We Shall Crown Him?, Part 1

Rev. James Allen
Rev. James C. Allen

This is a subject I want to deal with, and it has a question at the end of it. Sometimes we have traditions that we have lived by, that are not biblical at all. It is a saying that has been passed down and it is put in songs and things, to the point where we think we live by them. Sometimes they are not scriptural, but they become a part of scriptural thinking. I know there have been things on television this week concerning the Catholic Church and the denominational world, which has been hid from people, because they do not want anyone to know about it. That is because they know they would have some complications and divisions from really what is going on. So they just keep them hid from people and people learn to live with what they have without ever questioning anything, The important thing in this hour is that we have an anchor that we can look to, that we know is going to produce something in our lives that will be beneficial to us here in the end time, to help us grow in grace and in the knowledge of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. As I was watching the film last Sunday night and what was preached here Thursday night, it made me realize that there is just a lot of things going on in the world that men do not really care if it is scriptural or not, they just don’t care. I know, as Bro. Bud preached Thursday night, talking about the tumor that was in his leg, that the doctor thought it to be cancer. To me, there is no doubt but what it was. You just don’t know how that disturbed me. I never said very much about it, but it disturbed me, because I appreciate my brother. He has stood with me a hundred percent. I have stood with him likewise. It would really put a monkey wrench in the whole thing if I did not have my brother here with me. There are just not very many men that you can count on, to stand with you when you have something to preach, something that is contrary to the thinking of many human beings. This thing is not over yet, but it is getting close, and there will be some among those who left us, that are going to question why they did leave. But that is not up to me: that is between them and God. We have stood here on an even, steady course, ever since the day that Bro. Jackson left the scene. The statement was made when Bro. Jackson left, that all the revelations have been brought out and there would be no need for any more. I am glad that man is not in control of what God does. Man’s thinking has nothing to do with what God does. I was thinking about the trip we took to Israel. You have heard the testimonies of the different ones, you have heard me mention, as well as others, that people saw a difference in us, from what they see in other groups. That is a part of the shining that is going to fulfill scripture here in the end time, because we are just not all cut out of a mold that forces our sisters to wear long hair and long dresses without any revelation as to why. If you do not have a revelation, you just have long hair and a long dress. It seems like in all of that, that many men you see out there in public, just don’t care what they look like. On the other hand, there is a difference with us and them, because we have been changed by what God has revealed to us, so that we have a conviction in our spirit, that causes us to want to do what is right in the eyes of our Creator, and to live every day and everywhere we may be, according to what is right in His sight. Maybe I should not even tell this, but I will. I was in a grocery store the other day and happened to walk up behind two women. One of them I thought had real short shorts on, but she did not, she had a skirt on. It could not have been more than two inches below her underclothes. This is a day and hour of time, when people are wanting to unclothe. When you see the sun come out, it is forty degrees, and you will see women and men with coats and sweaters on, wearing shorts. This is something that has become the society of America, and it is becoming that way even of the society in the church world, even when they go to church. You take a church that can open up their cafeteria while the service is going on, and sell you food to eat while you are sitting in the congregation listening to preaching, then you do not go to church for any spiritual reason. The true people of God are the Church of the Bible, the people are the church, not the building. What there are so much of out there, are people just like Cain, that killed his half brother Abel. That is because they are of his seed. They go to what they refer to as church, but they have no revelation, and cannot receive any, because you have to have the Spirit of God in you in order to receive spiritual revelation. They are just exactly like Cain, because they feel the need to go worship, but they try to worship God by doing what they consider to be good deeds. Like Cain, it did not make any difference about the kind offering he gave. He thought he was giving the right thing, by bringing some of the fruit of his labor, but Abel had a revelation, so he brought a lamb to offer to God. Then, when God corrected Cain, he did not correct himself. God gave him every chance to do right, according to the scripture, but instead of changing his ways, he allowed his jealousy of Abel, to cause him to commit murder. I was listening to one of the seals messages the other night, that was preached by Bro. Jackson. He talked about how people are going to be religious, even though they will not have anything to do with scriptural truth. They are going to be religious, just like Cain was religious. But they become just like Cain was, soulish, and full of envy and jealousy. They feel like they have a need to worship, but they worship they know not what. That is how the apostle Paul expressed it. As Jesus said, salvation is of the Jews. They don’t believe the Bible. They will tell you they don’t believe it. They don’t believe the Old Testament, because they said that God is not a God of war, therefore they don’t believe Revelation because it is a war book. It is God at war, with a rebellious human race that we are living in. According to the book of Revelation, chapter 3, we are living in Laodicea, and Laodicea was the lukewarm congregation of old, neither cold or hot. You cannot tell anybody any different. I have never tried it, but they tell me you can put a frog on the stove in cold water, you can heat that water and that frog will never know the difference when it is cooked. That water, when it starts getting warm, it never knows it. That is kind of like the generation we are living among, they never know it until their brain is seared with a hot iron. I don’t know how I got on to all of that, but I did, so evidently someone needed to hear it.. I do not preach the things I preach, to be controversial: I just preach what God shows me when I am studying His Word. Therefore I preach the things I preach because it is the truth. I was asked a question a couple weeks ago, concerning what I am going to be on now. I don’t know how long it will take, because there is a lot to it. We are going to see the position that the Bride is in. We are going to see the position that Jesus Christ will hold. When John saw Him in chapter 5, he saw Christ sitting on the throne. When he saw Him sitting on the throne, then we find the scene changes from His Millennial throne, into where we are today, and where we were at the beginning. Because the scene changes and He goes from sitting on the throne, because John was looking for the Lion of the tribe of Judah, which will be His Kingly throne, and the lion is more or less king wherever he is. He even has his mane that makes him look that way. But when he really sees Him for what He is, he sees what He is through the ages of time, up until the seventh seal is broken. Then He returns to earth in angelic form to break that seventh seal, and also that He may speak to seven men, seven thunders. When you speak as thunders, you are speaking of seven men with a message, the last message for the Bride before she leaves here. So as I was saying, you see Him change from His Kingly position, to a Lamb slain, there with the seven eyes which are the seven spirits of God. But it is a bloody Lamb, that bloody Lamb, His position is of what the church world is not, they have already taken the blood out, so they are just a church world. We do not need a bloody religion, they say. If you don’t have that, you don’t have anything, you just as well close your big cathedral doors and let them be used as a warehouse. Because, if you don’t have a cross, you don’t have a Saviour. If you don’t have a Saviour, you don’t have salvation, because it all goes together. That is what Faith Assembly has stood for through the years. Some closed their doors to any further revelation when Bro. William Branham died. When I began to hear Bro. Jackson preach, I said it is like an outline. Bro. William Branham put an outline out there and Bro. Jackson filled the outline in with the messages he preached, all the way from the creation, until you get to the end time. We are now living in the end time. I am glad, that when Revelation 18, verse 4 said come out of her my people, I am glad I left something dead to find something with life in it. Without life, you have no salvation, you have no deliverance. I would have to say young people, if you feel the urge to be baptized in the name of Jesus Christ, don’t let that urge pass you until you receive the Holy Ghost. Don’t let anybody talk you out of that. Get alone with God whenever you can, turn off the computer, turn off everything, until you get to where you have received that precious anointing of God. That way your life will be blessed. It does not matter if you are eight years old, or if you are eighty years old, the Holy Ghost is still the same. The Holy Ghost is the Spirit of Christ that God gave. Jesus said, you shall receive the Spirit of truth, but you cannot receive that until I go away. When John saw Him, he said, Behold the Lamb of God, that takes away the sin of the world. Jesus did not put any stipulation on it to Nicodemus, when he came to Him. He came to build him up. He said to Nicodemus, you must be born again. It will take the worries of your future away. It will take away the worries of your future home. Because there is a future, just as well as there was a past. God is going to reform this earth. He is not going to just destroy the earth, He is going to reform it. It says the mountains will be brought down, the islands will flee away, and in all of that the water of the oceans are going to go back up into the atmosphere, back where they were before the flood came. Some even questioned, talking about Noah’s flood the other night on TV. They were questioning, where did all that water go? It went into oceans: there were no oceans before that flood, there were just lakes and rivers and such. When the water of the deep opened up, then that opened outer space where the water came down, for forty days and forty nights it rained. I remember ten or twelve years ago, up north around Columbus, it rained eleven inches in just a little while, it flooded that place. When the flood of Noah’s days came, it was a deluge. When God gets ready to reform this earth, only a few men will be left, a few to repopulate this thing with the sheep-like people, not with what is here today. I am sorry to have to talk like that, but God is not going to reform this earth with people that are living like the devil now. You may say, you scare me. When I read the Bible, it could scare me, because, I know there are a lot of people that are not going to make it. I don’t do a lot of thinking on those things, because it bothers a person too much, knowing that people you love, people who have no love for the truth of God’s Word, are going to be left behind when the bride goes up with Jesus. God does not compromise for me, or for anyone else. The Bible tells me in the 1st chapter of Romans, that every man has had their chance. Listening to that video of Bro. Jackson, he said the same thing, they have all had their chance, they cannot deny it. Our lives are as a vapor, but what we do with that vapor is what counts for eternity. I have a lot of scripture to read today, so if I keep this up, I will not get to any of it, but there is a question there. What kind of crown are you going to wear? What kind of crown is Jesus going to wear? Do you think a bunch of people are going to put an earthly crown on a heavenly being? I ask you that, hoping you will think seriously about it. There are songs that say so, there are people that say so, but what does the Bible say? What is the answer? I say these things in answer to a question that was asked me, and I want to show you by the scriptures, that all that kind of thinking is from carnal minds. I remember back when Bro. Sharp died. Bro. Sharp died, then thirteen weeks later his wife died. Bro. Bud and I went down and conducted the funeral service. I remember when Brother Sharp died, and we were there, there were about a dozen denominational preachers there also, because Bro. Sharp was a well liked person, and so was his wife. They had not been in this truth very long at that time, but they had lived right for a long time. There was a bunch of preachers, after we had preached Bro. Sharp’s funeral, and went back down for Sis. Sharp’s funeral, they had asked Bro. Bud, but he asked me to be a part of it. The first time we were there, there was not a whole lot said. When we went down the second time, they were asking us, when is your convention, we want to come to your convention, there were about a dozen preachers that were from UPC, and Assemblies of God, different denominations. Of course at one time Bro. Sharp was a Baptist. But everybody loved him and his wife, because they lived a right kind of life. Those preachers wanted to know when we had our convention. So when Bro. Bud got up to preach her funeral, he mentioned predestination. After that, none of those preachers said anything more about coming to our convention. I never saw any one of them again. If you want to scatter the denominational world, just say what the scripture says. They know it is in the Bible, but do you know what their answer to it is? If I preach that, then my congregation would leave. It is your congregation, that is the problem, not God’s. Let them leave. If you are sitting among a bunch of people that will not listen to truth, why preach something that is going to please them? If you cannot preach truth to them, why do you even go? I remember that second time we were there, it was before the funeral service, Bro. Duane’s mother and some of them were there, we got to talking about people living and everything, after they were dead. I began to get into a little bit of that, that you do not really die, you just leave your body. I got into a little bit of that, and I remember Bro. Duane’s mother, when I said I am not going any further with that, she said, go on, go on. I thought, I don’t want to get into anything like that now, Bro. Jackson is still living, so I don’t want to get into anything like that, so I just broke it off. But you know, there is scripture for that. Jesus said when they questioned Him about Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob, He said, God is not the God of the dead, but of the living. When Jesus went and preached to the spirits in prison, even those that were back in the days of Noah, wherein there was only eight souls saved, he had a big congregation to preach to, Jesus, according to 1st Peter, chapter 3, preached to those imprisoned spirits. Then after His resurrection, He brought the others out. But they were all living. When Jesus talked about the rich man and Lazarus, He was talking about the rich man, after he died. He began to want Lazarus to come back with just a little bit of water to put on his tongue, because he said I am tormented in these flames. He was tormented and he saw that Lazarus was comforted. They were living, they just did not have their bodies. Somewhere our brothers and sisters that have gone on, Bro. and Sis. Jackson, I remember poor old Sis. Erb, a sister that sometimes had trouble paying her rent. There are no rent problems now. But they have not received their body. That completes a redemption, I mean a redemption of the body, but that don’t mean that the earth is redeemed back yet. It is going to take a thousand years for all that to happen, just like God created the heavens and the earth in six days. Those six days were six thousand years. Where do you get that? In Peter’s writing, he said one day with the Lord is as a thousand years, and a thousand years is as one day. Then God rested the seventh day, another thousand years. After God rested the seventh day, that is when He began to bring His creation into focus by giving them a body of flesh and bones. Man was created the sixth day: the spirit of man was created the sixth day, but when the creation of their bodies really started, man was the first of all the creation to receive a body. That was because man was to be over all the animal kingdom. He was the head of the family. Then God began to create the animals, and they all came by Adam, for him to name them. What ever Adam called them, that was their name. God created the little lamb, the most humble animal. Just as the Bible says, as a lamb before the shearer is dumb, so Jesus opened not His mouth. They take that little lamb and take it to be slaughtered in their arms, and when they do, it does not make a sound. Jesus is represented as a lamb, then He is represented as a dove, the most meekest of all the birds that are on earth. That came down upon Him as the Holy Ghost. It was not a real dove, but when John saw it, that is what it looked like. It was that Shekinah glory, the glory of the living God, that showed itself as a dove. Here, the Lamb and the Dove meet together. That is the sacrifice that was used in the Bible, until Jesus came, that sin might be put off for another year. It was pushed forward. Anyone that came truly to that altar, where we saw there, the rocks where they led up into the temple, the teaching stones, where we were able to sit. We sat there where Jesus walked and talked. That does not make you religious because there were a lot of others that went up and down through there, women and men half clothed. They walked up and down the same steps, but they did not walk with the same respect and purpose. It is the purpose in our hearts, the life that God has given us to live, that makes us what we are. The best way to have peace, is to give everything over to God. Sometimes we hold back so many other things in our lives from God, that the peace of God cannot rest upon us. Sure, a lot of us have had an experience, but how are we treating it? Are we allowing our Father to lead us in this life? If the Holy Ghost is something we are to receive, He is something to live for. The Holy Ghost is the Spirit of God, you know that. Of course the church world makes it the third person of a trinity. Isn’t that something? Father, Son, and dove, that is all they have to think about. Let us go to Proverbs for our scripture this morning. The crown of the wise is their riches. But the foolishness of fools is folly. Let us go to the 16th chapter, 31st verse. “The hoary head is a crown of glory, if it be found in the way of righteousness.” He is talking about the gray hair on our head. If a man lives to be old and has gray hair, that is a crown of glory for him. This is one of the crowns it speaks about in the Bible, but you do not see any earthly crown there, manmade. “He that is slow to anger is better than the mighty; and he that ruleth his spirit than he that taketh a city.” Anyone that can rule their spirit, talking about living our lives according to what the Bible says, slow to anger, slow to speak, but swift to hear. That is from the book of James. I remember when I was working at Ford Motor Co. We had rivet guns that we used to put the springs on a spring hanger: that is what they were called. You had two for one spring, and you have a rivet that was as big as your thumb. Those rivet guns had five thousand pounds of pressure, that they pushed the rivet onto the frame and on the hanger itself, there were four of them, you had to put them in there first and hold them so that you did not lose your position on them. This one fellow that I relieved, his rivet gun was never hanging right. He would have maintenance come out to fix it often. They would do a little something to it and it was alright. Then in a few days, it would be all wrong again. One day he called them and told them to come, that he needed his rivet gun fixed where it would go up and down easier. They came out while I was on the job to relieve him for his break, but they wanted to get it right, so they waited until he came back. They asked me how it was, and of course it was alright for me, I could not tell any difference. When he came back, they had not done anything to it, he got hold of it and said, oh yes, that is good, really good. The man that was supposed to work on it tried to tell him, I have not done anything to it yet. He began to stutter and talk, and the repair man just stopped him one time and said, God gave you two ears but only one mouth, why don’t you just listen while I talk? I thought, that is a good illustration. He was so confused after he had accepted it the way it was, that he had to have something to say about it. He got quiet when the man said that to him, but that is how a lot of people are today. God just gave us one mouth, two eyes and two ears. Sometimes we just need to listen, listen to Him. Sometimes we talk to Him, and we will tell Him what all we want, instead of just waiting when we are through speaking, so He can speak to us. The Bible says to watch and pray. Sometimes we need to just sit and listen. I remember, that is the way it was with Elijah. He was in that cave. The storm goes by, the wind goes by. God was not in the wind. The earthquake came, God was not in the earthquake. But then, all at once a still small voice was heard. We need to listen for it. He will speak to us. It is not just all a one way thing. I remember when Bro. William Branham talked about his conversion. He was a young man eighteen years old or so, never was a church person, but he always had convictions. He got out by the shed and began to pray. He said, God, I don’t know how to pray, all I know to do is just talk to you. So he talked to Him and God saved his soul. He went in and told him mom and dad about it, and his dad said, you can’t act like that around here. So he put his clothes in a paper bag and left, and went to New Albany, Indiana. When he would get ready to pray, he would say, let us talk to Him while we pray. It was always like that when he preached, let us talk to Him. You know, that is a good idea today, let us talk to Him, then let Him talk back. If there is something we need an answer to, if there is something we need in correction, He will show us. I am not saying that He will talk to you audibly, He may, but He will cause you to know what you need to know, and even if He talks to us audibly, God is a God of few words. Even John said, as he was getting ready to close the book of John, if all the things that Jesus had done, if they had been written in a book, the world could not have contained them. Brothers and sisters, we have a lot to look forward to. The behind life that we have had struggles with, trials and tests, that will all be behind us, never to be remembered again. Just one glimpse of Him, will take all of that away. Our life is a vapor, but it is what we do in that vapor that molds our life. Brother, (speaking to a brother in the congregation.) I remember when you and your wife did not have any children. You wanted children. One day you surrendered yourselves to God, and that soon changed. Bro. Bud and I worked around those brothers quite a bit, because they were our electricians when we were doing work. Bro. Bud hired them to come and do the work, they were always there. I did not know anything would ever come of it, but they were watching us. Our brother was watching us to see what came out of our mouth, to see how we reacted to things, to see how we lived our life. You don’t have to put on a show. All we have to do is live right. I had enough things that went wrong in my work to where Bro. Bud could have got upset. He was my boss. But he never did get upset with me, he never did fuss with me, even though sometimes I messed up. Our heavenly Father, even though we sometimes mess up, He does not fuss with us. We defeat ourselves sometimes, but He does not defeat us. He is our Father. Today, you can hear mothers and fathers tell their children they love them. I lived in a time when that did not happen, but I knew they loved me. I knew where my home was when night time came, and I did not want to stay some place else. I never did think about running off from home, like many have done. I knew nothing about dope and stuff like that. There were some boys, in the neighborhood that did something I would never have done, and it is a wonder that they survived what they did: there were some gas drums that were kept for their tractors, maybe would hold a hundred or hundred and fifty gallons of gasoline. My cousin and some others, got up there where they could sniff that stuff, because they thought it was fun to feel that effect. Sometimes they would pass out. When they found out what it would do, they just had to try it. They were just fooling around and did not know what affects it could have on them. It was just a little sample of what dope does for some people. I thank God for the fact that we do not need drugs to give us that special feeling, we don’t need something to give us a temporary high. Jesus Christ gives us everything we need, in order to live a life that is pleasing to God; and that is a wonderful feeling. Just knowing that we have the Spirit of the God that created all things abiding in us, gives us all the high we need. I know there are a lot of things to upset people in this hour of time. It is much worse than when I was growing up. Everything is different now than it was then: there is more peer pressure like, if you don’t do like the rest of them, then you become what they call a nerd. I was not a Christian, I did not claim to be. My parents took us to church when we were young, but just going to church services does not make anyone a Christian. Nevertheless that was a benefit to me back then. We went to some of those old time fiery Baptist churches, where the preachers would preach in a way that would scare you half to death. They would tell you how hot hell was going to be. That is not even mentioned in denominational churches anymore, because church people don’t believe it. My dad had an old saying as long as he lived. He was Sunday school superintendent for sixty some years. He would always end what he had to say, by saying, there is a heaven to gain and a hell to shun. My dad would mention things like that. He would also say, Preachers have a lot to stand before God about one day. He was right, but this is the most precious job God has for man. When Jesus came, He did not call a judge, He did not call a king, He called men with mud between their toes, with dirty sandals on their feet, scales on their hands from fishing. He did not call saints, He called sinners to repentance, and they became saints. The world of religion would not listen to Him. Just like today, most religious people do not want to listen to this message that we preach, they just want a little feel good message that gives them a feeling that they are serving God, but just like when Bro. Bud preached about predestination one time. It is in the Bible, but you will not hear much about it, if anything, out here in most of these churches with their consoling preachers. I don’t see anything wrong with preaching it, if you understand it to be by the foreknowledge of God. I was a Methodist when I first heard it, and it did not hurt me. When I first heard about water baptism in the name of Jesus Christ, I was in trinity religion, I argued about it in school one time, God spoke to Jesus, because somebody said in school, how many are we going to see when we get to heaven? Will we see one, or more? You will see the glory of ONE God, but you will see Jesus the Christ, because the Bible says you will see Him as He is. I will recognize Him by the scars in His hands. But more than that, I will recognize Him by what He looks like. I can fashion in my mind what He is going to look like, because there is not going to be anybody else look like Him. The glory that will be all around Him, will be enough to let me know who He is. You will not have to have anyone introduce you, because you have already been introduced. No one will be leading you up to some big mansion and say, here is Jesus. We will know Him. I will know Him, you will know Him, and we will bow before Him and give Him homage, what He deserves. Every knee shall bow and every tongue shall confess that Jesus Christ is Lord, to the glory of God the Father. It is too much for me to imagine, to be able to see Him as He is. But He has given us that opportunity. I know all of you who went, enjoyed being in Israel, but this is going to be far beyond that. It is going to be far more than we could even think about. Paul said we now look through a glass darkly, but then, face to face, just like I am looking at Bro. Turner, face to face. I want to go there, preparation has been made. There will not have to be anyone take you up and down the street saying, here is Jesus’ house, because He will inhabit the earth. His glory will make the whole earth shine by God the Father. We will not have to worry about what we are going to be, because the Bible said we would be like Him. I hope that we are seeing a picture this morning of what is coming ahead of us, because we were ordained to experience all of this which was prepared for the bride of Christ Jesus from the foundation of the world. It would be wonderful for me, if I could say to Brother Branham, you brought me out of that denominational system by the message you preached, which was God’s Word. Also, if I could say thank you Bro. Jackson, for taking me on down the road of faith and trust in the One that died to pay my sin debt. I have precious brothers and sisters around this world, because those brothers opened the door of truth for us to walk through. Bro. Bud and I have been enabled to give them a steady path to walk in, in this hour of time where there is so much confusion, and I thank God for that. The picture is not confusion today, like it was before those two brothers were allowed to see a greater light than what denominational preachers were able to shine.

4-7-13 PM

As I deal with this subject I am on, I am sure there will be criticism about it: there usually is, so this will be no different, but we are looking in God’s Word for the end time, which we are definitely in. Just to be able to follow truth for this hour of time is such a great privilege. All who are bride saints have no other choice. The day, the time, the season we are living in is the season of the flying eagle. I know that it really started in 1963 when the seals were broken, because that was an evident visitation of God. Each message was a visitation of God. There were six seals of the seven, that were broken, but the seventh still lingers until the end of this grace age. That seventh one is not going to be opened until the time for Israel to get her land back. The final hour of this grace age is upon us, and the pope that is to be the one in place at that time, is really the one the world is speaking of now, because of a prophecy that was given to a man back in 1100 and something. He prophesied that all together there would be 268 popes, and that there would be 112 from his prophecy. The 112th one is the one that is in there right now. I cannot live by his prophecy, but it is kind of ironic that it would happen as it has. They called him St. Malachy. I believe it is something like that. For us to be here at this time and to be able to see what is going on, we know that the national economies are being cut to pieces: that is evident. When Bro. Jackson preached from the 12th chapter of Zechariah, he was talking about the economy of the nations will be destroyed. That is how God will cut them to pieces, those that turn against Israel. You see what is happening in this country, just in the last four to five years, and even before that. President Bush took the debt that had accumulated all the way up until the year 2000, which was five point something trillion dollars. In the eight years he was in there, he took it to ten something. Now it is almost seventeen trillion and constantly rising. That is getting close to seventeen trillion dollars of debt we have accumulated, better than six trillion dollars in the last four years. I heard last week that they are printing eighty eight billion dollars a month, with nothing to back it. That is going to add up to better than a trillion new dollars, that really has no backing to it. We have a president, a congress and senate up there, that do not care that everything is out of control. They are not going to do anything to curb what the accumulation of our debt, because they have no desire to. You can see the prophecy that Bro. Jackson used. Look at Cyprus just in the last few weeks. Could we be headed for that? Actually we could, because one day, the money you have in the bank, a big portion of it will be confiscated. I guess I heard that ten years ago, that the money can be confiscated. The people in Cyprus that had over a hundred thousand dollars, forty percent of it was confiscated, on down to the least, which was ten percent out of their bank account. I think that is just a foretaste of what is coming to Europe and what is coming here eventually. Europe is really not as big as the United States is, the whole of Europe. I am not talking about the beast, I am talking the whole of Europe, and they are fifteen something trillion dollars in debt: the European union. How long can these things be sustained? I know what is going on here in this country. Our government is borrowing all this money from the Chinese and they are coming in here to buy buildings, to buy businesses, at a great rate of speed. What is to keep them from calling a halt to their debt at some time? What are we going to do about it? We don’t even stand up to North Korea, neither do we stand up to Iran. We have let them get to the point where they are, and the time will come when Israel will do something about it. They are slow, but I know that God has that little nation in sight. I believe He has this nation in sight, but this is a big place. I can see things on the horizon that are going to make it take shape, just like George Washington’s vision. We do not stand here today, to brag about what we can do, or what our armed forces can do. They can only do what God allows them to. The greatest nation that has ever been born in the world to be a big nation, Israel, at one time was the greatest nation on earth. Everybody looked up to her. There was not a nation under heaven that did not look up to Israel at one time, under David and Solomon. But by the end of Solomon’s reign, things were getting ready to go over the hill, because of his allowing what he did. Twenty years of blessing God placed upon that nation, plus there were twenty years of failure on the man’s part, because he accepted too many women from different nations. He had Moabite wives, Egyptian wives, he even had wives from the Canaanites, which God had said they were not supposed to marry. All these wives came in and he began to build houses for them and make them queens. They took away his heart. He no longer had a heart toward God, he began to worship other gods. This is the thing that we stand for at Faith Assembly tonight, that we do not let our guard down. We keep our guard up and watch. We are not just watching to see what we can see, we are watching for men’s souls, as well as our own. Just as it says in Ezekiel 3, and in the 33rd chapter, warning them, if you don’t, then the blood is upon your hands. We don’t do this just because of that, we do it because we have a love for God’s children and a desire that we all make it together. Don’t ever fool yourself, when there is a warning that comes, that we are trying to be mean or trying to be ugly toward things that should not be. Because I realize we may have the Spirit of God, the Holy Ghost, which is the greatest gift you can ever have here on this earth, but we also have a spirit within us of a nature which can pull us away from God’s purpose and from His plan. When you pull away from God’s purpose and plan, then you may invite things in, that are not right. This is the reason we stand as we do, not to just be critical. I heard statements made when Bro. Jackson was living, oh they are just too strict at Faith Assembly, Bro. Jackson is too strict. I knew the man, and Bro. Bud knew the man, and others that were around him found Bro. Jackson to be a man of compassion. We were working out there on the property and he would come out in the afternoon, before it was time for us to quit, bringing us a cold Pepsi and some Breyer’s Ice Cream, and he would sit down and talk with us while we ate it. He would talk with us of many things. We learned a lot like that. We learned not only what was being said, but we learned what was in a man, that was willing to come down on our level and fellowship. He never did want to be above your level. I remember him saying here from the pulpit, your exaltation of me reaches to my toes, that is not very high up. He lived in that manner and I appreciated that. My aim and purpose is to present a message to people that they can understand, yet some times it goes a little deeper than what we have grown up with. I cannot help that. I cannot help it if sometimes it goes against out traditions that we have grown up with. I remember the first time I ever heard Bro. Jackson preach about the New Jerusalem. There was a sister from Canada, I know who she was, I will not mention any names. The sister called him and said Bro. Jackson, you tore up my streets of gold, you tore up my mansions. But she was not saying it to be critical: she was saying it because she believed what he had to say. We are not leaving this life to live in some mansion over in glory land, but we are leaving this life to be a part of a kingdom that is going to rule and reign over this earth and to wear a heavenly crown, something prepared by the Creator Himself. We will shed this earthly makeup one of these days and go into His presence to live where He has placed us. I will not have to sit at His feet: I will be glad to have whatever place He gives me. Everybody wants to sit at His feet in some big mansion. There would not be one large enough to hold all the people who think like that. There would not be enough stadiums to hold all those people. The thing about it is, His presence is going to overshadow this earth. That is the way we will rule and reign with Him. He just as well be next door to us, because His presence will be so near in that Millennium of time, that we will not be just sitting around longing to be by His side, because He even said to His disciples, I will be with you and in you unto the end. So brothers and sisters, we don’t have anything to fear, we don’t have anything to dread, even though there are things placed upon us at times that we cannot help, that we have to deal with, because we are in this flesh. Others that we love are in this body of flesh also. Sometimes it brings tears to your eyes. Sometimes it makes you wish it was all over, but we will wait. We will wait until He gets ready for us. We cannot hurry it, it was already planned from the foundation of the world, just like when your name was written in the book of life. When God saw that natural man would need a Savior, He also saw the ones that He would save, because of His foreknowlege. He placed your name there, then, in the book of life. Though we many times have gone in our own direction, we were part of this world, but somewhere down inside there was a longing, a dissatisfaction, that made you want to have something different. Many tried to satisfy it with different things. With some it was sports, others thought they could drink it away, with others it was different things. There will never be a sport adventure that can satisfy that thirst that is in the soul of man. There can never be a drink devised, like the 5-Hour Energy, that only lasts five hours, that can satisfy that need for God in a life. After that 5 hours, you are in need of that drink again. Jesus said, I will give you something that will last, something that will take you through all the way to the end. Then when the end comes, you just change places. I believe by the time that end comes, people are going to be walking so close to Him, that we will almost be like another move. When those thunders sound, they are going to sound to a particular people, not to the world. They will not be broadcast, or let me say, they will not be accepted by the world, I don’t know how far they will be broadcast. It will be for those that have ears to hear what the Spirit is saying, which will only be true bride saints. Therefore only those that have an understanding and a desire to know what is truth and where they are going, will hear the thunders . I will just simply say, we are on a journey, we cannot turn back. What would anyone turn back to? What is out there, that is appealing to a true saint? Can it be better than favor Him? If you think it can, you have missed it. What is better than living a life for Him? Our lives are just a vapor. I look back to a time when I was young, it is easy to look back. When I used to run the hills of Kentucky, walk down the lane from my mom and dad’s house to my uncle and aunt’s. We walked bare footed. In the summer time we would get under the shade trees, there was no air conditioning, no electricity, no piped in water. As I said, we had running water, especially in the winter time, you would run as fast as you could to the well, or to the spring and back. Now it is a lot different, and I would not want to go back to that. Those were good times though, because we did not know there was anything any better, anywhere. You did not have to worry about going out on the front porch or back porch, or going down the street, like you do today. Whether it be sinners or whether it would be righteous, you did not have to worry about that, because people had morals. Morality is a thing of the past. I was so proud of our group in Israel, that the guides could look and see a difference between us and most of the others. They would say things like, we have not had groups like yours. The thing about it was, when they saw that there were people there from different nations, it worried them, they wondered how they were going to take this. You had people from the Philippines, from South Africa, from Norway and the United States, all across the United States. They did not know how that was going to work out, but it did not take them very long to find out, because they were looking upon a people that loved one another. I know those South African people were so proud to be able to see the people from Faith Assembly and from other countries, that were willing to walk in favor with God. It was not just a put on thing. The only thing you want to put on is to put on Christ. He will take care of the rest of it, if we will put Him on first, everything else will work out according to the plan of God. Let us turn to the book of Revelation for a reference, I want to go to the 4th chapter. “After this I looked, and, behold, a door was opened in heaven; (Here John is, on the isle of Patmos, his experience is taking him somewhere he had never been before. He had already seen the glory of the Lord Jesus Christ in chapter 1. He had seen the purpose of Revelation. Right there in chapter 1,it gives you an outline of what Revelation is all about. A door was opened in heaven…) and the first voice which I heard was as it were of a trumpet talking with me; (A trumpet, that was a sound that was distinct. A trumpet does not make an uncertain sound. A trumpet makes a certain sound, other than other horns. The voice that is talking to him was a distinct sound, because it had the sound of a trumpet. This distinct sound he heard was talking with him. Think about it. It was not just talking to him: it was talking with him. That voice was going to tell him something.) which said, Come up hither, (In other words, John is on the isle of Patmos, whether in body or out of body, he is taken up. He could have left his body here. Because a door was opened in heaven, a type of when the Bride leaves here for the marriage supper. A voice said, come up hither…) and I will show thee things which must be hereafter.” So right here is his introduction into what is going to be hereafter. In other words, he is leaving this body to go into a place in which he has never been before. He has had the Holy Ghost for some sixty years. He has suffered on an island. He has been boiled in hot oil, but it did not cook him. Do you actually think that could happen? A similar thing happened to the three Hebrew children. They put them in a fiery furnace. They put Daniel in the lion’s den. The same one that protected Daniel is the One that protected the three Hebrew children, and is still alive, He is alive today. In Fox’s Book of Martyr’s, a young girl looked upon an elderly man, and watched him be stretched until his joints came out of his shoulders and his legs. Finally he recanted. A young girl, maybe sixteen or seventeen years old could look upon that man and say, thou fool, if you had waited one more minute. Because he expired of life. She was headed for the same fate, but the scripture gives us power over death. Sometimes death is the release of the body from the pain that should have been suffered, but no doubt that young girl suffered pain, but it was not the excruciating pain that this man had, because she had determination. God does not look on the outward appearance, He looks on the heart. That is why, with all of David’s mistakes, God could look upon him and say, I have found David, the son of Jesse, to be a man after my own heart. He made mistakes. He numbered Israel when he was not supposed to. But he took his punishment. Israel took a punishment for that, but he said, why could not it come upon me and my house. He was like no other king before him and no other king after him. He could always get in the dust and say, I am sorry. Notice, “And immediately I was in the Spirit; (See? Immediately, that does not mean that he did not have the Spirit already in him, but immediately he was in the Spirit, under an anointing. God took him away. As I talk about that, I have a slide that I want to talk about in a minute.) and, behold, a throne was set in heaven, and one sat on the throne. And He that sat was to look upon like a jasper and a sardine stone; and there was a rainbow round about the throne, in sight like unto an emerald.” That is God’s Shekinah glory. I will introduce you to my message now, what manmade crown did He have on? I will go a little further where the criticism will come in, where did the Bible ever say that the people will crown Christ Jesus? That is just an old hand-me-down statement from long ago. Get your concordance and look it up. “And round about the throne were four and twenty seats: and upon the seats I saw four and twenty elders sitting, clothed in white raiment; and they had on their heads crown of gold.” Heaven is not made of natural gold, but the crowns, He said, I will show you things to come, the crowns were like unto clear glass. “And out of the throne proceeded lightening and thundering and voices: and there were seven lamps of fire burning before the throne, which are the seven Spirits of God.” That is what God is made up of, His Spirit. When this world was created, it was by a sovereign Spirit. Humanity has made Him to be a man, but when you make Him to be a man, then you make creation to be a man’s work, but if you make Him to be a Creator, He is bigger than all of His creation. I am not talking about in size, I am talking about in Spirit. As Bro. Jackson said, they tried to make this thing a six day thing of six twenty four hour days in creation. But the world is still being created out there, and there are worlds (so to speak) that are dying, that have been there for hundreds and thousands of years, and now dying, I mean they have been dying that long. I saw some of these on the Hubble telescope. I heard a man on television the other day, talking about, out in Arizona, they have a telescope that is stronger than what the Hubble is. It is owned by the Catholic Church, and it is called Lucifer. (How appropriate!) They claim that Jesus was a child of an alien being that met up with Mary. Brothers and sisters, there is a lot that we don’t know, that is going on in this world. And a lot that I don’t care to know. Because to know all that, is not pleasurable, because it says in the book of Revelation, chapter 17, that this spirit comes up out of the earth, the devil. If that spirit comes up out of the earth, it is the devil, and the devil is what runs that supposed-to-be church system, as well as the rest of them. God knew all these things would be present, but when He made this thing, He had a plan and He knew that there would be a people that would care. It goes ahead to talk about the four beasts here, before the throne. “And before the throne there was a sea of glass like unto crystal: and in the midst of the throne, and round about the throne, were four beasts full of eyes before and behind.” John is seeing this. He is seeing the future here. He was seeing from the beginning, where he is now, from the first church age, which started in 54, because that is what this is dealing with. This is dealing from 96 on, when the Church was starting to go into decline. The first beast here in Revelation 6, announces the white horse rider. That is the first one, and when he sees it, he sees the very beginning, which had a bow but no arrows. In the beginning it was more mild, and it looked good. It was white, it was a beautiful white horse. He sees it, as he sees someone upon it, the rider had a bow but no arrows. They were getting ready for war. It would take it from there to the red horse, which represents war. You had to have the first before you could have the second, because there had to be a beast there, a horse that was going to be mild. It was going to be temperate, just like the last one is. This one was going to enter into the hearts of men, the things that cause man to fall. A hundred years after Christ was here on earth, they had already started to baptize in the name of the titles, the Father, Son, and Holy Ghost. That is the workings of the white horse rider. But when John sees it, there in 96, in the 2nd chapter of Revelation, he sees a church that is already beginning to lose their first love. All the churches he sees, all seven are existing in his time. As I went over that a few weeks back, about Laodicea, how the water came in from the sea, and it was shallow water, and it went over rocks and became lukewarm before it ever got into the city. It was all there in that first age, to represent the ages that are to come. We know that we are living in the Laodicea age today. If you don’t believe it, turn on the television and listen to those preachers, how they do away with the blood Jesus shed. They have all four horse riders, riding here in the end time. They will all come out together. But we know that there was four stages of those four horses, and today we live under the shadow of the last one, the pale horse, or the gray horse. What makes it gray? It is white and black hair mixed together, which would be the first age and the third age, mixed together to form the last age. That third horse rider rode all the way through from 500 to 1500 and on above that until you come to Laodicea. Then you have your gray horse rider that begins to ride. “And the first beast was like a lion, and the second beast like a calf, and the third beast had a face as a man, and the fourth beast was like a flying eagle.” Each one of these beast were present in the particular hour of time to counteract the affects of the horse riders in their hour. The black horse rider, when he was finishing his ride, (I will put it that way), when he was finishing his ride, then along came the Reformation, represented by the face of a man. They hit that Catholic thing. I remember Bro. Jackson talking about the Philadelphia age. He said that there was a man one day, that came to a bridge and he prayed under that bridge and said, Father, anybody that comes over this bridge today, let conviction come upon them. Every one that came across that bridge that day, fell on their knees before they got across it, because there was an open door. That church door is closed today, because Jesus said, behold, I stand at the door and knock, he that hath an ear, let him open the door, and I will come in to him, individually, I will come in to him and he to me. What I am trying to say is something that we can all understand, something to shape our lives by, and forget about the denominational world of religion, forget about what we would hear when someone is trying to smooth over everything. The last one was like unto a flying eagle. “And the four beasts had each of them six wings about him; and they were full of eyes within: and they rest not day and night, saying, Holy, holy, holy, Lord God Almighty, which was, and is, and is to come.” That is why you have dreams, many times showing you what would come. A dream, if it comes to pass, is the same as a vision. That is what Daniel called a night vision. Whenever he was asleep and God showed him something that really happened, it was not because he ate the wrong thing. It was because God was dealing with him, that he could see things from that time, because he was told, close the book, because this is going to be seen at the end time. And when those beasts give glory and honor and thanks to Hin that sat on the throne, who liveth for ever and ever.” Whenever the beast, which is the Church of the living God, because this was people that made up these four beasts, each with a ministry that God ordained to be preached to them, and to bring them truth for that hour, just like it was with the face of a man. That was Wesley, and Luther and those different ones. People mocked them, people scoffed at them, but now we sit them on a pedestal, because we know that they brought forth a truth on the road to restoring the truth the first age Church held. The Methodist Church sat John Wesley on a pedestal, but they don’t live the holy life he taught. No, they have already gone back to mama, the mama of Revelation , chapter 17. they burn their candles and observe their rituals. It is surprising that they do not go so far as to pray the rosary, maybe some of them do. Preachers began to wear robes to preach, and they began to have their collars turned around. Because they did not want to disturb anybody, look at me, I am pious. Men with long dresses on, sissies, they would not tell you the truth no matter what. They are just like mama, she was the one that started wearing robes and the collars turned around. The four and twenty elders fell down before Him that sat on the throne, and worshiped Him, and cast their crowns before the throne, did they have manmade crowns? Was that what John saw in heaven? This is showing what Jesus will be. Will He wear a manmade crown on earth? Read Ezekiel 44, 45, and 46. You will see that natural Jerusalem there, and you will see a Jewish prince that is over that natural Jerusalem. But then there is a heavenly Jerusalem, which we will be a part of. Bro. Jackson was asked the question, will we eat in heaven? He said, you can, or you cannot, it will not make any difference. Jesus ate before His disciples, but He did not have to have food to eat. What I want you to see, is that the Bride’s rulership is going to be over the entire earth, so they are not going to be just sitting in one certain place. We have to get our thinking out of that little box that we have grown up with. Everything you see the Bride to be in that heavenly Jerusalem, is something that God has planned for His Bride, that He could not express any better unto us as men and women, so He said there is a street of gold. There are no streets, but that is a heavenly street. Of course John Haggee and men like him, will say there is going to be fifteen hundred mile square city that is going to be sitting over Jerusalem some place. Where is this going to get its sunlight. No, that is the Bride’s rulership. “Thou art worthy, O Lord, to receive glory and honor and power: for thou hast created all things, and for thy pleasure they are and were created.” For thy pleasure, they are and were created for His pleasure, but man has messed it all up. The animal kingdom did not make this world to be what it is, even though Al Gore says there are too many cows on earth. So somebody caught him eating a hamburger, and he said, with my health I have to have meat once a week. Always got an excuse for their ignorance. Bro. William Branham said, before the end comes, this nation would be run by people that were insane. Insanity runs Washington today, the whole Senate, Congress and president, everything else. They cannot make up their minds to do anything except spend money we have to borrow. Now they are taking it away from the seniors. Right now two thirds of the cancer centers will not take patients that are on medicare. You have to go to a hospital. I wonder how long that will be? Why? To fund Obama-care. There is a time coming when there will be a righteous kingdom and you will not need Medicare. You will not need all these things that are needed now. Because the Righteous One, who deserves it, will be sitting there, and it will change the bloody lamb, that you see in Revelation chapter 5, it will change from that, to the One whose right it is to rule, which will be the Lion of the tribe of Judah. That will be for one thousand years. After that is over, then the kingdom will be turned back over to God, who gave it. Jesus Christ will become our elder brother, but we will never become mortals again. Mortality is swallowed up in victory. I did not receive these things from college. I did not receive these things from some preacher on television. If you believe me, I received what I present to you from God. I want us to see where we are going and what we are going to be like when we get there, not just going to a fancy land that nothing really exists, except people floating around on a cloud, eating cotton candy. We are going to a real kingdom, but before we get there, we are going to be changed, in a moment. Bro. Pixley, you will have two good eyes, I believe that with all my heart, because that man is doing everything he can to live for God, him and his wife, otherwise neither of them would be here. I look at my brothers and sisters. Bro. Adams, you have gone through enough to kill ten men. But he can still walk around in a tour to Israel. I tell you the truth, I was a bit worried when I found out he was going. Brother, you were a blessing to go. You take whenever you walk four to six miles a day and you never walk on even ground, you are walking up hill or down hill. Sometimes that down hill is harder than the uphill. When we walked from the Mt. of Olives down to the road, as you go to the eastern gate, as we walked where Jesus walked on Psalm Sunday, that was steep. A little man walking up and down there, could hardly walk, crippled, begging. Jerusalem is going to be a righteous place, a holy place. It is going to be a place for the Jewish nation to be able to govern. But they will have a natural prince over them, and he will have princes, which are his sons. It tells you that in Ezekiel 44 thru 46. But Jesus Christ is going to be over the whole thing, and He is not going to be wearing a manmade crown. Who is going to make such a crown as people have talked about? Who is fit to make His crown? When you see Him, you will know Him by the beauty of what He is. He will be crowned alright, but it will be a crown of glory, which the righteous Judge will give, and He will give to each one of you a crown of glory. The Bible speaks of it, over and over and over again. We are going to go through that. We are going to see all that our Father has prepared for us.

4-14-13 AM

I realize we are on a subject that can be controversial with some people, just as it has been with some of the scriptures that we have dealt with in times past, I don’t do anything purposely to provoke anyone, it just turns out to be that way at times. I do those things in answer to questions that have been asked of me. A question was presented to me, and there was a subject that came to my mind, so I thought I would deal with. It opens up things to me also. It is not something that I have looked for, or thought about through the years, except just certain things about it. But as you look into it, there is more to it than what was originally thought. I know, according to tradition, which some of us have learned, being in the denominational world of religion, these things just kind of get inbred into our mind’s to where we sometimes sing them, quote them, when there is no scriptural background for it. Those things are a result of a thought that has been put into our minds in earlier years, I feel that we need to deal with it and adjust to it, because it is a part of the Bride people for this hour, and others are not going to understand it anyway. Many of you have heard Bro. William Branham say, and others have heard Bro. Jackson talk about the book of Revelation, that to the world it is just a mess, but to us that are Bride people, it is an understanding in the end time, of our inheritance, because when John was taken up in the Spirit in the 4th chapter, he saw things that were, and also things that were to come later, and the things that would be later on, that would actually be happening, with those that would be a part of the Bride people here at the end time. We have always heard about the marriage supper, but we placed it in a place where we would be eating for seven years. However when you read Revelation, chapter 3, along around verse 20 and so on, you see that Jesus said, he that opens the door, I will come in unto him and sup with him, and he with me, we will sup together. This was a tradition in old times, that when people got together, there was some little something to eat, always something to drink. I remember growing up when they talked about supping, that was coffee. They would pour it into a cup, then into a saucer, then they would sup it out of the saucer. You hardly ever see a saucer anymore, but it used to be a part of coffee drinking. Maybe there would be a few cookies to enjoy while you had fellowship. This was all drawn around fellowship, because at that time people had time to sit down and talk. Of course now, it seems like our time is all filled up with other things. I remember when people used to be going to the field to work, maybe they would have to go down a dirt or gravel road, like we lived on when I was growing up. They would meet a neighbor and sit there and talk. Sometimes they would talk long enough that one would say, well it is dinner time now: they did not call it lunch: they called it dinner. Lunch is a modern day word. Lunch was not something I heard of until I was grown up. It was dinner, then supper. I guess I never did hear the Lord’s supper called dinner. It was always the Lord’s supper. Of course some churches take it in the morning any more, which it could not rightly be called supper at all. I am just going on with you here this morning to get your attention, and to think about what we are dealing with. We live in such an hour, the church world is fast slipping away. They have already turned away from truth unto fables. If you are here today and belong to a church, I am not speaking against you, it is the systems that are leading people astray, that I am referring to. There are just not very many preachers on earth any more, that want to deal with something like that, it is a compromise, because they are afraid they will lose their congregation, or lose their job. I don’t have any congregation today, I have brothers and sisters of like faith. This is who I am talking to this morning. Because a man who has a congregation, where is God in that picture? God’s place was in the congregation of the people when they came out of Egypt. They did call it a congregation then, but it was a congregation that had one belief. The others that had another belief, were the ones swallowed up. Some thought, well Moses thinks he knows it all, but it was Moses that God had called for the purpose of getting the people out of Egypt, because there was no other leader that did that, no other leader out of two million people that really was taking the children of Israel to the promised land, They had not even tried. Then, when they got across the Red Sea and into the wilderness, then there were all these men that raised up, thinking they knew more than Moses. If he would have listened to a lot of them, he would have taken them back to Egypt. We are not going back where we came from. I know a lot of young people here, have never known anything about denominationalism, but denominationalism is something that has drawn people away from the Word of God right on through the years. It has not allowed them to enjoy the blessings that God has in His Word for true believers. Thank God, we do have truth today; and the Spirit of truth will keep revealing it to us until this Gentile age closes out. For me to stand here and deny it, I would be a liar. Because I do know truth, I have been taught truth. God has revealed truth to us. Without a revelation of the things that are being taught, or the things that have been taught, then we can never progress. But the progression comes from understanding, and understanding comes from understanding the revealed Word of God and the will of God. That is why my subject came with a question, We Shall Crown Him? That is a question, because this has been taught all through the ages, but we cannot find it in the scripture. When you look at Revelation 21 and 22, He is sitting upon a throne. That throne is going to be something that is going to be over mankind here on earth. It still makes Jesus to be King. When you look into the 44th, 45th, and 46th chapters of Ezekiel, there is a prince, not a king, a prince that is over the Israeli people. This prince carries out the will of God for the people. He is the one that makes the offerings. I know some of the versions of the Bible call him the high priest. Of course when I taught what I did, then I got in trouble with some people, but I just simply say to you, What I taught is from the Bible. When I said that, I realize, that when you look at different versions of the Bible, it will call him a high priest. The King James Bible calls him the prince, which is alright with me, because he still makes up the offerings for the people, for the priesthood. He is over the duties of the priesthood. He is the one, as you go into the 45th and 46th chapter, that offers up the sacrifices for the people there in Jerusalem. Of course you see where the glory of God entered into the temple, but the glory of God entered into the temple when it was first built. It also entered into the badger skins there in the sanctuary, when it was placed there in the desert. That presence will be there again to some men that will be ministering for the Lord. The Bible says that Jesus will be King of kings and Lord of lords, and nobody else can take that Kingship away from Him. It does not necessarily mean He is going to be sitting on some throne somewhere made by man. He will be there when needed. So will you. You will be there when needed. But the Bible also says that we shall be as the angels of God in heaven. Three angels met Abraham, and when they met Abraham, they just appeared to him. They walked a dusty road to meet him. They sat under the oak tree to eat with him. Then two of them leave the scene there, and go to Sodom, and I don’t believe they walked all the way to Sodom. I believe they were carried from Mamre there, where Abraham was, to Sodom, just like Philip was taken from where he was when he was in Gaza, unto a city, he was caught up out of the sight of the eunuch. Our rulership is going to be like that of the angels: we can appear wherever and whenever needed, and we can disappear when not needed. Also, I was talking to Bro. David yesterday about hearing Bro. Jackson say at least one time, but Bro. David said, that when he was a little boy, he had asked Bro. Jackson, will we eat when we are raptured, will we eat after that? He told him, you can eat, but you will not have to, you eat for fellowship, but as an angel you will not have to eat to sustain yourself. Those angels that ate with Abraham, did not eat because they were hungry. One of them, Abraham called Lord, because he recognized he was more of a representative of God than the other two were. They all sat there and ate with Abraham. They even waited until he fixed it. They were not in a big hurry, they waited until he fixed the food. He roasted a lamb. We don’t have to roast a lamb today, we have a Lamb. When John saw Him, he looked and saw somebody different. He saw the appearance of one that was different. He saw something about Him and said, behold the Lamb of God. Look, this is the Lamb of God that takes away the sin of the world. His sacrifice was sufficient for the world, but only effective for those that believe and accept Him. So I am saying today, that the Bride people will be there when needed to make decisions, because it said we will be kings and priests. When there is a problem to be solved, it is going to be among mortals, but when they are not able to solve it, then it is going to be left up to Bride people to do so. We heard the song, I thought it was a pretty song when I was growing up, Lord, build me a cabin in the corner of glory land. We have heard about mansions all our lives, build my mansion next door to Jesus. It is a beautiful song, but think about it: is any of that kind of thinking really true? His presence is going to fill the earth. The knowledge of the Lord will fill the earth as the waters do the sea. Every Bride person is going to have that knowledge of the Lord Jesus Christ. I know, sometimes these things get pretty deep. It says He will wear many crowns. Does He have a lot of crowns upon His head? Look at Him in Revelation, chapter 4. Look at Him in chapter 1, when He appears. That means He is King of the earth. Sure, the Bible says He will sit upon the throne of David. Does that mean He is going to be sitting in Jerusalem all the time? It is a far greater throne than what David had, but it is a representative of that throne which was in Israel. There will be nobody take His place. It means that nobody takes His place while we are here on earth. Nobody, no religious belief. I am not looking for a mansion, I am looking for a kingdom where it will be ruled in righteousness. Think of it: the bride is going to be over subjects. After the thousand years is over, then the kingdom will be turned back over to God for Him to rule and reign. He gives Jesus that opportunity because of what He did at Golgotha, and then, for two thousand years He has been sitting there as our intercessor, lifted up. I want to go back to that scene of the throne, as we place it here, because what we see, is the Shekinah glory inhabiting the throne. Jesus, being the Lamb of God, John saw Him and said, behold the Lamb of God that takes away the sin of the world. There on the mercy seat, is where He has been for two thousand years, interceding for us, because we needed it, and we still do need it. But one of these days, before very long that chapter is going to be closed. The scroll is going to be opened, and intercession will be closed then, there will be nobody else saved. So it is important that we do what we know to do now. It makes me happy to know that one of these days before long there is going to be a change come, a change to this body. Will there be a change to my thinking? Brothers and sisters, we should be Holy Ghost thinkers now. Paul said, now we look through a glass darkly. That is looking at the other side. That is not looking at the Word of God. We have a shadowy view of what it will really be, but we don’t have a shadowy view of the Word of God. What did He say in Revelation chapter 3, open the door, I will come in and we will sup together. What is that fellowship for? It is for understanding. I know the thought of some, that I am going off the deep end. But this thing is too big for us to just sit in one place all the time. If you are going to be as the angels are, they don’t stay in one place all the time. Gabriel appeared to Daniel, then he appeared to Mary. Michael appeared to Daniel, then he will appear in Revelation 12. The power that they had did not fade away. What did Gabriel do when he talked to Mary? He gave her instructions. This is what is going to happen to you. These poor creatures today that call themselves preachers on television, talk about how that angels pressed themselves into human bodies and they had children with the daughters of men. I wonder why it just happened one time? They did not look at the scriptures at all. They were looking at the sons of God, thinking they were angels, when it tells you that Adam was the son of God. It comes right on down the line. It comes all the way down to Joseph and it goes back, all the way back to Adam, which says he was the son of God. The sons of God, which were those of Adam’s race, looked upon the daughters of Cain, which were the daughters of men, soulish people. Sure, they could build organs, they could build instruments of music. They could build cities, they could build buildings. They could plant vineyards, but they were not sons of God. When Cain walked out of the presence of God and went into Nod, there was never any dealing with them. Century after century of time, for sixteen hundred years, God never did deal with them. But fifteen hundred years later, God looked upon a little man named Noah and said, prepare yourself, you are going to build an ark for the saving of your house. Today we are working on that ark, which is the Word of God, because it is going to deliver us out of this present world into the presence of God. There are so many songs that deal with just flesh. That little baby that dies, they say, Jesus has a rocking chair. Those poor souls. They think He is up there rocking a bunch of babies. The Bible tells me He is sitting on the right hand of God, making intercession for you and me. I need it. I will agree with one song, the words of it, I need Him more today than I did yesterday. Every day I need Him a little more. We are going to go into Ezekiel 44, 45, and 46 for a lesson, because we are going to see who rules Jerusalem. We are going to see who sits in the gate. Everybody that goes into that temple area, if they go in from the north, they have to leave from the south. In other words, they leave their offering there. They offer their offering there and they go out another way because they are not to be what they were when they came in, even in the Millennium. Only the prince, or the high priest, whatever you want to call him, only he goes back out the gate he came in. Chapter 44, “Then he brought me back the way of the gate of the outward sanctuary which looketh toward the east; and it was shut.” It is shut today, concreted. The Turks concreted it shut, knowing that there was scripture that led to where He would come back the same way He left, that He would come back into that eastern gate. God don’t need any gate to go through. He don’t need a wall to go through because He is everywhere. It is the prince that goes in the gate. “Then said the Lord unto me; This gate shall be shut, it shall not be opened, and no man shall enter in by it; because the Lord, the God of Israel, hath entered in by it, therefore it shall be shut.” It shall be shut until that time. “It is for the prince; (You say well that prince is Jesus. How could that prince be Jesus, when it plainly says that this prince has children, in chapter 46, sons?) the prince, he shall sit in it to eat bread before the Lord; he shall enter by the way of the porch of that gate, and shall go out by the way of the same.” He is the only one that can do that. It shall be opened for him. God don’t need a gate closed, or He don’t need one shut, because He is the King of the earth, that created this whole thing. “Then brought he me the way of the north gate before the house: and I looked, and, behold, the glory of the Lord filled the house of the Lord.” The glory of the Lord filled the house. Do you think you can box God into a little house, into a sanctuary, or a manmade building? It is His glory. Let me tell you what kind of crown that you will have. 1st Corinthians 9:25 says we will have an incorruptible crown. Let us read that. Let us start in verse 24. “Know ye not that they which run in a race run all, but one receiveth the prize? So run, that ye may obtain. And every man that striveth for the mastery is temperate in all things. Now they do it to obtain a corruptible crown; but we an incorruptible.” If you are just going to wear a gold crown on your head, it is corruptible, because it said they have a corruptible crown. Every man that striveth for the mastery is temperate in all things. They do it to obtain a corruptible crown, but we an incorruptible.