.) and David took Methegammah out of the hand of the Philistines. (That was evidently a major city in that hour. This was the Philistines’ land. It was somewhere in along in here (map) in the Gaza Strip area. We see how David, for some reason, was able to accomplish a victory over the Philistines.) And he smote Moab, (That is across the river, right here below the city of Amman.) and measured them with a line, (Notice what he did.) casting them down to the ground; even with two lines measured he to put to death, and with one full line to keep alive. (The world is no doubt going to howl. We do not know that Israel will do this, it is one thing to realize Israel has no intention of destroying every human being, that is not the objective, but she has got to be rough enough and severe enough that it puts enough fear in the remaining ones, that they will realize from then on, this is no good. In reality, it causes the Arabs, who have been brought to their knees in fear, now to be willing to go back and accept the same God that Israel and the Arabs of old did in the days of the twelve tribes.) And the Moabites became David’s servants, and brought gifts. David smote also Hadadezer, the son of Rehob, king of Zobah, as he went to recover his border at the river Euphrates. (Now those men there, we can say, are the present day Iraqis, right in here on the map.) And David took from him a thousand chariots, and seven hundred horsemen, and twenty thousand footmen: (We don’t know how large Israel’s army was, but when you capture that much of an enemy, in those days, you are reigning terror upon an opposing force.) and David hocked (or chopped up) all the chariot horses, but reserved of them for an hundred chariots. And when the Syrians of Damascus came to succour (or to help) Hadadezer king of Zobah, David slew of the Syrians two and twenty thousand men.” Now imagine, a man with an army out of a little country, that has already hit the Philistines, he has crossed over to Moab, he goes into Iraq and goes all the way to the Euphrates River, because it comes right down through here and out the Gulf. Then as he returns back, because Syria had helped this same man, he lays them low. I received some literature a few days ago, stating that they had just received word that Syria had purchased between three thousand and five thousand new tanks from Russia, of different types. What is a nation the size of Syria going to do with that many tanks. Not only that, but there is another article, about our intelligence and Israeli intelligence. It is a known fact that Iran has purchased atomic weapons from Russia. It does not say what size, but they know that Iran has atomic weapons. She has also been able to purchase certain rockets from North Korea. Also some Russian scientists have for several months now been helping the Iranian technicians put together a possible early strike. The Jews calculate the Iranians could have rockets with atomic warheads within eighteen months. That would allow them to be able to start an attack against Israel. Let us not take this lightly. The news every day can get dull, but once it starts, it is not going to be dull from then on. You are going to look at it in reality. Because God will not let it start until it is His exact time. When it does start, the world and all other things will never return to what it has been prior to that. She is on her way to the end now, and things seem to be moving very fast. I will continue reading here. “Then David (notice what he did) put garrisons in Syria of Damascus: and the Syrians became servants to David, and brought gifts. And the Lord preserved David whithersoever he went. And David took the shields of gold that were on the servants of Hadadezer, and brought them to Jerusalem. And from Betah, and from Berothai, cities of Hadadezer, king David took exceeding much brass. When The king of Hamath heard that David had smitten all the host of Hadadezer, Then Toi (the king) sent Joram his son unto king David, to salute him, and to bless him, because he had fought against Hadadezer, and smitten him: for Hadadezer had wars with Toi. And Joram brought with him vessels of silver, and vessels of gold, and vessels of brass: Which also king David did dedicate unto the Lord, with the silver and gold that he had dedicated of all nations which he subdued; Of Syria, and of Moab, and of the children of Ammon, and of the Philistines, and of Amalek, and of the spoil of Hadadezer, son of Rehob, king of Zobah. And David gat him a name when he returned from smiting of the Syrians in the valley of salt, being eighteen thousand men. And he put garrisons in Edom; throughout all Edom put he garrisons, and all they of Edom became David’s servants. And the Lord preserved David whithersoever he went. And David reigned over all Israel; and David executed judgment and justice unto all the people.” Now when we read this, all that we can say then is, This is the first time that Israel, as a country, since God gave Abraham that promise when he was coming into the land of Canaan, ever possessed that much of their inheritance, therefore they had everything laying against the seacoast, and he (David) has this whole part of the country here, he has Edom, the Moabites, the Ammonites, he has Syria and he has reached to the border of the river Euphrates. That is the only time we have in the Bible that the nation of Israel ever possessed that much of her original covenant land. That was because it seemed as though the children of Israel could never stay faithful to God in obedience to His word, wherein God would honor them in that type of covenant agreement. We know that after David’s death, and king Solomon took over, there was peace. But after Solomon reigned for a period of time, there were two sons born into the family, and then what happened? The nation was split. From then on and started losing out. Now we see what David did one time, but a lot of the things we read about here only set a type of the day we are living in. I have to believe the world is ready for a shocker, but they do not realize it. In fact, they have totally ignored the Bible. I would be ashamed to be a president, a congressman or a senator, and trot off to some church building every Sunday morning, giving the impression I was a dedicated Christian, and that I believe in God and His Word, when in reality, they do not. It is just an expected formality, which is just a mockery. Actually it is very cheap. Anybody can put a suit on and go out looking good, but spiritually, it is just a sham worth nothing in God’s eyes. This is why, when we look at the scriptures, and see how they are laid out, we realize mankind in our modern day, really forces God to bring about the conditions our society is ready to complain about. This so-called civilized, educated world we live in, is responsible for the condition the world has drifted into these last number of years. Every time you hear a leader or politician, especially in this country, they have sold our country out somehow. It was not that way years ago.


I want to something as humble as I know how, because I know there are some immigrant type people that will hear this. I am not a racist, but I have sense enough to know there are races in this country, that did not come here to be American citizens. They came here to bring their culture, their ideology and have their own way, because they think it is the only spot on the face of the earth that they can carry on that kind of culture, that kind of double minded way of life in looking at things, and get by with it. Whatever they purposed to accomplish by being here, it is destined to be of short duration. Because when America was first discovered, the people that came here out of Europe and wherever else they came from, regardless of how poor they were, they came here because it was a place to get a new start in life. Their purpose was to become American citizens, and get a new start in the richest country they knew of. I want you to know it was not made rich because of the multiple racial choice it had. Most of the founding people who came here, when you go back beyond the Pilgrims’ hour you see only the trappers, the hunters, the adventurers, I cannot say they brought much of God here with them. They were mainly trapping bears, wolves, foxes, mink, beaver and all like that. Then they took it back to Europe. That is why Europe, for many years, has always bought fur and hides from the United States and Canada. Keep in mind, they are an old country, they had just about consumed their wilderness livestock capacity. But now we have an element in this nation, they want to hold on to every skunk, every rattlesnake, every fox there is. Don’t kill them, they have a right to live. How pitiful! When you begin to put an animal on the same level footing as human beings, you are spitting in the face of God, no matter what kind of education you have, or what part of the world you come from. When God put man here, His command was, Subdue the earth, dress it and take care of it. I am not necessarily telling you to go out and kill all the animals, but I am saying this, when the environmentalists today stand between leadership and society and claim to have so much power and authority that they can determine where we ought to turn wolves loose, where we ought to turn the coyotes loose and all this kind of ridiculous maneuvering, we could well wind up like India. We will have sacred cows sleeping in the streets, with manure in the doorway to department stores. I know this does not sound good to everyone when I talk like this, but I say to you, if you go to Bombay or Calcutta, anywhere in India, there you will find a society where many never get a square meal, because they live in the streets. I will say to my black brothers and sisters, Come and go with me. Let me take you down Main Street. Let me show you these people. It was not the British colonial era that brought society to that level. The British Empire did not take the caste society, or culture to India. That was already there and has been there for hundreds of years. The high caste, the low caste, and then the middle caste, different classes but they are all the same skin color. The high caste marry within the high caste. The middle marry within the middle. And the low caste which are the poorest, only live the best they can. In any metropolitan city on the main streets, in the alleys, these poor people by the thousands, live in the streets. They have a few rags they drag around with them from daylight to dark. There is no work for them. We have seen them in the city dump going through the trash, taking every kind of morsel they can find to eat. You wonder how they keep from breaking out with some kind of deadly plague of disease and all die. No matter how beautiful a hotel might be, when night sets in, if it looks like there will be a little rain, these poor people come in from the outside, with their blankets, and they will lay down under the porch, wherever they can get a little bit of roof over their head that will protect them from the drizzling rain. There they will sleep, on the porches and almost in the doorways and hallways, while the high caste as well as tourists have the interior of the hotel to sleep in. When I would look out in the daytime and see these sacred animals walking around, I just have to say this, and I realize we have some teachers in here, and I want you to know I respect you for what you are doing. I ask you though, do you know what I would have done if I had been the head of the British army when they first went to India? I would have taken one good look at that culture and would simply ask, Where did these cows come from? How come they have such freedom? You have to walk around them, you cannot even touch one of them. But if I would have had my way about it, there would never have been anybody going hungry in India. That is stupidity. When you have thousands of them in the low caste society, that will not even swat a fly, they have to sweep the pathway where they will walk: that is stupidity. I have to say to educated leaders of a society of a nation that is supposed to be civilized and know better, why in this world do you send envoys over there to carry on some kind of discourse, yet you do not try to tell them how to straighten up their environment? They have leprosy running rampant, simply because of unsanitary conditions. We were on a train coming back to Bombay, we pulled into one small town, and were sitting on the main track, waiting, I guess the engineer was changing something. We looked out the window. Here is a young woman probably not over twenty some years of age. She had a little baby in a sling around her neck. But her hands were rotted off. She had a little can hanging around her neck because she had no hands to reach out for alms. There was a man who looked like a business man that got off the train, he walked over to her and put a coin in that little can. I thought to myself, Britain, you have been there a long time. You could have probably stayed there a lot longer too, but it is a shame no one ever tried to teach them that the caste system is evil. They never tried to teach them that this sacred animal business was a junky idea. Even so it has been carried down through centuries of time and it has affected the society so badly that it is shameful. Then in Bombay as we were coming out of the depot, some of the buildings have large gateways into them. As we came outside there was a big pile of dirt alongside the driveway. There was a human body laying on that pile of dirt. I thought to myself, this world is in a bad shape. You do not realize the millions of people that die throughout this entire world, simply because they have a certain culture that is responsible for it. They may say, I have a culture, you cannot take my culture away from me. Well if it doesn’t do you any good, and if it makes you suffer and get hungry, and your hands and feet rot off, then you need to get rid of that culture. Why do you not take a few lessons? I could say a lot more, but I realize I have said enough. Just keep in mind, Israel, many years ago, used to have leprosy. Plagues would always follow some kind of catastrophic judgment.


I now want to get back to the actual message we are dealing with. I want to take you back into the book of Numbers. This goes back and picks up the prophecy that Balaam prophesied to Balak, what the children of Israel would do at a later time. We are at Kadesh Barnea, right at the edge of the borders of Edom. The children of Israel are on their way through the Sinai, on their way to the borders of Canaan land. They are on the approach to the country of Edom, coming up from the south. Numbers chapter 20, starting with verse 14. “And Moses sent messengers from Kadesh unto the king of Edom, Thus saith thy brother Israel, (Moses is actually saying to Edom, which is actually Esau. In other words, Esau, your brother is coming through the land out of Egyptian bondage.) Thou knowest all the travail that hath befallen us: How our fathers went down into Egypt, and we have dwelt in Egypt a long time; and the Egyptians vexed us, and our fathers: And when we cried unto the Lord, He heard our voice, and sent an angel, and hath brought us forth out of Egypt: and, behold, we are in Kadesh, a city in the utmost part of thy border: Let us pass, I pray thee, through thy country: we will not pass through the fields, or through the vineyards, neither will we drink of the water of the wells: we will go by the king’s high way, we will not turn to the right hand nor to the left, until we have passed thy borders. (Notice, a kindred people, this is Esau and his descendants. This is Israel and her descendants of that hour.) And Edom said unto him, Thou shalt not pass by me, lest I come out against thee with the sword. And the children of Israel said unto him, We will go by the high way: and if I and my cattle drink of thy water, then I will pay for it: I will only, without doing any thing else, go through on my feet. And he said, Thou shalt not go through. And Edom came out against him with much people, and with a strong hand. (Now imagine this, these relatives have been gone, in Egypt for many years. Now they want to take a short cut to pass through Edom. Before the birth of Christ there was a Jewish prophet by the name of Obadiah. Think of it. He looked down through the years. The ten northern tribes had not been carried away yet, and neither had the Babylonian Empire come into full preeminence yet. But Obadiah could see in the spirit just exactly what the Edomites would do unto the children of Israel, mainly the two southern tribes, when Jerusalem would be torn to pieces. He prophesied and warned Edom, you should not have stood on the other side and made fun of your brother in the day of his calamity. If that was true then, how many times, even in our day, people, if they have a disliking for somebody, and if they see things going hard for them, you should never say, good enough for them. Leave all those kind of remarks to yourself and to God. Because God has a way of correcting things and when He does it His way, He does it right. He does it without showing any prejudice. When we read that whole book of Obadiah, we can see the end of Edom and it is just right before your eyes. All these Palestinians that are now in this land of Israel, daring Israel, challenging Israel, threatening Israel, suicide bombers with their bombs, creating all kinds of oppression, we cannot help but see what these tribes across the river have brought about in these many years that they have immigrated into the land of Israel. Because one of the prophets of old said, and thou will say ahh, these two lands will become ours. That is what happened when the ten tribes were carried away in 728, never to be brought back until the end of days. The two southern tribes were carried away later, that is when these people on the other side began to move in and take occupation, not in a major way, but after the two southern tribes from Babylon were brought back in five hundred and something to build the temple, to build their altar and to rebuild the city to get it ready for the coming of Christ, yes there were a few Arabs in the land. They harassed these people too. They belittled them. They threatened them. They did everything they could to make life miserable. But after the fall of Jerusalem in 69 A.D. and the temple, through the centuries that followed, out of the Bedouin country came these people, little by little, century after century, until they have fully occupied the land of Israel. Again, they did just exactly what the prophets of old said, that they would do, let the land go desolate. They did not know how to really farm it, they raised goats and sheep and a few cattle. They did not modernize anything. That is what caused the land of Israel to be in the shameful state it was in when the Jews began to take over these different places in the Six Day War. With all this in mind, knowing what we do about the Arabs that are there, we can say this, he is either a Moabite, an Edomite, or an Ammonite. There are descendants of all three tribes of them living there now. When you hear in the news, the Palestinian Arabs, as they call themselves, and that is because they were born in the land of Palestine, but literally they are not the legal owners of the land. I would like for us to keep our minds centered on this fact, Jerusalem has a lot of things going on right now, that they have to deal with. The Palestinians are talking big. You can see that they are wanting to take a hack at Israel, they are wanting to start a war. When I think of the prophecy in the book of Micah, where it says, in that day when thy walls are to be built, God said, I will show unto him, meaning Israel, great and marvelous things. Imagine the battle that Gideon had with the Mideonites, three hundred men, and it brought death to the Mideonite camp. In this day and hour when it looks so hard to believe that God could really be that kind of God, that He could cause the waters to part in the Red Sea, that He could cause the waters to bank up in the Jordan River, and He could cause the Israeli army to be victorious over the fall of the city of Jericho, it is like I have said many times before, look back at that conflict. The minute they got over on the other side, they are lined up to head for Jericho, the largest encampment of Canaanite military power there was in all Canaan land, the largest fortified city with the highest towers, the thickest walls and trained troops that controlled the going in and going out. Yet somehow or other, when the two spies went into the city and ran upon the woman named Rahab, and she began to communicate what was in the hearts of the people of Jericho, she reminded the spies, when we heard what your God did for you at the Red Sea, our hearts did melt within us. Now that was a long time ago. That was about thirty four hundred years ago, roughly. Of course a lot of people today will say, Oh but that is mythology. When it is that old, they call it mythology. They cannot imagine that there is any reality to it, but let me remind you, it is when people think like that and they calculate like that, that is what makes God say, I am going to show you something. You know, when you look at that whole approach, how they marched around one day and blew their trumpets and went back to camp, can you not see those troops up on the wall, thinking, I wonder what they are up to? Look, they had no spear men in that army of Israel, with brass shields and helmets. No. It looked like a bunch of bums that came out of the desert. But here goes these funny looking priests, every morning, one time around, blow their trumpets and then they all go back to camp. I can just see those big Canaanite guards up there with all that brass and military might, making fun. Wonder what those quacks are up to? But you everyone know what happened, those Israelites had this record, the same God that has fed us for forty years, He is going to do something for us now. The same God that has brought a rock with us and we have never died of thirst, the same God that has kept our shoes from wearing out, the same God that has kept our clothes from wearing out, He is going to do something for us here. So when that seventh day came, from the Canaanite’s viewpoint upon the wall, everything looked to be the same. Here came the same crowd. But as that crowd came around to the starting point, suddenly something changed the Canaanite’s mind, oh, they are starting around again. When they started around again, now that threw their thinking off, what are they up to? They not only went around the second time, they went the third time, the fourth, the fifth time. Now those Canaanite soldiers are sending messages, how does it look on your side over there? What is going on? They began to get nervous. Those guards, if they were walking the wall, they could have looked down and seen a red cord hanging down from one of the windows, but they did not see that. So the fourth time, the fifth time, now they are getting confused and nervous. The fifth time, then the sixth time, how long can they stand that? The sixth time they went around, then they started the seventh time. Little did they know, this is it. That set a perfect type, that at the end of seven Gentile church ages, when this world is encamped in the largest buildup of military might, scientifically, Israel will again show the world who God is for. Just as God showed Israel how this Canaanite camp doesn’t mean a thing, because when they walked around at the end of the seventh trip around, they all turned facing the direction of the wall, they were all completely encircling the city, and they did not go back to camp that time. As they blew their trumpets and began to shout a loud shout, there was not one spear that left the camp of Israel. All of a sudden there was an earthquake. This was not a horse fly landing on a leaf. This was an earthquake of tremendous proportion because it says the walls fell outward. That meant God, from within this thing, caused this city wall to fall so that the children of Israel, walking toward the city from their position, could walk right over all this rubble of the wall and walk right into the city. By that time the fall of the wall and the confusion it brought to the inhabitants, had so terrorized the Canaanite’s, it was no job at all for the Israelites to take their spears and swords and kill, simply slaughter the Canaanite’s. God said, don’t save a one of them. When the seven church ages are coming to their end, we are closer to the end than we even think. I have to believe, as the message that was brought to this seventh church age, which was really a message that consists of this, That a called out man of God took every doctrine of the Bible that was preached in the early age which was the true gospel, he took every gospel doctrine there was that was preached in the first age, he rehearsed it, it was exemplified, it was confirmed. He displayed it right here at the end of Gentile time. God has let time last long enough for that message to be rehearsed until every soul around this world that is ordained to be in the Bride of Christ has heard it: they have got to hear that message. Please keep this in mind, that through the years of time as we have lived and heard it, I realize many times people will say, I get tired of hearing the same things. Please brothers and sisters, I am going to say something, and I ask that none of you get angry with me. You do not have any right whatsoever to really say, I get tired of hearing this, I get tired of hearing that. You are a lot like a little boy or girl from a rich family. They have had so much of the nice things in life, when you give them a certain flavor of ice cream, they say, I don’t want that. You give them another, I don’t want that. Another one, I don’t want that. Well what do you want? I don’t know. I have seen kids just like that. When you begin to see them get picky that way, you can rest assured they are not hungry: their taste buds are not crying out for food. They have had too much already. That is how many that are known as Christians conduct themselves, so what does that tell you? They are not hungry for the Word of God.


I have been talking with some people down in Mexico: brothers that wanted to talk with me before the morning service. They came to the room where we were staying. They began telling me how Dr. Lee Vail came to Mexico years ago, along with some of the men that believed like he did. Those men told the Mexican people, nobody can be saved anymore. God will not use gifts of the spirit anymore either. On and on he went like that. They asked me, Bro. Jackson, what about this? I said brothers, I am not here to condemn the man, but I am here to say this, I knew the man, I remember when he was a Trinitarian. When Bro. William Branham was preaching the church ages, Dr. Lee Vail was a Trinitarian, and a historian, a bible scholar. I will say for sure concerning him, he was always trying to push himself into everything that was gong on, projecting himself into the crowd around Bro. William Branham. It was evident that he was trying to use certain types of influence to get into the picture. It was not until 1962 that he finally decided to be re-baptized. Then he came all the way from Ohio down here to have Bro. William Branham personally baptize him. After that, Bro. William Branham turned over to him the manuscript of the Church Ages he had preached; and he started to work on it. I also said, but he was the man after Bro. William Branham’s death that got up in the pulpit at the Tabernacle and said God will save nobody anymore, the revelation is all finished, God will not use the gifts anymore, God will not do this and He will not do that. I said to the brothers, at the time Dr. Lee Vail made that statement, that the world did not even know yet, how Bro. William Branham baptized. Yes, they knew he was a man with an unusual gift, he went to Africa and prayed for the sick, he went to Norway and prayed for the sick, he went to Finland and did likewise, and the Spirit of God worked with him. Therefore they knew that he was a man with an unusual gift, but they did not know his doctrine nor his teaching. I just simply said, Would God have been a just God, if He cut off the means of salvation for everyone else back then? No. How could He judge a world of unlearned people, that had never had access to the most important thing? Then I also said, I thank God, that He is still God, and that the Lord Jesus is still on the mercy seat. That is why I have to say, All seven seals were not broken when Bro. William Branham was used to reveal the contents of six of them. Because six of them were broken, I can read them and tell you what they are. However there is not a person on earth that can tell me what the seventh one holds. Therefore until that one is opened, do not try to teach me what it holds. I am not going to argue with anyone about it, because no one knows what that seventh seal holds. With all this in mind, we know we are living very close to the end of this Grace Age. When I taught this message in Mexico, I could see people with tears in their eyes because it was something they had not heard. They had not heard or been able to see just how close we are to the end. I know when we put the chart up here, it shows that time is running out about 2004 ½. Some people will say, Bro. Jackson, aren’t you afraid you are going to get us into a period of time when it might not be that way? No I am not. Have I ever told you what date Jesus is coming? No. Have I ever told you what hour He is coming? No. That is what we will talk about in the message next Sunday. We have a clue in the Bible. The Bible is so written that you would not notice these little clues. That is why I have to say, a lot of these prophetic pictures that we are getting out of these prophecies, in years gone by they looked so small and insignificant, unimportant, and that is why people would say, well that is irrelevant. That is where they miss it: I want you to know, every one of them are important. That is why right now, because of the shortness of time and the end of it is close at hand, I have to say, God is going to reach in this book, and reveal every little paragraph, every little word or prophecy that relates some way to this day and the future, God is bringing it out of hiding and putting it together. It forms a beautiful picture. Like I said in Canada, when you see a prophecy that mentions the same object twice, remember this, that is a center piece. You put it right in the center where you imagine the picture to be and you build around it. Do not just take it and stick it here or here, or there, or off to the side somewhere. Why do I say that? Because whatever it means, it is an important piece, it has to have preeminence somewhere. This miracle war we have been talking about, will definitely, in a few short days, just as fast as those Israeli tanks and planes can go to work, Israel will spread her borders to their proper place. There is going to be enough fear grip the society in this modern world, I cannot help but imagine, just how these college professors will react, that have been known for their unique intelligence, how they can speak things and how they can say things, and imagine how they have belittled and looked down upon people that really like to have a dedicated outlook toward God and His plan. I just wonder how they are going to feel when they cannot help but look at the TV and see how Israel has laid Iraq wide open. How are they going to feel when they see Egypt, what has happened to them and all these areas across the Jordan River. Some of those places, from the aerial view, you are going to see dead bodies scattered from one end to the other. God is going to strip that country, He is going to lay enough fear there in those people, when it is all said and done, and it is over, those Arab people are not going to say, well now wait a minute, we have got to get our cabinet together, we have got to get our congress, we have to get our senate. No, they are going to say, Allah no longer hears our prayers, it is Elohim for us from now on. I just say it that way because when you see the end results in Isaiah, when you see it worded like it is, that from Saudi Arabia comes gold, I have asked before, how many of you people tonight, if you were asked to go to Saudi Arabia and say, I am here to take up an offering for the children of Israel because they want to build their temple, what kind of an answer would you get? You know good and well you would not get anything from them, will you? No. Because they are in no shape right now to hear anything like that. But tell me why the Bible reads like this: Out of Sheba, Dedan, and those places, here comes the long camel caravans over the desert sand dunes, laden with gold and incense, to be offered on His altar, and to beautify the house of His glory. What happened down there? There was a war that just took place in the Middle East and the world looked upon it and just sneezed at it, is that their answer? No, they will not have to say that, but I do believe some of their history books in colleges are going to be thrown into the trash. At least I believe some of the students will say, look, you told me there was no such thing as a God the Jews believe in, so what about this? I just saw this in the News this morning. I can see college students shaking their finger at the professor and saying, look, you told me there is no such thing as creation, that we descended from a monkey. How come all this is going on over there? Explain it! You see, sometimes God just lets man have his way. I do have to say this, before the week of Daniel starts, Israel will be through with her wars, she will have all her borders back, and she will be carrying out her rebuilding program. That is a fact. To think our modern world today has done everything they can to trying to design the future, and look what a mess. Last night our president was down in South America, where he is trying his best to get this American area to trade with one another. In some of the articles I have read, it told how in the past twenty years since our government has put in this free trade, a lot of it has been going on for quite awhile. There was just another chapter of it wrote here and signed about three or four years ago. It told that the middle class working people of America, that we used to have, has just about been wiped out. Twenty percent of our total population is getting richer. Sixty eight percent is getting poorer. So you can see that what the politicians are saying, is not true. It does not better the American people. Actually they are taking away from you, your future security, and they are helping to raise it up in another nation. Yes, the rich are getting richer themselves, but my point is, is it right for the president, and for the senators, the congressmen and that type, to go from seventy five thousand to a hundred thousand, then a hundred and twenty five thousand? Is it right for him to get this kind of wages, while it is taking from this man down here that was getting thirty five thousand a year? He is cut back to twenty eight thousand, and it just keeps getting lower, so I ask, is that right? Look at the Fruit of the Loom factory over in Kentucky, where will it go to, Taiwan? Japan? I have to say, that is not right. Of course some may say, Why would you bring this into the pulpit, Bro. Jackson? Simply because everything that is taking place in your country today, is fitting right into the last day picture we see in the Bible. I do not necessarily like to talk about it, but I have to say, our nation is being sold out, lock, stock, and barrel. Only God Himself knows what is liable to break out in this nation not too far from now.


In 1952 I was introduced to Bro. William Branham. I thought at the time, he is such a great man, there is no need of me taking up his time. I have looked back since then, what if they had, had church order back then? I never would have got to talk to him like I did, shake his hand and him say anything to me. Bro. Glenn took me up on the platform one day, I was standing a little to his right behind him, he turned and looked back at me. Bro. Glenn told him my name. He said, I understand you live on a farm. I said, yes. He said, would you allow a little fellow like me to come down and squirrel hunt. I said, I sure would. You know, back then when I had some livestock on the farm, about six thirty in the morning was when I got up to start my day. The next morning when I awakened and looked out the bedroom window, there was Bro. William Branham’s little van sitting in the barn lot. I thought, My goodness! I just couldn’t understand it, he came that soon! But I will say this, he was a great man of God, yet he could make you feel so at ease in his presence. You did not feel like you were shaking hands with the president or some congressman. He was right down on your level. My father-in-law was not a Christian, and I had watched my father-in-law through the years, and especially with some preachers that he would get around, you could tell that he was very backward (shy), he would not enter into the conversation. However when Bro. William Branham would come down to go hunting, my father-in-law was always ready right then, whether it was squirrel hunting or rabbit hunting, he was right there ready to go. Bro. William Branham was not a man that preached to you all the time. He could talk on your level. Every time he would be around my father-in-law, he was always talking about something on the farm. My father-in-law enjoyed it. That is why I have to say, a lot of people thought they knew him, but really, they did not. They just knew about him, but they were not around him, to watch him and study him, how he conducted himself around other people. His intention was always to make you feel at home under all circumstances. I will have to say, had Bro. William Branham not been killed on his way back here from out west, there would have been no church order in the tabernacle today. I can guarantee you that. Because he had already called the Wright family, which lived in Depauw, that was Bro. George Wright and his wife, and their daughter. He had called them from Arizona and told them he was going to take out church order. Yet somehow or other God saw fit to take him from us on the road home. He never lived to get back here, he never lived to carry out his plans. It would not do one bit of good, for me to go over the countryside and say, Bro. William Branham was going to take out church order, those are just my words, so it is my words against others. But the very people he talked to, told us twice over the phone, and this was in a short interval of days, he was on his way back, number one, to take out church order, number two, to preach a message that he felt that God had given him, which was called, The Trail of the Serpent. But he never did get to preach it, and he never did get to take out church order with the authority that it would require to do that, so it has gone all over the world and people have taken it and put it in over little congregations everywhere. People will look at you like you are committing a crime because you do not put it in if the case be so. If I want to go into a church building where it is real quite, I will take you to a Catholic church. I have been at two Catholic funerals in my life time, it can get very still, very still. There is a lot of repetition, Hail Mary this, Hail Mary that, on and on and on. It is not much different than what many people are doing when they go around saying, Bro. William Branham said this, Bro. William Branham said this, Bro. William Branham said this. What is wrong with that, some might say? Why do they not say, Jesus said this, Jesus said that? When Brother Branham was still here, he preached Jesus, so I ask you, why do you want to preach Bro. William Branham? Many of those who do that did not really know him: they just heard of him on a tape. You are the kind that just know of him. That is just like the Seventh Day Adventist: they read the Bible and get one message, Jehovah Witnesses read it and get another message. Christian Science people reads it and gets another message. On and on it goes like that. Even the Catholics that read it get another concept. You have all those denominations in the world, but where is the true body of Christ? Bro. William Branham was sent to get true believers back on track, get us back into the Word of God, and free from all those different versions of what truth is. I am thankful for that. The Bible has the answer to whatever condition we find our society in.


Turn with me to the 60th chapter of Isaiah. I am going to speak now on this, to go along with what I was on this morning. A lot of people might say, Bro. Jackson, you are running this into the ground. Well you just wait until I finish this the way it winds up, and you will understand why. There are certain things worded in the Bible a certain way. The 60th chapter gives us a graphic picture of this terrible war that is going to be fought in the Middle East. Some might say, well I have never heard anything about it. It has been in your Bible all these years, so why are you surprised? A lot of things can be in your Bible, but if you never read it, how would you know? You read about it, you read of it, but you really do not see the contents or the thought in it all, and that is because it was just not the season for it to be understood. We can say this, This miracle war that brings such devastation in the Middle East, will come to an end, somewhere just short of the last week of Daniel opening. What is the purpose of this war? It changes the whole world’s political structure and gets things ready to go into the week of Daniel. If you tune in to Trinity Broadcast, you will hear modern day preachers who preach on prophecy, whether it is Hal Lindsay or some of the others, they have a repetition of things they say, and when they are finished, about all you know they have said, is that the man of sin could come any time, and that Jesus can come just any time. Really, there is no such thing as Jesus can come just any time. Well I have always been told that. That does not make a bit of difference. Jesus can not come at just any time. He can come for you or He can come for me, but He cannot come just any time to rapture His bride Church. There is a certain plan for that in the Bible, and it is going to be exactly like that. You cannot hurry it, neither can you delay it. Preachers say all these things because, without spiritual revelation they have nothing else to say. There is a definite plan in the scriptures, laid out so graphically perfect; and that is how it is going to be. This terrible war is going to change a lot of the picture that society has in mind right now, and I will say this, what is going on right now just makes me very disgusted: especially when I hear young teenagers crying because their schools have become such pot holes along the road of life. I am going to tell something right now; and it is not a joke: it really happened. At one time there was a man that lived out along Blue River. I was a young boy then, back in the 1930’s. He always raised a lot of pole beans. These pole beans he raised, required a lot of poles for him to be able to support the beans vines. He went around all over the community to find out if any farmers had any sassafras thickets that he could go through, and cut poles. So one day he met my dad and asked my dad about getting some poles, and dad said, Sure, go ahead. So he came up and was going along the edge of the fields through the sassafras. I was out following them around. He told how down in Kentucky he had gone to a mountain one room school. He said this actually happened. There was one big boy about seventeen years of age in that school, that no teacher could do anything with him. He never would study, so they could not pass him on to the next grade in school. Then one particular school term, they had hired a new teacher, a girl, I think she was nineteen years old. You would wonder, how can a girl that young get a bunch of mountain ruffians under control. He said the first day of school she came in, very nice, very polite. She assigned lessons. She did not keep them long, just a short time. The second day of school, she came in carrying what they thought was a lunch sack. She went to the desk and put this sack in the drawer. Everything went well for the first two or three days. But then this seventeen year old began to make his remarks, cracking jokes, making the whole class laugh. Finally the teacher looked up and called him by name, I would like for you to remember you are in the school room and it is time to be still. Of course he got a big grin on his face and just kept it up. That teacher just sat there, while he had the whole school room laughing. Directly she said, I have asked you in a nice way, to stop this. He said, why don’t you make me? That teacher got up from her chair and reached in the drawer and pulled out a twenty foot bull whip. She laid it in the aisle. Then she said, I am giving you one more chance to shut up. He jumped to his feet, but he had no sooner jumped to his feet, she wrapped that whip around his ankles and jerked him to the floor. After all the laughing stopped, while he was trying to get that off his ankles, she whipped it again and let him have one right across the back. She said, either get up and get out of here, or get in your seat and start studying. From there on, she never had any more trouble with that seventeen year old boy. You see, they did not have to go to a school board and get it settled. Who wants that kind of school teacher? It is better than some today and it is better than some who are running the system today. It just goes to show, when you have given yourself over to the justifying of lewd, rude, conversation in the classroom, that there is no discipline measured out to anyone, it is a law of the fallen generation of mankind, where one evil is justified and another follows. After awhile evil overrides the good. Then you have everything imaginable going on, where the innocent suffer the consequences of what the evil ones do. That is why it says in Isaiah 13, in that day it will be like this, evil is called good and good is called evil. The last twenty five years it has just kept getting worse and worse. Every year they come along, what can we do, we have to change this, that and something else. Why blame the parents? I bring that in with one statement, which is this, they have already taken away the parents’ authority to use the correcting rod on them, Parents are not allowed to chasten their children any more. If you do use a stick on some sixteen year old kid, you know what he does? He goes to the school and tells the teacher, now they have you before the school board. Some of these seventeen year old children are at the point that you have to beat the disobedience out of them. They are just like some of the wild horses in the mountains. They don’t know to do any different. The only language they know is force, but it is force that is meted out in a proper way. Maybe a lot of people don’t like that today, but you have got a sick world because of that very attitude. Don’t cry when you hear of more teachers and young people getting shot on the school grounds. This liberal society has brought it on and it is here to stay. It is not going to change until man changes it, or rather when God does. When God changes it, rest assured of one thing, it will not be done by a school board. It will be done by the hand of God Himself. It will not surprise me, when whatever God has designed to straighten out and clean this country up to get it ready for the last episode, if many tears are seen. People who neglect their responsibility are the ones that shed the most tears. One thing is sure, whatever God does will be done right. Well I had better get back to my subject again. A lot of people that hear me talk about this war, seem to get the idea, well this war in the Middle East is not going to be much of a war. I just have to say, when you look at the way certain prophecies are worded, it is going to be a war in which God intends for the entire world to see it take place. How are they going to see it? Just like they saw the Gulf War, only it will be more explicit, more in detail. Knowing of all the satellites in space, with cameras watching everything, tuned in on every event of interest, there is not a nation on the face of this earth that has TV equipment set up, that will not be able to see it. The way Isaiah 60 describes it, I can see that not only people in the Middle East are suddenly shocked by what they view, they are also going to have their attitude about the whole thing changed. This is also going to affect other nations such as the Far East. We may think, just because China, Thailand, Tibet, Burma and those isolated places, which at one time communication for them was very limited, that they will not see it all take place. I ask you to keep in mind, there is a society there today that can watch what is going on right here in America just as well as what is going on in their own country. When that thing does take place in the Middle East, some of these nations that are Hindu, Buddhist, and other religions, if I am looking at the wording in this 60th chapter right, God is going to use this episode, the way it is brought about, to touch the minds and hearts of some of those people who have been so wrapped up in a heathen religion for centuries. When it is all over, and they have sat and watched their TV through it all, they are going to realize, Buddha was nothing after all. Hindu was nothing after all. It is God’s way of doing just exactly what His word says. In Haggai the 2nd chapter, it expresses it like this, In that day, yet once more, a little while, I will shake not only the heavens and the earth, but the sea and the dry land, and in this place, (meaning Jerusalem), will I give peace. The shaking is not just a shaking in Israel. It is not just a shaking in the Arab world. It is a shaking all over this planet. If God said He will not only shake the heavens, but the earth, then the sea and dry land, and He will shake all nations, that when it is all over, the end result is, God has accomplished to get attention drawn to an element of people that are His chosen people. That is why it follows up and says, the silver and the gold is mine, the glory of this latter house shall be greater than the former. What does all that add up to? When it is time for God to get the temple built, He will not send out envoys to the nations, to see how much money He can borrow from the Canadian treasury or the United States. There are people in the nations of the earth today, that have most of the wealth. Think of Ted Turner and Bill Gates and those kind, which are millionaires. God knows exactly how to touch their hearts by letting them see something of His great power. Regardless of how much they presently believe in the materialistic world they are familiar with, when God displays His favor on behalf of Israel, it is going to get through to them. When this Middle East strike does hit and it shocks and paralyzes the world, it really begins to show people the reality of a God that sits in the heavens and can touch all things. He can move anything and change it by His sovereign power. God knows exactly how to bring about the development of a scene, so that a certain episode will usher in an event to serve His purpose. There is not a man on the face of this earth, regardless of who he is or what he possesses in the way of wealth of this world, that God cannot speak to His heart, I want a little bit of what you have, for the rebuilding of my temple in Jerusalem. We heard last fall, that Ted Turner pledged a billion dollars over a ten year period, to the U.N. I hope he never gets to write the first check to them, because one billion dollars in a time of what I am talking about here, would come in mighty handy. That is why it says the gold is mine, the silver is mine. God knows where all of it is, and who has it as their possession, and what it is tied up in. We will say this tonight, the world has not yet seen this, but when they do see it, that is going to be the shocker for all of them. I am compelled to believe that God is becoming very fed up with all of this scientific, modernistic, materialistic, high tech world that is so willing to bypass Him and His purpose. We now have an instrument that was not available years ago, the computer. Sure it is helpful, but if someone does not come up with a clear cut answer for it, some of this computer programming is going to go berserk. Man has been mighty smart to invent this thing, but to think that there is a point where, even though it can perform perfectly up until that time, when it reaches that line, who knows what will happen? It was never programmed in the proper sense. Therefore there can be a breakdown. Everything is programmed today, department stores, all their supplies are ordered by the computer system. That is transferred to the trucking industry. On and on it goes. Then all of a sudden, if you have a terrible shut down of the computers, and they cannot operate to order the produce anymore, what then? Now they are going to have to go back and write this and write that. You know what they are going to have. It goes to show, man is smart, up to a certain point, but beyond that, he has to utterly depend on God. I am not saying that Jesus is coming when the computers are shut down: do not even think like that. I will say this, God sure knows how to let certain things go on the blink, just to show the world we live in, that He is still in control. I will now read a few verses of this chapter. Try to put in your mind, that whatever this war, in the eyes of God, is to accomplish, when it has finally reached its end, let us begin to see the after affects, actually what begins to take place. We are in the 60th chapter of Isaiah. This prophet, looking down through the scope of time, is seeing the Jewish nation reconstructed, restored. They have had to fight a terrible war to set everything in place for God to come on the scene and fulfill His word. It says here, verse 1, “Arise, shine; (Who are these words addressed to? Jerusalem.) for thy light is come, and the glory of the Lord is risen upon thee.” We know this, there is a lot of the Branham followers that have the idea that the temple is going to be built after the Millennium opens up. I would ask them, What scripture do you have for an idea like that? You cannot get it from this one. I will show you scripturally, why you are wrong. I will start with a question. How is it possible, if the temple is going to be built in the Millennium, for the scripture in 2nd Thessalonian 2:3-4, to be fulfilled? “Let no man deceive you by any means: for that day shall not come, except there come a falling away first, and that man of sin be revealed, the son of perdition; Who opposeth and exalteth himself above all that is called God, or that is worshipped; so that he, as God, sitteth in the temple of God, showing himself that he is God.” The temple will have to be rebuilt before the middle of the 70th week of Daniel, in order for the antichrist to be able to set himself in the temple of God, showing himself to the world, that he is God, after he has the two prophets killed in the middle of the week. When was that temple built? Put it together. We have too many people today, that just throw a bunch of stuff out there on the blackboard and figure that is the picture of the coming of Christ. It is not. Jesus Christ is coming right on schedule. Every verse of scripture in the Bible is moving right into place precisely. I say with due respect, Bro. William Branham said a lot of things concerning the coming of Christ, and I am not saying these things to disrupt the thought, but it is a pitiful shame when men get so side tracked that if you begin to talk to them about anything you hear, well if Bro. William Branham didn’t say so: I will not listen to it if Bro. William Branham didn’t say so first, and all such as that. Such people refuse to pay attention to one such as I. It sounds to me like you are saying, if Bro. William Branham did not say it, you refuse to even look for it in the Bible. I ask you, What did that man preach the loudest? Why did he keep pounding the platform and saying, Get back to the word of God? What word was he talking about? Something he just got through saying? No. He was referring to this, the Bible. This is the Word he was referring to. The Catholic Church tried to destroy it and Protestantism has done much in bringing confusion to the interpretation of it, because they are void of revelation by the Spirit of God, but God’s Word is ever the same. You everyone know that is the truth. That is why we have so many denominational divisions in what is commonly referred to as Christianity. Each person, each leader, each system has their own interpretation. It just simply cannot be that way: it was not written that way. That is why the prophet to this age came with an understanding, that in this book (the Bible) is written what will give a picture that God wants you and me to see. Those who have the Spirit of God abiding in them are able to see that picture when others cannot. Now I want to get back to these verses, for the time has arrived, when I can see the power of God begin to settle on this nation of Israel, and the children of Israel are becoming very enthusiastic, very excited, and they are getting ready to start rebuilding their city of Jerusalem. I am not talking about the one that lays on the outer summit of Mt. Zion. I am talking about the one inside that old block wall, approximately four square miles. That old desolate, run down cesspool where the Arabs have made it smell like a latrine. I will never forget, when I was there for the first time, in 1968, our guide told us, that after the 1967 war when the Israeli army took the old city, they went in a few weeks later and told all the shop keepers who were Arabs, either clean up the streets, change the looks of things around here, or we are going to close your shops. You will hear a lot of people today, well they shouldn’t do that. Well regardless of what some may say, one thing is sure, the Jewish people do not live in a hog pen. They are very sanitary and hygienic, and they wanted the Arabs to come out and do the same thing. Notice the 2nd verse, “For, behold, the darkness shall cover the earth, (It is dark tonight in our society. The more we boast about our education, you know exactly how they want certain things said, they don’t want education taught with morality. They do not want education taught with spirituality. They want every mind to be subject to all the derogatory, negative stuff they can feed into our children. No wonder some people have done their best to try to raise their children at home with some moral principles and character. I say that because, when they go off to these institutions, most of the time, the spirit that dominates the crowds they are thrown in with, act more like gangsters. No wonder the devil can come in on the school grounds and take a bunch of deranged minds and put in their hands some kind of weapon to take their vengeance out on someone or something. The last twenty five years of our educative system has not made things better, it has made things much worse. We are not talking about the math they are trying to learn, we are talking about all the other nonsense. We build these massive stadiums so they can play football and basketball. Now we have athletes that are twice as tall as they used to be, yet they leave the basket at the same height it has always been. I would have to say, scoot that basket up the pole about three feet and make it just as competitive as it used to be, when the average basketball player was five foot, nine. Now they are six or seven feet tall. That is a shame. That is mockery. They reach up and push that ball through the hoop, anybody can do that if they are tall enough. Am I saying something I should not have said? If you think so, I am sorry, but when I was a kid going to school, I never was able to reach up and just grab the hoop and do it that way. Now they are all giants, those are the ones they want to play basketball. Brothers and sisters, it is mighty dark out there tonight, awful dark. You cannot talk spiritually to many of them. Darkness shall cover the earth, spiritual darkness.) and gross darkness the people: (spiritually) but the Lord shall arise upon thee, (Israel) and His glory shall be seen upon thee. (Jerusalem) And the Gentiles shall come to thy light, (Now imagine, come on you Trinitarian preachers with this new world order. I want to ask a simple question, if the New World Order was in force, how many do you think would come to see Jerusalem rise? They would absolutely be interrupting every agenda in the general assembly to say, we have to stop this, this is not according to our agenda. Well one thing is sure, whatever God has started, He will finish it. This is why it is going to be very interesting, once this war starts, just to sit back and watch how things develop. The Gentiles shall come to the light of what? The rising of Israel, the rebuilding of the temple, the rebuilding of Jerusalem.) and kings to the brightness of thy rising. (Thy restoration) Lift up thine eyes round about, and see: all they gather themselves together, they come to thee: thy sons (talking about Jews that are still scattered throughout the world. In the Jerusalem Post, the Jewish population is just now approaching almost four million Jews in the land of Israel. There are almost three million Arabs in the land of Israel. That is why I keep saying the United Nations and these characters that say, yes the Jews ought to be allowed to come back to their land, but the New World Order has made the land such a little thing: it is like trying to put a bushel basket of marbles into a quart jar. It is scientifically impossible. We are close to seventeen million Jewish population in the world. There is more yet to be brought back. So you see, it is not the way the U.N. or the New World Order looks at it that counts: it is the way God looks at it. So we can say this, when this war in the Middle East does break out and tears everything all to pieces, it tears the political process into complete smithereens. Man then has no more plans or agenda to lay out there. God has torn it to pieces. Now He can start dictating, He can start speaking to mankind, to bring about the order of things, the development of things, the way He wants them. This is why it is worded like this. Thy sons….) shall come from far, (Some might ask, Well why don’t the Jews that are still scattered, go home? Many of them are just like you and me: they don’t like to be disturbed in their every day programs. They are in the business of making money. They are in the business of enjoying life and the material world, especially the Jews in North America. With this in mind, can you not see why there is hardly a Jewish family that wants to leave America and take their children back to Israel, for fear that there is a terrible war going to break out and their children might have to face going into the army or become involved in this conflict in some way. So they are going to stay right where they are. When this thing does strike and God shows His miraculous delivering power to the Jewish nation, that is going to speak to a lot of these young college, Jewish young people. When they see the hand of God and the power of God displayed in the Middle East in the land of their heritage, just like it was when God led them through the wilderness journey, there is going to be many a young person that will say in his heart, I want to go back there where my God has shown Himself to me, that He is just as real today, as He was three thousand years ago. Something will speak to their hearts, something is going to draw their attention. That is when they are going to go back there. That is why it says, thy sons shall come from afar.) and thy daughters shall be nursed at thy side. Then thou shalt see, and flow together, and thine heart shall fear, and be enlarged, because the abundance of the sea shall be converted unto thee.” Now I want to ask you something. Is God actually talking about that body of water out there? I hardly think so, but the abundance of the sea shall be converted. This is not spiritual conversion brought about by preaching the gospel. This is not conversion of human life. This is conversion of raw materials, substance that at one hand has been designated to be used and brought to a certain finished product. But when that victory is obtained, it becomes known now what Israel needs, to get this job going, so it is sent to them. Watch what nations all over this earth will begin to say about this. God knows exactly how to speak to certain rich, industrialized people. That is why it says here, the abundance of the sea (people) shall be converted unto thee. Then thou shalt see and flow together, yes, unity among the Jewish people, harmony, working for one certain purpose. God wants to rule and reign over them. This is why, through the years of time, here and there, God has saved a few Orientals, a few Japanese, a few Chinese and a few Vietnamese. He knows exactly how to accomplish His purpose in and through the two thousand years of Grace, as He has caused the gospel to go around this globe. He knows exactly who He has saved to represent something in the Bride of Christ. When the Millennium does start, that reigning Bride is going to be made up of every race on the face of this earth. No Jew is going to rule over a Gentile nation in the Millennium. That would be inconsistent with the way God’s plan goes. This is why you see it in Revelation 20, right there when the Millennium is just ready to start. That is when John saw thrones, that is more than one. And they sat upon them, who are they? The same people that came back with Him riding white horses (the Bride saints). They are not going to ride those white horses all through the Millennium. Those white horses are only speaking of the designated power that the Bride is coming back with, when she comes back with Jesus, to execute wrath and vengeance upon the planet in dealing with sinful mankind. When all of that has been corrected, when the judgment is finished, then the thrones become judgment seats. That is why it says in the 20th chapter of Revelation, and they sat upon them, and judgment was given unto them, so there sits the Bride on those thrones. Where are they sitting, over in Jerusalem? No. Where are they sitting? That represents every nation on the face of this planet, so there are positions wherein that portion of the Bride that has been taken out of those races related to that, will be seated there among those that she came out of. That is exactly where the Bride sits in the Millennium. She is going to sit there, she is going to execute judgment. She is going to pass out sentences in connection with things that are wrong and needs to be corrected. That is why, the Law then shall go forth from Zion, and the word of the Lord from Jerusalem. That is the headquarters. No matter what race of people is found fit to be left alive to pass into the Millennium, there is not going to be any heathen there. There is not going to be any idol worshipers there. Every one that is there, is going to somewhere find out that there is a true God to be worshipped. They are not going to have to wait until the Millennium to find out if He is real. They are going to see Him do something that opens their eyes. When I say this, please do not think I am saying, oh but there is going to be a massive revival. Forget that. When that time comes, the revival as far as for the Bride, is over. Now God is working exclusively to open the minds, the eyes of an element of people, mortally, to prepare them to settle in their minds how to look to the future. God has many ways, He can take that mortal heathen mind, and when He is done, He has instilled another picture in him, one that He will never forget. I think many times, how off in the South Pacific, through all that vast region where there are hundreds and thousands of natives, just wait until the Bride of Christ settles back down there. Do you think there will be any of them spared? Yes. I believe God has a way of touching the heart of that poor heathen from the backwoods, that doesn’t even know that Abraham, Moses, or Jesus ever existed. God has a way of doing a lot of things right here in the closing days of time. Now let us read verse 6. We are still in Isaiah 60. Did you know Saudi Arabia is the wealthiest oil producing Arab country in the Middle East? In verse 6, the war is over, and the Spirit of God is working in other areas of the planet, through other elements of people in different geographical spots, to produce His purpose. Out of Saudi Arabia, where this Islamic spirit rose up, back in 700 and something, to become one of the most blood letting religions that has ever been on the face of this planet, He will cause them to contribute. (I have read of the wars and conflicts that has followed this Islamic religion. It is not an enjoyable picture to look at. This was a religion brought on by forced conversion: it was not something voluntary. But it goes to show that this conflict in the Middle East, however long the Lord allows it to last, the end result is, that the Islamic spirit has been squeezed out of that Arab world and God has given those Arabs a different insight.) Listen to this, “The multitude of camels shall cover thee, (talking about Zion and Jerusalem) the dromedaries (meaning the caravans) of Midian (This is where the ancient Midianites lived, they are the ones that harassed Israel. You have read about Gideon and the Midianites. This is the modern century of them. They are under that Islamic spell. But when God gets through using Israel to correct that whole Mideast picture, it is going to be a blessed beautiful picture to watch the end results. Think of it, in a land that at one time they would cut your throat and say, away with Israel, they now have an altogether different attitude. Now they are loading up with gold.) and Ephah, all they from Sheba shall come: they shall bring gold and incense; (What? A little handkerchief full? You wouldn’t even get that now, with that Islamic spirit on them, but when this is over, it is going to come in great quantities.) and they shall shew forth the praises of the Lord.” Now verse 7 shows you that the altar has been erected, that is the first thing they do, so that they can start offering sacrifice. Out of the little region in Jordan, there is a little area called Neboath. That is one of Ishmael’s sons. They are bedouin people, they raise sheep and goats. Think of it, there it says, out of that region, here will come the livestock that they can offer upon God’s altar of sacrifice. The world will know then, that Israel is home, God has restored her, she is back in the land, she is building her temple and there is not a thing the world can do to stop it. The world, in that hour, is going to look at this picture with a different attitude. Even church people that have been affected by various things, are going to see a lot of things change the picture they have. That is why I would just love to see how some of these college professors will respond to what they see taking place. I am not making fun of the schools, but it is the way the enemy has taken and used them to brainwash and stop the young generation from being able to believe, to study and be realistic. It is the way the devil has harnessed the whole program, that makes such a grim picture today. Wouldn’t it be wonderful, about a week after this conflict starts, as it starts with such an explosion, with such a shock to the world, that there is not a professor that can turn the TV off? I want to watch it. I will never forget that Gulf War, having been through WW2, that Gulf War, there were some episodes that went on, you could not help but realize, God was giving our fighting forces something to regain their prestige. It went from Korea to Viet Nam, they had been used by the dirty politicians in Washington. They would say, You can’t take this, you can’t bomb that, you can’t go there. No wonder the thing lasted so long and there were so many casualties. When politicians map out the whole war, you can be guaranteed it will go berserk. In the Gulf War, the politicians could only say so much, they had to leave it to the military men to design the strategy. I will say this, we are six years past that and there is a lot more modern technology now in the military equipment, than there was back then. Now Iran has the atomic bomb, she is working on a rocket to deliver it to Israel. Israel has already said, we will not rule out a pre-emptive strike on them. Young people it is not going to be a kid’s game. You are going to see things literally turned upside down and wrong side out. When God does do this, He has a question and an answer, and a results to show to the whole world. I am thankful there is a true God in control. All the signs today, let me know this Grace Age is just about over, so let us be watchful and prayerful. Amen.