Looking At Time, Part 2

Rev. Raymond M. Jackson



We are living in a troubled world, millions don’t even know which way they are going. Politicians are saying, we are doing our best to rid this world of terrorism and get this world ready to live another thousand years with peace and prosperity. I have to say, if God was to listen to them, Jesus would never come, I hope you understand what I mean by that. We are back on the subject of scribes, and the more I think about it the more important it seems. I want you to turn with me back to Matthew 13. I don’t mean to be repeating any words that I have said prior to this, I only pray that God will help me give you an understanding about this little word, scribe. I have listened to a lot of preachers through the years, more back in the 1950’s and 1960’s, than I do any more. You hardly ever hear any of them touch on the parables. They treat them as though they are irrelevant to what they are after. But Jesus said some things in these parables and He knew that He was using simple ways to illustrate something. I want to read these two verses again because they fasten right on to the end of what He said in describing the seventh parable. It would be like a net cast into the sea. I saw that, it was truly a move of God, closing out the 1940’s, going into the 1950’s. By the time we came to the 1960’s, it was tapering off. Evangelists were compromising, sitting down, parking their big semi trucks, folding their tents, never to set them up again. The other part of the parable began to take place. The end results of the seventh parable was, He would come forth, He would send His angels and gather out of His kingdom all things that offend. Then the righteous would be gathered. But there is a reason why He said to His disciples, have you understood all these things? And they said, Yea Lord. Now He uses a point here that is very important to me. The 51st verse, “Jesus saith unto them, Have ye understood all these things? They say unto Him, Yea, Lord.” When you look at the religious world today, all the evangelists that have been going here and there in the past number of years, I have never heard one of them refer to these scriptures. They treat them like they are irrelevant. This 52nd verse is important. We must understand what Jesus meant. “Then said He unto them, Therefore every scribe which is instructed unto the kingdom of heaven is like unto a man that is an householder, which bringeth forth out of his treasure things new and old.” I looked up this word householder, it literally means to possess property, also to possess treasures, to possess valuables. Brothers and sisters, I ask you to look at the world of religion today. There are many evangelists, both on TV and radio, then in big auditoriums standing before thousands of people. They all have a program. They are trying to present to the masses of people that they are responsible to see that this world is saved. They are taking in large sums of money to build more TV towers and stations. They are doing their best to reach the world for Christ, before He comes. When you hear one, you will hear another one say something else, and you cannot get a common picture, each one is presenting a picture as though he is responsible as to how the world is going to be won. There are a lot of things going on in the ranks of religion, that most do not even see. That is the pathetic part of it. We look again at this word householder, in this parable. I want to take you to the 24th chapter. When Jesus used a certain word to bring out a meaning, He had a reason. In the 45th verse, notice the simple words of Jesus. “Who then is a faithful and wise servant, whom his lord hath made ruler over his household?.” Here we get the word again. He is not talking about just any kind of preacher. Back in Matthew 13, the 52nd verse, He said He will bring out of His treasure, things new and old. That implies one thing, it is important for Him to bring out, not only new truths, but deal with old revelations that have been lost. Hundreds of preachers over the world today, could not care less what has been lost, they are just working to put forth their own ideas. Many times the things that do sound like new are just an idea. It has no biblical significance whatsoever. Let me say this to you, we have thousands of people today, making their decision, what they are going to believe, who they are going to follow and why. But I am sure that God is concerned about His chosen Bride. When we take a look at the whole collective element of them, people of all ages, they have been selected from every kind of religious background that you can name. I know some of them have been saved right out of a raw sinful state. They do not have much to rely upon as far as religious upbringing, but God is concerned about one thing. He wants His Bride, with their minds, spiritually speaking, to be centered on one particular thought and picture. I am going to go back to when this seventh parable began to taper off. Evangelists and preachers in the divine deliverance movement began to sit down and compromise. I can name many of them. One was Gale Jackson, he married into a family down in the south, they were undertakers. He had an experience in knowing the Lord in a Pentecostal way. When the deliverance move started, he felt led to begin to pray for the sick. For quite awhile he did. But when the tapering off came and men began to sit down, to show that parable absolutely carries a true meaning, the last I read about him, he had ditched his tent and went back into the undertaker business. Another man that was well known, and had outstanding success in the healing ministry also ditched his tent. Whatever he had in the way of material investment, he began to invest in the Ramada Inn. None of those men fit into this scribe category. But out of all those men, there was one particular man, that they all will say had an outstanding ministry in the healing realm, but they do not want anything to do with anything he taught. I have to say, he was the first one among all of them that I ever heard, that dealt with the point, bringing out old truths and then bringing in new truths. That is why I can look at all of the others and know that none of them were scribes. They were just fishermen in the hour of time that God used them. But this particular man, not only was instrumental in starting the overall deliverance move, he just did not necessarily sit down, he began to change his style of what he preached. Then, is when he began to specialize in things that upset some of those preachers, especially when he began to preach serpent seed and no eternal hell. If you really study with an open mind and prayerfully, it is the only thing that made sense out of all the junk and religious rubbish we have had crammed down us through the years of our upbringing, no matter whether it was Catholic, Baptist, or what. When this man began to really deal with certain things, by the time God was through with him, he had touched on every major New Testament doctrine. He fulfilled exactly and precisely Malachi 4:5-6 in its last day fulfillment. To me, he was not only the spirit of Elijah, he was not only the seventh church age messenger, but he was the beginning of this scribe given office. He began to teach the original faith, one God. Yes, many details, he never covered. But he gave the people the essence of the thought that there is not three Gods, there is only one. He brought out the importance of true water baptism in the name of Jesus Christ. He brought out the importance of being filled with the Holy Spirit, because that is the only way you are put into the body and Bride of Christ. He taught also that the true Church, the body of Christ will have all nine gifts in operation as God perfects it and makes it ready for the rapture. No matter how much opposition he ran into and how men belittled him, he stuck to the standard, because he was not preaching to the masses. He knew that God had sent him here to present a message that would be for an element of people that are the children of this last day dispensation. He knew it was his job to turn their hearts back to the apostolic faith, not just divine healing, but to every major New Testament doctrine that had been laid out by the early apostles. He taught true sanctification, what true holiness is. We have a lot of holiness movements, I know some of them, and to see them as a person, they are nice people, but to talk to them about the second coming of Christ, they will start looking into the trees, because they are not interested. They have their own idea of what holiness is, as long as they can put it on and take it off, that is well and good with them. Then he took on the doctrine of predestination, that before the foundation of the world God knew every one. He brought out also the security of the believer. When you begin to lay it down in the Bible scriptures, that means this, there is no such thing that you can be born again a half dozen times. That is nonsense. Yet within that same holiness element of people, they have had through their years of revival, so many people saved last year in a revival, backslide the next month, then lost, and drift for another three years, then saved all over again. That is the way they look at the whole thing. But I have sense enough to know this, a little baby is only born one time. It can be sick many times, almost die, and some have died only to be revived, but the initial birth of that child only goes back to one period. If that is true in the natural, then it is also true in the spiritual. There is no need for any denomination, to think they are the true Bride of Christ. They are not. They are only a movement, through the years of time, that God has used to restore a truth. Because in the first four hundred years, Christendom had lost its original roots, its foundation. By the time it started into the Dark Ages, more and more tradition came in and pushed truth out. By the time we come to 1500, the Catholic system was put together out of dogmas and creeds, ceremonies and rituals. The Reformation was a slow process over roughly five hundred years of time, for God to gradually restore light on particular truths. When we look at this man, to me, there are many plural statements that he made through the years of time. I was privileged to hear these. I will never forget one of the first ones I ever heard, I thought to myself, if he is a prophet, why was that said like that? Later on, I began to see this, if John the Baptist said one day, there is one coming after me whose shoe latchets I am not worthy to unloose, when He has come, He will indeed baptize you with the Holy Ghost, Jesus Himself has never been here baptizing His people with the Holy Ghost. He has been in heaven as a High Priest, making intercession for ever last one of us. The Holy Spirit has come into our lives as we have met our time wherein God dealt with us. So it is absolutely a working of the Holy Spirit that applies those words. When John the Baptist said, whose fan is in His hand, that meant at the end of the threshing, harvest season, we will pass through an era of time, still related to the kingdom of heaven, that God will deal with us. Not only will He still continue to baptize with the Holy Ghost and with fire, but He also said, whose fan is in His hand. He will not be here holding a fan in His hand. That is still a work of the Holy Spirit, while His intercessory work is going on. When we see these things, then it becomes more important then when we say, well why did God allow him to make certain plural statements? I have heard different characters who say they are preaching his message, say, well they are all true. Only a first class ignoramus would say that. If you know anything about the Bible and you have reference and respect for it, your knowledge should be able to take hold of that statement and put together a picture, was that scripture or was that just an idea? Keep in mind, if there is going to be a fan in Jesus’ hand, he is not going to be here in person holding it. It is how His Holy Spirit will take and deal with certain elements on the earth to create a fanning situation. That is exactly what that man did. People began to see he was a prophet sent to the age. As people began to accept the things he taught, little did they realize that he knew how to sort it out. Take the seals for instance. One particular statement goes like this, the Bride will be raptured, but the church will go through the tribulation. Well if you know anything about the written word, there is only one Church. That is the Church that Paul wrote all his epistles to. That true Church that he wrote the epistles to, in the end, is going to be His Bride. How can you take those two statements and put them together and say they are both true? They are not. Nevertheless, that is the way people try to justify certain things. So we can say this, when He sent that man in the ending of time, He did it strategically to deal with truths that have been lost, to restore them to accessibility that the true end time believer could see and recognize them. He would also feed into that, new revelation, and the old truths are necessary that we be restored back to what was the faith of our apostolic fathers. This causes us to set aside all our denominational traditions and ideas. That is hard for people to do. When you really begin to bring it down and lay it before them, well, you are telling me I have to turn against what my mother believed, or my grandfather believed, or my uncle believed. The point is this, who saved you? What are you basing your salvation on? Was it what grandma handed to you? You did not inherit anything from her. If you are a young woman, you might have received an old set of beads. If you are a young man, you might have received grandpa’s old hammer. But that does not pertain to salvation. When he began to bring out new revelation it caused a problem. I will never forget Jimmy Swaggart, an evangelist on the scene during the later 1960’s into the 1970’s. Somebody wrote an article about predestination and asked a question. He put an article in the paper he printed, a man gave me a copy and I read it. He condemned the predestination teaching and said it was out of the pit of hell. I said, watch that fellow. He had built one of the tallest platforms ever, in the evangelistic field at that time, and it was not long until we heard of his marital situation. Not only was it one time, but he ran into the problem twice. Slowly he disappeared from the scene, he is still on TV, but he is a very small character. You don’t hear much of him anymore. How many understand the point? I am saying all these things, not to put the man down, not to condemn him, but to try to lift up this certain scribe. That man had a vision that whatever our faith consists of, it has got to be based upon the scriptures. I can say he labored and toiled, to do that very thing. He was only one, but he was the beginning of what God would do collectively for His entire universal Bride. When I read, therefore every scribe, that means something. I looked up the word every, in the dictionary. It applies to more than one. If you are referring to one noun, like a person, and the word every is used, it literally means there is more than one condition he has to deal with. You could say this, as you speak to the singular noun person, be sure that you touch every subject, and when I say every, how many can see what I mean? That is not the term here in verse 52. Therefore every scribe, would be like unto a householder. It starts with one, but when God removes him from the scene, there is definitely going to be God called men to fill that office. They are not just religious evangelists out of every system. They are going to be men, some young and some older, but whatever status of life they are in when God deals with them, God is going to put it in their heart’s, to sooner or later find out what that scribe said. It is God that gives this scribe the authority to possess property. That is in the confines of His Church. Therefore every scribe will be instructed, how to bring out of his treasure things new, new revelation, as well as deal with old truths. That literally means it is pointing to the upcoming five fold ministry that will be in the Bride, as Paul said, to complete it, to perfect it. They will not be just anonymous individuals. First, God will apply this message to the field. Many will get hold of it, and will follow it for a period of time, rejoicing for what they see. Only God Himself knows what is inside their heart and soul, and whether there is the genuine qualification and the will to measure up to His specific call. It is that inside attitude they have toward God and His word, that eventually determines how they begin to fit into the end time picture. It does not matter whether the man is an evangelist, a pastor, a teacher, a prophet, or apostle, because they will each one fit right into a respective office, and sooner or later will be dealing with the things the Holy Spirit has taught him, all related to the one and self same thing, the overall word of God. Neither one will be a repetitionist, a copy cat. Each one in his particular calling, will eventually see everything that deals with what his kind of ministry is meant to deal with. If the overall subject is one God, then I will say this, from the apostle to the evangelist, they will all see the same picture, they will not have a dozen different ideas, like, well it could be, well don’t you think so and so? I have heard plenty of that in time past: it is sickening. When you see things, how the word of God describes them, you know the Lord has put up with all the denominational versions of His Word from the Reformation, from the hour of Luther, right on down here to the Pentecostal hour, and just look at the different systems of religion in the world today. Every person within those systems must feel as though, this is the true Church. They just take things for granted. That is not the way God looks at the Church He is coming for. He plainly states that He is coming for a Church that has been washed. With what? She is washed by the water of God’s Word. That means she has a revelation of the Word itself, and not holding on to tradition, ceremony, nor neat programs. I passed the Methodist church in Elizabeth this morning, they have a sign in front, Valentines Day is coming up this week. They are going to have a Valentine’s dance in the fellowship hall that they built out back. Young people, listen to me: there will be no dancing around here unless you are dancing in the Spirit. I believe it is just as enjoyable for a young person to see a Bible truth, and understand it, as it is for an older one. When I get over here in the 24th chapter, first I am going to read these verses to come down to an hour where I want to approach it, because many people have thought this entire 24th chapter of Matthew covered a long period of the church ages. It did not. The first few words here that He began to explain to His disciples, when they asked him three questions, the first one He said was take heed that no man deceive you. That was applicable right then. Verse 5, “For many shall come in my name, saying I am Christ; and shall deceive many.” When we begin to read church history, no sooner has the Holy Ghost fell and the apostles begin to go forth and write their epistles, here came these false anointed christ’s. Great men, saying, I have been to Jerusalem, I have talked to Peter. You know the question when Paul and Barnabas came back to Antioch and found that church in a furor over circumcision, because somebody came up from Jerusalem, from Peter and them, so that is what Jesus was implying. And ye shall hear of wars, and so forth. Sure, that has gone on through time. When we come to the 7th verse, “For nation shall rise against nation, and kingdom against kingdom: and there shall be famines, and pestilences, and earthquakes, in divers places.” Was He talking about all through the Dark Ages. No, He was not. Why would He say in the 8th verse, “All these are the beginning of sorrows.” I have read enough history, all these nineteen hundred and some odd years was not times of sorrows, they were natural. There were wars, upheavals and everything, but there was not any particular thing that went on specifically. So that is why, when we come to the 20th century, this political world began to go haywire. So all these are the beginning of sorrows, once that period starts, it will never end until it leads to the coming of Jesus Christ. 9th verse, “Then shall they deliver you up to be afflicted, and shall kill you: and ye shall be hated of all nations for my name’s sake.” Six million Jews were hated by every government in Europe. Sure, I have read how Jews were persecuted in Poland and in different places, but it did not produce a holocaust. How many understand me? When this WW2 episode started, trains were pulling out of stations all over western Europe. They had literally arrested Jewish families, confiscated their wealth, put them on trains, hauling them many miles to detention camps. Some were put in semi trailers, telling them they were being taken to another camp, only while on the road of travel a valve was turned and that trailer was filled with poison gas. By the time they reached a deep woods somewhere, they opened the trailer doors, and all those Jews were laying on top of one another, dead, gassed to death. They pulled them out and bulldozers were waiting nearby to cover them up. That is what happened in central Europe. That is what Jesus had in mind. I am reading this because it shows you, we are looking at the last one hundred years of time, and the church world has lost sight of it. They don’t care which way the sun comes up or goes down, as long as their program is not disturbed. “And then shall many be offended.” Christian principals have become a forgotten item in this present day society, especially of America, but actually world wide. I heard them discuss the other night on a News program, what are we going to do to stop this teenage violence and gangs that are running rampant? Can they stop it? They really cannot, because society turned loose something fifty or sixty years ago that has produced what we are seeing now. It is a shame, that young boys and young girls are being raised up today in homes where they are not being taught basic principals of personal conduct. Philosophers and politicians keep proclaiming, we need a better education. We do not. We need to be turned back to some things that were basic not too long ago. The animal kingdom has more sense than the modern human race today. So when I read this, I want you to know, shortly after the fall meetings, I was asked to explain what Jesus starts with in this 15th verse, “When ye therefore shall see the abomination of desolation, spoken of by Daniel the prophet, stand in the holy place, whoso readeth, let him understand,” Jesus was giving His disciples back then, a graphic picture of what was going to befall Jerusalem and the Jews in that first century of time, as it came to the hour of climax. He warned those disciples and told them what to do. When you study the history of Jerusalem and the Jewish people, (I have the history), one million Jews were slaughtered in 69-70 A.D. when it was finally accomplished. One hundred thousand were led away by the Romans and sold into slavery. Jerusalem was in shambles. The temple had been burned. That fulfilled everything that is written right here. Now let me explain this to you, that same situation will not be repeated over here at the end of the Age. You have the seventieth week of Daniel, but the condition we just read about, will not be repeated. Well Bro. Jackson, I thought, no matter what you thought, we have to read this right: immediately after the tribulation of those days, Jerusalem is not laying in ruins. How many heard me? I don’t say that trying to be smart. Why have a miracle war back here somewhere, that gets the Jews and the world ready to build the temple, and rebuild Jerusalem, and then three and a half years later when the beast comes in and breaks the covenant, he tears Jerusalem to pieces and burns the temple. I just said to that young man, there are certain things that are basic, because this time that spirit is basically against the Jewish nation. He is going to try his best to rid this world of the Jewish race of people. That is why he breaks the covenant and sets himself in the temple as God. His police force, or army, will take possession of the city. The city is not torn up again. How many understand now? It was torn up in 70 A.D. That was a great blood bath. However the true disciples escaped every bit of it. Just try to understand, they escaped that slaughter because they believed those warning words of Jesus. Then when you go from that point over here to the 29th verse, Jesus is talking about the time when Jerusalem is to go into that time of tribulation, and it does not say a thing in the 29th verse, about anything happening to the city. It is what is going to happen to the Jewish people that we look to here. “Immediately after the tribulation of those days.” We are in the 29th verse of the 24th chapter of Matthew. It is not a repeat of what was read back there, starting in the 15th verse. How many understand now? It is all called the abomination that maketh desolate, but this time the antichrist is going to set himself up in that city in that temple and show himself to the world that he is God, and he is going to be a Satanist. He is going to try to rid this planet of every religious person on the face of this earth. That is why, when we read the scriptures carefully over in Revelation, God ordains that after the two prophets have been here, from this point on, that woman (spiritual Israel) flees, and she is no longer there. The antichrist is in full charge of all.


I give reference every once in awhile, to men that have abstract teachings, all derived out of Bro. William Branham’s teachings. It is strange how they will use certain quotes from Bro. William Branham’s writings to feed into their own thoughts. This man puts in here, prophecies of the last days. I could not help but notice as he comes to the chapter where he is explaining who will be partakers of the rapture, when it occurs, so listen to what he says. “In 1963, the Almighty God, speaking through the mouth of William Marrion Branham, said there are only seven hundred living saints who will be taken in the rapture.” Well, I sat there, and know that is not what Bro. William Branham said. He was making reference to where Elijah was found in the cave, and was praying Oh Lord, they have torn down your altars, they have slain your prophets, and I am the only one that is left alive, and now they are after me. What did God say to Elijah? He said, I still have seven thousand men that have not bowed their knees to the image of Baal. Bro. William Branham was using seven thousand, but this man only said seven hundred, because later, he was asked the question, did you literally mean seven hundred? Then he said no, I literally meant seven thousand. But see, the man did not even correct that. So that is why I have to say, ever since Bro. William Branham had been here, there have been men that arose, mighty men, well respected by society, and the nations they came from. Ewald Frank of Germany did a masterpiece of work in Russia behind the iron curtain, and into Czechoslovakia, but then he let a marital problem ruin his image. Nevertheless he wrote a book in which he completes the analysis of the book of Revelation, he says what each chapter means and everything. Richard Gan of Singapore did the same thing. Each man had his own version. Down in Georgia, another man I know, Ben Howard, did the same thing, I have his book. Each man has different points that he emphasizes, but other points, it is just how he looks at it. I have to say, God is not going to have a scribe ministry that is going to hit and miss it, and hit and miss it, and miss it and miss it, probe and gouge. They will just keep still until they know what they are to say and say the right thing. We don’t have to be a copy cat of each other. How many understand that? That is why I needed to go back over this and give you a clearer picture. Jesus leaves what happened there in 70 A.D. and comes on down through time, and as we see the Jews coming home, do not think a great army is going to come in and tear Jerusalem all to pieces again, like they did before. The abomination here, does not have that military application. It is how the antichrist makes a covenant and then breaks the covenant, so he can set himself up in the temple of God. He is not the one that is going to build the temple. The Jews are going to build the temple. Howeveras he watches the two prophets in the first half of the week, do what they do, and demonstrate God, he is going to be put to shame. That is why Jesus just cut it short saying, immediately after the tribulation of the those days, He is not talking about a great war or anything in Jerusalem. How many understand? All of that, happened in 69 and 70 A.D. So it is not a big war again, tearing Jerusalem all to pieces. It is how the antichrist wants to exterminate the Jewish race completely. I want to bring you over here, after He leaves this description of what happens there in 69 and 70, and says in the 22nd verse, “And except those days should be shortened, there should no flesh be saved: but for the elect’s sake those days shall be shortened.” That was a terrible tragedy, a catastrophic event. I have a book, an ancient history book, one million Jews perished, starved to death, were killed. They were thrown over the walls to rot and stink in the valley of Kidron. But when the Romans finally seized the city, they took one hundred thousand of the best, the healthiest and youngest, and led them off and sold them into slavery. They only left the weak to cry and wail over Jerusalem itself. There is a particular reason why I really wanted to go over this. When He ends that part, He keeps emphasizing, verse 24, “For there shall arise false Christs’, and false prophets, (I can say this, since the 1940’s and 1950’s, this world has had them by the car loads. They have advertised their ministry, the greatest, the most important, how God has anointed them. They did not have a vision of the Bride of Christ at all. They only had a vision and understanding of how to reach the masses with their own ideas.) and shall show great signs and wonders; insomuch that, if it were possible, they shall deceive the very elect.” In their respective hours they have had hundreds and thousands following them. Notice here, in the next verse, Jesus gets specific, He is now talking to true believers here in the closing days of this seventh Church Age, when this scribe has been on the scene. “Behold, I have told you before. Wherefore if they shall say unto you, Behold, he is in the desert.” they did not say that back in the apostolic days. Listen to how I said that, following the apostolic hour, they weren’t saying that, but I am anointed, here they go. That is why Paul was constantly writing letters, rebuking this and rebuking that. They were not saying, here is Christ, or there is Christ. But they were saying, I am anointed. Look at the phrasing. Jesus words this for the end time. Behold he is in the desert. I have absolutely been a witness of those things myself. It did not come out of Oral Roberts ministry, nor A.A. Allen, it is what began to follow William Branham’s ministry. All of that out there, began to look at the following of this man and that is why they want to put an X on the man, just look at his following. I just have to say, you have to see what God has sent and how carnal minds will want to interpret it. Back in 1958 when I was building our house, a young minister that I had helped move he and his family into the area, (I will not mention his name.) came down one day and volunteered to help on my house. Standing there, he asked me the question, Bro. Jackson, do you think people would know who Jesus Christ really is, if He were to come today dressed like modern man? I thought, this is a question that I have to know what he is pointing to. I said, well I think so. He said, well have you ever really thought Bro. Jackson, who William Branham might be? When he said that, then I could see where he was going. There is a spirit about this man’s life that began to give people the feeling, he could be the Messiah, he could be the Christ. Then take that just a few short years on, when he had to come home from Canada because people were handing out medallions, baptizing in his name, he stood there in the Tabernacle and preached that Sunday morning, The Bruised Serpent, he cried and pleaded and told how he realized he had to come home, he could not go on allowing people to call him the Messiah, making medallions and wearing them. I have had people ask me, Bro. Jackson, don’t you believe that tent ministry has to be fulfilled? I said, no. Well, why not? I said, no sooner did he tell that vision about the tent ministry, than here came people from everywhere, moving in close, I want to be a tent manager, I want to drive a truck, I want to drive stakes, I want to help set up the tent. Out of that element of people came all those twisted revelations, who he is and who he is not, he is the Messiah. Then when he did move west, they began to say, he is in the desert. I heard it. You don’t have to believe me if you don’t want to, but I heard it. That is why two brothers out there bought an old WW2 airplane, and it sat for years on the runway. One of them was preaching in church one night, how he expected the resurrection to take place. It went a little something like this, I believe at any time, I can either hear the phone ring or a knock at my door, and it will be none other than William Branham, and he will say, brother, we are ready. With Bro. William Branham in the plane, we will land in a certain place and he will call for the dead to come forth. Then we will take them to Jerusalem, because with him, they have to go to Jerusalem to get ready for the rapture. Now brothers and sisters, let me ask you a simple question, has anything like this come out of all these denominational preachers out there? No, you have never heard anything like that on TV stations. But it came out of a following of this man, and it had to be precisely like this to fulfill these scriptures. When Jesus came to the 27th verse, He was reassuring the believer of our day, “For as the lightning cometh out of the east, and shineth even unto the west; so shall also the coming of the Son of man be,” in other words, it is not going to be a secret event, it is going to be a visible event that will take place in the heavens, right above the earth, and only the true believer of the Church, the Bride that is ready go, will even see it. Then notice what Jesus said, I like this, “For wheresoever the carcase is, there will the eagles be gathered together.” Have you ever heard any denominational evangelists preach that? They don’t even know what it implies. But I can say this, it all started back in 1963, when that little man stood there in that Tabernacle and brought the revelation of those six seals. That man stood there not only as an Elijah spirit, but he stood there as a scribe, ordained of God, because he preached old truths, he has revealed them, but for one solid week he brought out of the written word, new revelations. Those new revelations, no other preacher on the face of this earth ever touched on and gave them that kind of meaning. I have to say, that is new revelation. It was truth also, and we know it. That is the thing that began to set the course of an element of people that are going to be carriers of it toward the climax. When God did take the man, He did not take His Spirit, I mean the Spirit of God was not taken. As that man’s message began to be echoed throughout the earth, in response to that, God began to raise up men who will be destined to be scribes, so that as we get closer to the end time, not twenty years in advance, nor ten years in advance, but by the time we get here just a short period before the end, that five fold ministry will every one be a scribe, ordained and taught by God, and you could not change them for anything in the world. I hope you understand what I mean, because he knows in his heart beyond the shadow of a doubt what he has seen, what he has heard and what God has let him understand, and that is more important to him than to fall heir to the king’s crown. Because actually every one of them has been called of God, and God has made him the possessor of certain areas in God’s overall household. God specifically has taught each man. Look at all the evangelists on the TV stations. Are they feeding eagles? No. When you see some of the crowds, they look more like stray chickens. I don’t say that to belittle any individual people, but they are not interested in the truth: it is just an idea, a religious thought, and they are entertained by that. I thank God that we have been privileged for thirty some years, to eat on a fresh carcase and not on a rabbit that was run over by a horse and buggy. We are driving cars, if you understand my illustration. We see something that is applicable for our day. That lets me know, verse 28 has been applicable beginning from this point, and continues right straight on through to when the time the Church will be raptured. Now I want to look at this household again. If we have been eating on a carcase, eagles will only eat on fresh killed meat. They will not eat on some old dead thing that has been in the road. They might light in the tree, but when they sense it, that is as close as they come to it. It shows that only eagles, people that have the Spirit of God, are being led by the Spirit of God, to know that true revelation is for the benefit of their lives. From here on down, He begins to describe how the rapture, the secret catching away, will take place. Some can be in the field, some be grinding at the mill, so on and so forth. Well all of that is how we have to understand the rapture when it is to take place. Until that time does come, let us look at the 45th verse. It is a question. “Who then is a faithful and wise servant, whom his lord hath made ruler over his (here it is again) household.” So my point is, this is not necessarily talking about Bro. William Branham, this is talking about the ones that are alive, that have been influenced and brought out by his ministry, and every one of them have been called and chosen by God to deal strategically with that element of people that is going to make up the true Bride of Christ. “To give them meat in due season.” They cannot help but give fresh, meat because that is all they are going to be taught. When you look at it from the position of a householder, it is not that in the world they own a lot of wealth, but it is in the Holy Spirit, God can trust them. He has imputed to them the right to have possession of certain aspects of what is for His overall body. That does not mean all one geographical area. It is wherever God’s people are gathered, wherever God’s people are truly hungry for true meat (revelation). That scribe will give them meat in due season. That does not mean he is going to give them some left over hash browns that have been in the ice box, and should have been thrown out a long time ago. It goes to show there is not going to be a lot of men that measure up to this scribe ministry. I hope you understand what I am saying. From that point, I want to take you to this point, some people can say, Bro. Jackson, when is this going to be? We could be standing at the front door of it right now. Back a few weeks ago when those dreams came to me, about, the time has come that judgment shall begin at the house of God, I believe it started with the ministry. I believe that every man that is absolutely God called, ordained to be a true scribe, God is going to deal with him specifically. He will either measure up, or somewhere he disqualifies himself by not having the right attitude. We have heard much about Isaiah 52:8, have we not? I am reading it out of the Hebrew text. “The voice of your watchmen! They lift up the voice, together they sing; for they shall see eye to eye, when Yahweh returns to Zion.” If that isn’t what is taking place, what is it? Is it fifty more years to play around? You may not like me, and if you don’t think I am worth anything, then get away from me. I thank God for what He has allowed me to see in His word through these years. It has been thirty seven years since God took His servant. I am thankful for the things He has allowed us to print and send around the world during that time.


I am so thankful to the Lord to once again have an opportunity to stand here and do my best to uplift the word of God. To some people, they would say, well, we heard this a long time ago. Let me say this, I know people right now, that if they do not get hold of themselves, something is going to happen to turn them so far away from the truth we believe in, that there will be no return, because they just play around with some ideas. I am of the opinion that the time has come, when we can no longer just play around with the Word of God as to what we are going to believe. We have got to come to a conclusion of what is right, then stick with it. I have said this many times, that thirty some years ago, I heard a man that lived in this area, when he was alive, and I knew that he was God’s messenger and servant to this age. I was young then. I made it my business after the Lord dealt with me, to bring me to a saving knowledge of Jesus Christ, to find out what this Bible really did say. As I watched different denominational structures, each particular denomination had their own theological ideas as to what salvation is, and as to the true Church. The more I read the Bible, the more I began to see the truth in it. I began to see a picture that let me know, there cannot be a dozen churches, all having different ideas. There can only be one true Church, because that is what it started with on the day of Pentecost. There was no such thing as Catholic, Methodist, Baptist, Lutheran, Presbyterian, all being God’s Church. They were first called Christians at Antioch. That meant, Christ-like, that is what a Christian is, they are doing their utmost by the grace of God, and with the truth they see, to live the life that Jesus lived according to the record we have of His life. All true believers should try to apply it to their personal life. Many times we see young kids, they look back on the pioneer days and see certain frontier characters, Daniel Boone and all those. They try to imitate them. There is something about them that stands out to the young mind, but Jesus Christ outshines all those characters. He suffered and died that we might be purchased unto God, to become a work that He can mold and fashion in His image and likeness. It seems that the devil, through the centuries of time, has done his best to fight, to divide, to split the Word of God. That is why, when the Reformation came about, and God began to lead people out of the Catholic system to give them a glimpse of truth, it seemed to be in the mind of man that he could only understand so much, and that is as far as he wants to go. That is why we have to understand, it was necessary for God to send a messenger in the last days to do a certain thing, to bring a message that would definitely open the eyes and hearts of an end time Christian people that were scattered here and there in the various denominations. It was the means of restoring true believers back to the teaching of the apostolic fathers. That is what we read in the Bible. That man, to me, did a good job of that. He lived his life according to that. I have said many times, when I was a young kid, I used to be afraid to get around preachers, but I saw in this man, something that made the sinner become relaxed and willing to listen. When you were in his presence, you would never know that he was a preacher unless somebody told you, because he did not go around broadcasting it. However if he did see an opportunity, or if you asked a question, that would lead him to bring out something from a scriptural standpoint, and then you would find out who he is and what he is. He had a way that was so simple, to make people feel at ease. Tonight, I want to take us back to that important passage I read this morning, from Isaiah 52:8. For the past two years we have seen all the mid-east uprising between the Palestinians and the Jews. We know that for fifty some years the Jews have slowly been brought back into that land. The world leaders have all come to a conclusion that they are not going to give the Jews all the land, they just want to give them a small portion of it. Our politicians today, are fast becoming a bunch of people that do not want to go by the Bible, they want to go by their own political ideas. That is why this situation in Iraq is so bad, there are thousands of American people against the whole thing. I don’t want to think of it as a joyful picture for our young men to have to go off into, but if we can realize from the Bible what is at stake, what the issue really is, then we have to come to a conclusion, the devil has used that Islamic spirit to raise up a terror system that is in practically every major society on the face of this earth. That is why our president and a few other world leaders, have come to the conclusion that it is their job to rid the earth of that spirit. I say, God will rid that Islamic spirit and He will do it in a miraculous way, in His time, because we have to see it from the scriptures. When we look at ourselves as true Christians, we have been brought out of every denomination there is. Many can say, I remember when I got hold of the message, or somebody told me something, somebody passed me a book, somebody gave me a tape, and that was the beginning of your process, the way God began to lead you, for thirty some years after Bro. William Branham died, up until 1969, I began to wonder, because I knew God had called me to do something. For about five years, I could not see that anything I was doing was any good. Everything I looked at, looked like it was a losing battle. You would be surprised at the men in the movement, those that set under Bro. William Branham’s ministry, what they thought of me. I knew every one of them by name, and they looked upon me as though I was some kind of black sheep, or a black bird. Many times my name became that in public. Many times I said in prayer, Lord, what good am I doing. Many times I said, I will not go anywhere and preach anything anymore. Then the grace of God, through various dreams and things, would deal with my heart as though saying, Go on? I am thankful to God, it was His grace that moved me on to do many times, things against my own will, simply because I could not see far enough ahead, what it would all lead to. There are various ways to be led of the Spirit of God. In the process of time, we started printing the Contender. At that time I did not realize how important it was going to be in the plan of God, but I knew at that time, I had a few messages in my heart I would like to put in printed form. I did not even expect that it would last over five years. We began printing in 1969, and it is still going. There is a man here who has been in the penitentiary, he told me he had been receiving the Contenders while he was in the penitentiary. He said, Bro. Jackson, the Contender has been printing the truth. I have to say, it is God who made it that way and it was God that dealt with my brain because I am just not a person that is going to sell out to every little whimsical thing that comes down the road claiming to be an evangelist or a religious leader. I know the true gospel of Jesus Christ is a formula. It is like the ingredients that go into a choice cake. You just cannot haphazardly put it together, you have to go by the recipe. As far as I am concerned, the Bible is the recipe book. It does not have a half dozen pictures, it only conveys one thought. It behooves us to try to find out what that original thought is.


For two thousand years the devil, through carnal minded men who want to make themselves something, have made a wreck out of what was supposed to be Christianity, That is why the Bible calls them false christs, false prophets, it says, in the end time they would be so outstanding it would deceive the very elect if possible. I am so thankful the elect are people of God that have a spiritual mind, they have a spiritual eye, they feel inside, that they know what they are looking for and listening for. I have always said, it is not wrong to listen to every Tom, Dick or Harry, but you better know whether you should believe them or not, after you have listened. If you do not know how to acquaint it with the Bible, you could be bent just like that. There are a lot of people that just follow the flesh of the man, because they like the way he says things. That does not have a thing to do with true revelation. It is the thought that he is conveying, the objective he has in view that you must be sure of. Most any man can use conniving words to really get hold of some, but if you have a discerning spirit in you, and you are determined that you only want truth, then God is going to be inside you, guiding you. He will cause you to beware of that. After all these years that people have been scattered and divided through the denominational structures, many times our background becomes so affected by our past, we find it hard to begin to separate ourselves from friendship. We feel that we are loyal, we have to be loyal to our old friends. Our loyalty has to be to God first of all. He is the one that sent His only begotten son to die on the cross to pay our sin debt. I could not have done that, but He did. The truth that He brought, only has one meaning. It is sad though, that many men will get hold of it and split it, and give it many meanings. They say, well that don’t mean that: it means this. If you don’t know the difference yourself, then many times your mind can be swayed by either one. The Bible proves, as we studied last Sunday and again this morning, that in these final days there are going to be some scribes. That is quite an unpopular word. First off, it is a word that you do not even hear used today, especially in the educational realm. The truth is, that was a word that was used in ancient times in Israel. There were certain persons that held that position within the Jewish society. They were men that were legally appointed due to their education and qualifications. It was their job to watch over the Word that was printed, how it was printed, how it was recopied. That is why every jot and tittle had to be in proper place. If there was one little flaw, the examiner could reject the whole thing. In Matthew, when Jesus said, he is like unto a householder that brings out of his treasure things new and old, new truths, old revelations. Out of the denominational structures today, every last one of those preachers use the same verses of scripture over and over and over. When you have heard one, you have heard them all. They have no new revelation whatsoever. Most will say, we don’t deal with revelation. Well I say, you had better, because Jesus said that is what He would build His Church on, not theology. A divine revelation is a spiritual understanding of what it means. That is exactly the thing we have to go by. Seven hundred years before the advent of Christ, just think, Isaiah the prophet looked down through the span of time and saw your day and my day. I want every one of us to remember what is going on in the middle east. We have thousands of troops massing at the borders of Iraq, in Turkey, Kuwait, marines on ships, navy pilots of aircraft carriers. From the political man, we have an idea, we want to get rid of this sick man (Saddam Hussein). But I have to say, he is a symbol of a spirit. That spirit is being harbored by these terrorist Muslims. They are scattered everywhere. It is in the hand of God to use that as a triggering device. I have never heard one preacher on TV even touch on the subject. But I am convinced, once this war does start, if we are approaching those end time days that God said He would do what is in the scriptures, we are going to see this war turn into some kind of situation when we will see the miracle power of God. Already some of the heads of the nation of South Africa have said, if we declare war against Iraq, this could lead to another holocaust. I wonder why they say that? I have to believe, there is no doubt in the world leadership today, there is some shaking feelings about what would take place over there. The Jewish people, for fifty some years, have had to live in that land, full of terror. How would you like to go to bed at night, never knowing when somebody was going to throw a bomb through your bedroom window? When you get out the next morning and go to the grocery store, you may be shot at. Our president would not put up with it. Yet when they attacked our nation and destroyed the World Trade Center, and three thousand people perished in one episode, he was ready to go to war with the whole thing, yet he will tell the Jewish people, now cool it down. I have to say, that is not right. They have as much right to go after that devilish spirit as we do. I cannot help but believe that is what God is going to turn it into. He will allow them to think like politicians, but when they get so far along the road, then God can turn around and let something else happen, then He can begin to deal with it the way He has planned to. If we are living in the days that God is getting ready to show His hand in a miraculous way, to help to establish that Jewish nation of people back in their homeland and their city of Jerusalem, then we just as well get ready to accept the fact, there is going to be things unfold over night that world leaders are not expecting. We, as Christian people, are going to be foolish sitting around, if we don’t begin to look at ourselves and find out where we stand in relationship to the scriptures, am I doing my best to apply everything in the scripture to my personal life, to get myself ready? Somewhere up ahead there is going to be a Bride raptured out of this filthy world. I am going back to this date, why is that important to me? Because that is the year that God used that messenger to bring the revelation of six seals. You have never heard any other evangelist or preacher ever touch on them. Billy Graham wrote his book shortly after Bro. William Branham was gone, called the Four Horsemen. The Jehovah Witness have the same idea, that it is all to take place in the tribulation. When Bro. William Branham taught, that they have already been riding through the ages of time, they did not accept it. When I look at that, that lets me know it is not every preacher coming down the road saying he is anointed, and that God did this and God did that, if he cannot begin to recognize certain scriptures that are applicable for our day, then I have to say, God has not spoken to him. I don’t care if he went on a hundred day fast, he would still miss the mark. I have read the testimonies of some preachers, that have been on long fasts and told how God had spoke to them to do such and such. It was not long until they dropped completely out of sight. It lets me know they are trying to get on course, but they are not on course. God has put them in our society somewhere, He is going to park them on a sideline. It reminds me of when the railroads were really in operation. Every once in awhile there would be a train come through Borden, they would unhook a couple cars and shoot them out on a sideline. Those cars could sit there for two or three months, the weeds would grow around them in the summer time. I don’t want God to shoot me out on a sideline somewhere. I want to stay on the mainline. With this in mind, I want to try to finish this message.


I will read again, Isaiah 52, verse 8. Every time I read this, I think, if in a few days our troops cross the line and there is a war that starts in Iraq and God does use it as a time piece to turn something loose, then it lets me know we better be on the right track. We better be ready to follow the Lord. The voice of the watchmen, does not point to every whimsical preacher, because there are thousands of preachers with a program. He has an idea, he wants to win the world to Christ. But winning the world to Christ is not a burden for the true Church of God as she gets herself ready. So these watchmen, they are God-called special servants that have a vision and understanding of what the will of God is. They are going to be taught by God, they are going to see their position in the body of Christ. They are going to know how to look at their calling in relationship to what they can do and feel that they have the spirit and the will to do it. They are absolutely, each one of them, going to speak the same thing. The prophet Isaiah could not be wrong, because it is God who is going to do the teaching. (Jewish translation) “The voice of your watchmen! They lift up the voice, together they sing.” Now brothers and sisters, let us be sensible, all these watchmen are not coming out of America. They are coming out of this whole area of Christendom where the true Bride of Christ is scattered all over this world. It does not matter what their race is, what color, what culture they come from, nor what language they speak. They are going to speak the same thing, because in their hearts they are going to want to. Every one of them is dependent upon something that he has had to learn. I don’t care how young or old, the main point is, he first has to be saved by the saving grace of God. If God has called him, then he has to know that to be a fact. But he has to know also that he is called from something, to be something, in something. He is not going to be able to say, oh Praise God, I am going to belong to a new movement. I want to say this, I never have said since Bro. William Branham’s death, that I have started a new movement. That was not my vision or purpose. What I heard, I felt like God had let me sit under that man’s ministry long enough that I knew what he said and what he meant. If there were dual statements, then I prayerfully sought God’s answer for them. I searched the scriptures. I had to find out where one of them would apply now and where the other one of these statements would just pertain to something like the denominational world’s religious ideas. They could not both be truth for the bride of Christ. That is why I began to understand, God would use those dual statements. He would use the one, from the natural part of the man, for men to take it and weave together and make a fan out of it. When the apostle Paul speaks about men preaching every wind of doctrine, wind of doctrine, how many times people are truly affected by the winds that preachers blow off. I hope you understand what I mean. When Isaiah the prophet spoke these words, he was looking right at our time when God is going to complete and perfect His true Church. Most all denominational preachers think their system is the Church, or that it is part of it. God is not coming down here and taking the best out of any of them. That is why He sent a messenger, years ago, to send forth a message into the earth. The Spirit of God would take that and sound that backward and forward. Anybody sitting in those systems that had a true, sincere heart from God, it would not be long until a certain word would fall on their ears and they would say, I believe that. This would start them on their course to find out the origin and purpose where God might use that. So when we are talking here tonight, these watchmen, they are not every whimsical doctrine kind of preacher. It is men that God has called by His grace. Yes, they may have come through everything, but each one can recognize the grace of God, how He has led them as a person. After it became evident to me, and I felt like I was nothing in myself, but at least God had put something in my heart so that I could stand and preach the truth as long as I know how to stand. If God is in it, He will use it somewhere. Little by little, it would not be long until I would hear of a certain brother, or two or three families getting hold of it and saying, I see that, I believe that. So tonight I can say, through thirty some years, yes, all over the face of this earth from nation to nation, there have been many ministers that have written nice letters saying, Bro. Jackson, thank you for what you have said, what you have stood for, it gave me something to help straighten me out. There have been a lot of preachers of the Branham movement that have went all over the world and preached quotes, quotes, quotes, and all it has done is created confusion. Because no five of them can say the same thing. One will say this, one will say that, and another will say something else. They all say, I preach the prophet’s message. No they are not: they are preaching their own ideas about it, how they heard it or how they read it. We cannot do that and be in the will of God. It is one thing to hear something, but did we hear with a spiritual mind and ear? What does it mean to me? That is the main objective. Now they lift up the voice, together they sing, it didn’t tell you what they would sing, did it? But we can say, this is more or less an illustration, how the real ministry of the true Bride Church, will operate in these closing moments of time, because it is tied to a world event. “They lift up the voice, together they sing; for they (these watchmen) shall see eye to eye.” I will say this, wherever this is heard in different places around the world, the real ministry that will finish up the Bride of Christ will not be just an anonymous bunch of preachers preaching their own version. When we look back at the beginning of Christendom and the beginning of the kingdom of heaven, it tells me twice in the book of Acts, they all continued steadfastly in the apostles doctrine, going from house to house, breaking bread and having fellowship. That was the true Church in its beginning, there were twelve apostles. Then as God collectively called the body of the Church to be brought into existence, necessity laid upon them the need in this element of people, for these other types of ministries. That is why you follow it all down through the book of Acts. It was not long until men were referred to as prophets, others as evangelists. We know also that some had to be pastors. Wherever Paul went, eventually he sent elders there. As the body of Christ grew , necessity required the Spirit of God to raise up men to fill the ranks of that early ministry, which was the five fold ministry. It started with apostles, but did not wind up with another breed of apostles. Listen to how I said it. It started with the apostles, and through that, God added these other offices. Then when the Church collectively went off through time, we see how the devil began to bring on all these other false christs and things to make havoc of the Church. Christendom has never had that same kind of ministry through time until we come down here to the end time. No church evangelist, no modern evangelist has ever seen that. He many times will put himself out there as a great leader, but as I look at this, it is all to fall precisely into a time factor of a world event. Yes, not only will they sing together, and I have used this illustration, you can have five professional singers, base, alto, soprano, and all, bit when they hit the right tune, their voices will harmonize. Is that not right? If they do not harmonize, they may together lift up their voice and say the same words, but the voice they are expressing it with is out of tune. If you had to hear that same course or song, over and over, every time we come together, it would not be long until you would get tired of it. Well I wonder if God doesn’t get tired of hearing every Tom, Dick, and Harry come down the road, I have a new revelation. No, you don’t, you just have a new idea. Any true revelation will always correspond with another revelation that has been brought before. You do not throw away one, and bring on another new one. Every true revelation has to harmonize with what has been revealed before. This is all timed to a world event. When does this happen? “When Yahweh (that means God) returns to Zion.” If this war breaks out and God does come upon the scene by His Spirit and gets involved in it like it says in Micah 7, and you begin to see miraculous things on the field of battle, you will know the Arab world and that Islamic spirit has created a condition that causes Israel to say, now you are forcing us to get involved, that is when I will say Praise the Lord. As the old rabbit hunters used to say, sic him Fido, go get him. How many know what I meant by that? Go get him, Israel. Because angels are going to be on the field of battle and devils will not have a thing to do with it. It says in that 7th chapter of Micah, as it was, so he gives you a past reference, with him, meaning Israel, in the days when I brought him out of Egypt. When you read in Joshua, Exodus, Leviticus, what all took place, for forty years God showed His hand of leadership, this is another time God is going to show Himself to shut up the mouths of this bunch of hypocrites we have everywhere today. As for all these immigrants, they have brought them in by the thousands to use as voting blocks, so they have sold us out. That is why I have said many times, be careful, you are liable to kill the goose that laid the golden egg. Then where are all your free handouts going to come from? This thing of watchmen seeing together, is timed to this world event. If that thing does unfold next week, or whenever, I would not want to be on the wrong side of the fence when it does start. I want my ears to be open and my mind unstopped. I want my heart to be right in the eyes of God. Lord, teach me, help me to see the right thing. As the prophet used the illustration, together they will lift up their voice and sing, that means in harmony. Singing in harmony is beautiful. When watchmen can say the same thing, because they see eye to eye, that should let us know we are moving right on time. When preachers, in the back of their mind, are just waiting to bring forth and come out with a new idea, I have heard some people say this, well you don’t have to have it all. I have never said that. You know that. I believe God has called different men and they have been anointed and taught by the Spirit of God to major in certain things. But not every God-called man has been called to be everything. Do you understand what I mean? All you have to do is read the whole structure of the scriptures. Paul’s message was basically to the Bride, the body of Christ. He did not touch much on the prophetic side of things. He did not deal with the spirit of antichrist, but he did explain how the rapture is going to take place. That is why a lot of these modern preachers today, cannot even see it, they say it is false teaching to believe that the rapture is going to take place before the tribulation period. The apostle Paul tells us when it is to be. Let me explain something right here, This is when that seventieth week of Daniel will start (pointing to chart) that is the purple line, here is the middle of that week, and over here is the end of that week of years. That is a seven year period. Preachers in the denominational realm for years, have said the rapture is to take place before the week of Daniel starts. There is not a verse of scripture that reads like that. 2nd Thessalonians, the 2nd chapter, when Paul heard that the Thessalonian people were getting confused, he starts that 2nd chapter by saying this, now concerning the coming of the Lord, he is not talking about His visible coming over here at the end of the tribulation period, he is talking about His mystical coming, when He is coming to get His bride people. That is why he said, that day shall not come, until, or unless, there is first a falling away. That falling away, when we begin to look at new translations, it literally means the time will come when modern man will rebel at the thought of God. Look how it has been in the last twenty five or thirty years in America. They do not want Him taught in schools, they want the ten commandments out of the picture. Our nation is fast becoming a multi-religious society, don’t get too strict in anything. When that begins to dominate society as a whole, then it lets us know, that man of sin is close on the horizon. As for the rapture (the catching away of the bride) Paul said this, 2nd thessalonians 2: 3-4 ,“Let no man deceive you by any means: for that day (the catching away) shall not come, except there come a falling away first, and that man of sin be revealed; the son of perdition; 4,Who opposeth and exalteth himself above all that is called God, or that is worshipped; so that he as God sitteth in the temple of God, showing himself that he is God.” In other words, that man of sin will be revealed to the Bride before the catching away of the Bride, which is our gathering together unto Him. Paul is not telling you that you are going to go through that week: He is telling you, that you will see that man of sin introduced when he signs the peace covenant that opens the week of Daniel. That does not mean we are all going to stay alive until then. Some of us will go into the ground before then. This was written for the living ones: they are going to see that man introduced to the world. Then the rapture can take place, because God will then be dealing only with the Jewish nation. That is what starts the week. When God starts dealing with that Jewish nation and the Jews start building their temple, and rebuilding Jerusalem. That compels the world’s antichrist, which comes out of Rome, to step into the picture and begin to dominate world affairs. The U.N. will be a wreck by then. With this in mind, the true Church will see this thing coming on the scene. Israel will begin to rise, Israel will begin to do the things the scripture says, but it lets me know the Spirit of God, through those watchmen, the Spirit of God through those true scribes, that true five fold ministry, which are one and the self same group of men that God has raised up, schooled and brought through the knocks and bangs and has invested in them a picture of what He wants His true Church to look like. They will give their hearts over to that. The true Church will relish and enjoy it. But there are going to be others ejected to the sidelines, simply because they have allowed different selfish ideas to get into their mind’s. It is just like I read from this book I have, I have books of every description that men, supposed to be followers of Bro. William Branham’s ministry, how they have compiled certain scriptural pictures together. It is pathetic. None of them agree, yet each one has expressed his own ideas. We know what it says in Revelation 12, that when that hour of time comes, that Jewish woman has been taught through the first half of the week, where she must flee to when the man of sin takes over. At the same time, there will be 144,000 servants of God sealed, but there is that other part of Jewish society, that is referred to as the woman, which will be men, women, boys and girls, that have been taught by the two prophets, that when that antichrist does break the covenant right here in the middle of the week, they (referred to as the woman) will know automatically where to go. I am not going to read it, I am just going to refer to what this man says, he said these Jews that make up this woman will flee and go right back to some of the nations they came out of. Well then, what is going to happen to them when God rises up to shake terribly the earth and He will slay the wicked with the sword that proceeds out of His mouth? Something does not make sense to me, how many heard what I said? I have to say, if that woman flees somewhere into a wilderness, it is not going to be scattered among a multiple of nations, because let me say this, my Bible tells me over here, immediately after the tribulation of those days, which means when this whole week has come to its end and it is time for Jesus to be revealed from heaven, this planet is going to start shaking. God is going to use that terrible development of nature to destroy, to kill. Therefore I say this, If that woman element has been taken to a place somewhere in this earth, to a particular geographical area, God is going to watch over that woman and that means in that particular geographical area, He has already prepared that place where she will be protected and cared for. She has already gone through her purging. While others places are nothing but chaos, she will be safe. She is not going to have to be dodging rocks falling out of the sky, when the Lord is dealing with the wicked of the world. That place was foreordained by God for her care. That is why those two prophets will tell that woman exactly where to go. The real true watchmen, are not coming on the scene, one saying this, one saying that, if they are true watchmen, they are all going to be consistent with what they say. The Bride, the world over, no matter whether they speak Japanese, Chinese, or what language, they will all understand their message in their own language, and they will all get the same picture. Why? Because God has trained, schooled, and brought His watchmen through the knocks and bangs to get them ready for their hour. Many opportunities have been thrown in their pathway, they could have done this and they could have done that, but they remained loyal to the call of God. Therefore in one way, they are scribes, they are responsible for how they are going to feed the Bride wherever they are. I will now go back to Matthew 24. When Jesus started speaking these things every bit of it is how He is going to deal with His Bride. We can say, from this era of time right straight on through this, Matthew 24 and 25, up until about verse 31, all apply right in here where the five fold ministry is dealing with the bride. Tell me what preacher you hear on the TV even preach out of it. You don’t. It is so simple. That is why in the 45th verse of the 24th chapter, “Who then (That is why I titled this, Looking at Time. Who then, in that crucial hour of time) is a faithful and wise servant, (He is actually a watchman. He is a wise servant.) whom his lord hath made ruler (God does not pass this out to every Tom, Dick, and Harry preacher. All they have in their mind is a program. Most of them have the idea that they need to save the world. That is all these guys have in their mind, a huge program. They have not been taught by God. If they had, somewhere God would have said, that is enough, stop that! Who then, that is in this period of time, it is just not any time and anywhere, it just applies from here until we get to the end. It starts out small, but as we get closer and closer to the end, it is going to become more important, more precise, because the entire scope begins to narrow down. Who then is a faithful and wise servant. It is more than one. As I said earlier, every scribe, that lets us know, every scribe is ordained of God as God has given to him the ability, the opportunity, and the knowledge to take his God-given quality and calling, and minister to the Bride of Christ. He will do it, and do it faithfully, willingly, and he will want to.) to give them (Them who? Not the church world. It is the true Church of God, the Bride of Christ.) meat.” That meat goes back to the 20th verse, the carcase. I know that sounds foolish to a lot of people. What was Jesus talking about? It sounds like He is talking about a bunch of cannibals. He said these things just to throw the wise, those that have a mind of their own, off somewhere. But he that hath a spiritual ear, he that has a spiritual hunger, these are looking to where they can find that special meat, which is true revelation of God’s Word, because it is fresh killed manna prepared by God. This 45th verse applies through time, straight to the end when God raptures the Church. Then when you bring the 25th chapter, you lay that right over that time frame, because that is when God begins to separate the two elements of people. It is not that man separates them, it is how God separates. So when you lay that right over this time frame, conditions are brought about by the Holy Spirit, and truth is made available, it separates the wise saints from the others. Who are the wise? They are the God-called children that will make up the true Bride of Christ. But the foolish will just feed on anything. Most of the time they will go anywhere to any kind of meeting. When you come to the part that deals with the talents, you heard me say in another message when I preached along this line, for a long time I wondered, how does that apply to people of this hour of time? It is not going on in the denominational realm. They are not preaching anything like this. But when I look back to where Bro. William Branham made that church order, and when he preached the Church Ages, for two years all I heard, oh I will be glad when God puts a gift in my life. I will be glad when God opens up the ministry for me. They were looking forward to something. Then he made that order. It was just like, all of a sudden, they all began to say, now there will be no more gifts. One educator said, God would no longer speak in dreams or visions, nor gifts. Well that is the way He has guided a lot of us since that time. So you see, it is all a lie, but has this occurred out of that element out there? No it hasn’t. It has occurred out of an element of the followers of Bro. William Branham. They took what they did have and buried it, laid it aside, hid it. Now they want everybody else to do the same thing. Only Jesus spoke it in such a simple way by putting it in the form of a parable. After a long period of time the Lord comes and begins to call everyone into accountability. It is not Him here in person, it is how the Holy Spirit begins to deal with each one. It goes to show He separates those kind of people because they do not fit in where the body of Christ belongs. You have to be a wise preacher to catch this. You can run all over creation out there in the TBN bunch, John Haggee and all the rest of them, but they never touch on these things that really get next to the Bride of Christ. I have to say, I am thankful for what God allowed me to see in years gone by. I will say tonight, we are just about ready to cross over, we are almost standing at the threshold. I was watching the News this evening, it told how many thousands of troops we have in Kuwait right now, long lines of tanks and weapons carriers, personnel carriers, waiting to make their thrust across the border. I thought to myself, Lord, if and when that hour arrives, if this is the beginning of what you have planned for the Middle East to go through, I want to be on the right side of what this word says. I don’t care whether people like it or not. I love the people of God, but when people want to argue and fuss and say, but Bro. Jackson, that is a nice person. That does not have a thing to do with it. Nicety belongs out there in the world. God is looking at people that have something in their hearts and have a spiritual ear and spiritual mind to know how to take truth, believe it, and apply it. I am thankful for the grace of God. There are a lot of other things I could say, but I will just say it is time we begin to shape up our individual lives. I want to look at my life, I don’t want to conduct myself in any kind of social way to be a hindrance to any brother or sister. Even these little children, I don’t want them to look at me and see I am some old person that cannot speak a word of kindness. These little tots, when they grow up in here, I hope they feel they are growing up amidst a people, old or young, that love them. I know there are probably strangers that come in here a lot of times and say, why do they allow those little fellows to run around like that? Well I could go to a lot of places tonight, where you go in and sit down in quietness, but I cannot say I have been in a spiritual environment. First off, the Word of God is not even exalted. That is why I have said, when God blesses your life with a little baby, don’t leave it at home because you don’t want to be aggravated with its crying. God gave it to you, bring it to church, let it grow up in here. I don’t care if it does sit in the aisle and play. One of these days he will raise up when some preacher will be preaching, and say Amen. It has happened before. He learns more than you think. If he feels he is loved, it becomes his spiritual home. He is not going to get it out there in those schools. This is probably the only place they will ever be loved in the right way. We are standing at the threshold of something, if we are, then up the road in front of us there are some thunders coming. I have stood for the fact that it has to be men who all see the same thing. It is not going to be seven men, one saying one thing, and another saying something else. Those thunders are strictly for the Bride of Jesus Christ and no one else, and what they proclaim to the bride will not be something they have read in a book. They will never be talked about on the TV programs. I have never heard anybody on those programs talk about Bro. William Branham and the six seals. They know what is in that book, but they are ashamed of it. It is because they don’t have an ear for it, they don’t have a mind for it. They don’t see where it came from. I do, and I will say, Lord, give us more, right where that came from. I know as that Bride is separated, refined and begins to have the same mind, it is then, that those thunders will come and there will be no back talk. They will all say, praise the Lord. I am thankful for what God has allowed me to see through the years of time. I believe we are standing at the threshold, at a time we are getting ready to see a drastic change in world affairs. We have heard politicians brag. But I believe the hour is coming when God will show His hand, and when He does, I want to hear some of these News Journalists, educators and philosophers, get up, I would like to see some of them crying on TV, when they have to recognize the hand of God. That would make me feel good. May the Lord bless you everyone. Amen.