The Gifts and Callings of God, Part 2

Rev. James Allen
Rev. James C. Allen

My subject is the gifts and calling of God are without repentance. God does not make mistakes. It is we mortals that make mistakes, not God. He said it would rain upon the just and upon the unjust. We know the rain can bring forth many things. It brings forth growth. The Bible tells us to grow in grace and in the knowledge of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. If we do that, we are going to see things happen in our lives that are unexpected. I felt in dealing with these gifts, to let each one know there is a calling upon your life, that is upon all true saints. We are not just to be wall flowers, we are to be someone God can use in a time like this. In just a few days we will be into the sixth month of this year, time is passing. If we do not watch, time will pass us by and we will see very little accomplished in our life. I am not talking about growing by leaps and bounds. I am talking about growth, because growth does not happen in one day. Your experience with Christ is the greatest experience that you will ever experience in this life. All these other things, the gifts and all, are added things that come with the Spirit of God. I have felt, in this message, to deal with the ministry because, when we get into some of the gifts, especially the gifts of healings and things, I want to look at that in the Word, the way the Word brings it out. It does say the gifts of healing. Jesus did not just have a pattern He went by every time He healed someone. There were many different ways He healed people. Some, the Bible says He cured. You do not cure something in a day. Sometimes the curing process takes a toll on us if we do not watch, because we get to where we doubt. The man that Bro. William Branham prayed for that could not see, he prayed for that man, and he began to testify to everybody that he was healed. That is what he was told to do. He could not see yet, but he believed, and told everybody he was healed. Finally three weeks after that, he was sitting in a barber’s chair. The barber kind of made light of it, you say you are healed, but of course the man still could not see. He told the barber, yes, I am healed. The barber made light of it, but while he was cutting his hair, his sight came to him. He jumped up and ran out of the place, yelling and telling everyone. The barber was running after him with his razor still in his hand, because it so scared him, that he did not know what he was doing. He was not running after him to do something tohim: he had the lather on him, getting ready to shave him, so the man ran down the street with the lather on his face and the barber running after him. It reminds me of something Bro. Lau told years ago. A man came to their house, who was a Jehovah’s Witness. He came in and sat down. Bro. Lau sat and listened to him for a little while. The man had taken his hat off while sitting there, just being polite. After Bro. Lau listened to him awhile he asked, have you been born again? That scared the man so bad he jumped up and ran down the street. Bro. Lau was running after him, trying to give him his hat back. These are in some ways comical, but it is the way God does things. God has a pattern for the way He does things, and sometimes it is not the way we would do it, because it will be better when He does it, better than we could ever plan. What a mighty God we serve. What He has done before, like the Bible says in Hebrews 13:8, Jesus Christ the same yesterday, today, and forever. He never changes. What I want to get out of this, and what I want each individual to get out of this, is something that is going to help you, something that is going to be an answer for somebody somewhere, because there are people here that God wants to share gifts with. He wants to talk to you in that way. It will not be something foolish. It will be something that can edify, just like in Paul’s time. When you read the 12th chapter of 1st Corinthians, where he said, you were carried away with these dumb idols; he was not talking about the gifts, he was talking about the idols they worshiped before believing the Word of God. He was trying to introduce them to the Spirit of God. That is our introduction now, in this hour, introducing us to the Spirit of God, how He desires to work in His body. It is a body. Everybody is not a limb. It is not just one facet of the body, but we are put together in our physical body with all kinds of ligaments, nerves and all such. Your nerves are important. I am not talking about the nervous system, I am talking about the nerves in your body, because they are telling you when something is wrong. They claim you have over a million miles of blood veins in your body. Nobody could have made up something like that. It did not just happen, that was all a specific design. The scientists that think they have the answer to everything, really have no answer. David, when he looked at it, he said I am wonderfully made, marvelously and wonderfully made. God knew my parts, and your parts. Well I now want to get back to what I have been on, concerning the ministry and all. Let us go back into the book of Romans, 11th chapter, 29th verse, but I will start reading in verse 26. “And so all Israel shall be saved: as it is written, There shall come out of Zion the Deliverer, and shall turn away ungodliness from Jacob. For this is my covenant unto them, when I shall take away their sins. As concerning the gospel, they are enemies, for your sakes: (For the Gentiles’ sakes, that is what he is talking about. They were enemies, because God was not going to deal with Jew and Gentile at the same time. We realize, that in the beginning of the gospel, the hearers were Jews. But by the time we come to 54 A.D. Paul has said at Ephesus, seeing that you do not desire the gospel, (these are my own words), I turn to the Gentiles. So this is what he did and that is when the Church ages started. You have an overlap there. That is why, in the end time, as we near the end, there will be a little overlap of the Jews and the Gentile Church. I am talking about Bride people. Bro. Jackson taught this, that there would be a little overlap, so the rapture of the bride would be after the 70th week of Daniel opens up for the purpose of dealing with the Jews . As concerning the gospel, they are enemies, for your sakes…) but as touching the election, they are beloved for the fathers’ sake. For the gifts and calling of God are without repentance.” Of course he was talking of the Jews there. I realize that, but this did not only just apply to Gentiles. If God ever called someone, that is one thing, but it is a dangerous thing to take it upon ourselves to minister God’s Word without His call upon us into the ministry. It really is a dangerous thing, for someone to just get in there on their own without His call. You are getting into fire. The thing about it is, when I say fire, I am talking about going beyond what God has called you to do, or to be. The gifts and calling of God are without repentance, God does not take it back, once He has called someone to do something. It says the gifts and calling of God, some have thought this was the calling upon somebody that had not repented, but it says the gifts and calling of God are without repentance. In other words, God does not ever change His mind. There is a responsibility that lays there. It may be a struggle with some for a time, but it eventually settles down, and that person, or persons, will realize that somewhere up ahead God has a ministry for them. God will not speak to everyone the same way. As I look at the gifts of healing, everybody will not have the same gift in the healing ministry. Some may do it one way, some another way. When you see Paul in his ministry, and then you see Peter’s ministry. Peter walked down the street in Jerusalem. Just his shadow overshadowing the people caused them to be healed, why? It was not his shadow that caused the healing, it was faith that had built up in the people, to where they believed, if Peter would just walk by, I know I would receive my healing. The woman that was healed by touching the hem of Jesus’ garment as He was going to pray for a certain ruler’s daughter. She was healed by her faith, not some power in His garment. The woman was healed, and it does not even give her name. It did identify the ruler’s daughter, it gives his name, but it does not give her name. This is one of the biggest healings in a way, that happened in Jesus’ ministry, because it was on her part. She had said, if I can just touch the hem of His garment, I know I will be made whole. She stooped to reach the bottom part of His garment because she did not feel she had a right to approach Him. But she knew that something would happen. When we get our lives in the center of God’s will, when the Church gets itself in the center of God’s will, she will soon be gone. I am not talking about that very day or very night. I am talking about when she gets into that, then God is going to withdraw, that is the scripture I am fixing to talk about, God is going to withdraw His Spirit from this Gentile world and there will never be another one healed. I know this will not satisfy the denominational world of religion, because they will preach there is healing all the way through the tribulation, or there is salvation. That is not right. When Jesus leaves the mercy seat, there will be no more of anything but judgment for unregenerate Gentiles. That is why He has been seated there all these years since His ascension, to show mercy where mercy was sought the right way, in salvation and deliverance from Satan’s clutches. Actually, salvation is deliverance. I was looking at this the other day, and this is the first time I ever looked at it in that way. The denominational world of religion, the Pentecostal’s the world over, always emphasize speaking in tongues. They push that. Preachers feel like they get anointed when they speak in tongues, but that is the tail end of the gifts; and the devil takes advantage of the fact that they place so much importance on that. Tongues is the last one Paul spoke about. Healings, miracles, wisdom, knowledge, read the 12th chapter. It takes two gifts for the speaking of tongues, first speaking in tongues, and then the interpretation, which will wind up to be prophecy. Paul was very sure about what he was talking about. He did not make a mistake when he was talking about this. I am not finding fault with this. If you think I am, then you are wrong. Paul said, I would that you all speak in tongues, but rather that you prophesied. He said just speaking in tongues, does not edified anyone except it be interpreted. So the gift of tongues is to be used, but what about the gift of healing? What about the gift of prophecy? What about the gift of miracles? All these are gifts, but he starts out with the gifts like wisdom. That is a gift. Knowledge is a gift. We will get into that later. This is all given by the Holy Ghost, by the same Spirit, they are all ministered, every one of them. The thing about it is, people that have that gift, of any of this, will be used in these last days of time. What did it say in Joel? Then Peter picked it up. Some might think that was for the day of Pentecost. That was after Pentecost that he picked it up. Pentecost had already happened. It might have been the same day, but it was after. He explains it, after he said this is that. Now I will go to the scripture in 2nd Thessalonians. We live in a dangerous hour at this time, spiritually, because there are so many voices. These voices are making uncertain sounds. Now I am back on the ministry again. Chapter 2, “Now we beseech you, brethren, (Brethren, he is not talking to somebody out here that is an unbeliever, or make-believer.) by the coming of our Lord Jesus Christ, and by our gathering together unto him, (he is speaking of the rapture here,) That ye be not soon shaken in mind, (There had to be a cause.) or be troubled, neither by spirit, (That is talking of your mental capabilities, that is not talking about the Spirit of God.) nor by word, (He is talking about listening to strange voices, voices that have nothing to do with the Spirit of God.) nor by letter as from us.” As from us, don’t you think that there were people back then, that just lived to deceive, this is what Paul said, this is what Peter said. That is what they ran to Jerusalem about. All these people running to Jerusalem, telling about Paul, saying, he is preaching against the Law. We know he was not preaching against the Law. He was just telling them that grace brought an end to trying to keep the letter of the Law. Keeping the Law will not bring you salvation in this grace age. The only way the Law can save you, if you keep every word of it, and nobody ever could do that. At one time the Law served a purpose. You observed days, you observed months, you observed years. You observed the Sabbath. You killed your sacrifices. That was the Law, that was what the Jewish people were required to do. I remember Bro. Jackson talking about it one time. He said the Jews would get so mad at one another, oh I could just kill that person. But if they did not do it, they had not broken the Law. That made me think. It will probably make you think. As long as they did not put their words into action, they were pretty safe. They could think about it, but if they did not do it, they had not broken the Law that says, Thou shalt not kill, but Jesus, when He came along, said, if you have ought against your brother. That changes things. That changes what their thinking was to be like. “Let no man deceive you by any means: for that day shall not come, except there come a falling away first.” I mentioned about the falling away of your church bodies, how they used to live, even women that did not go to church knew how to dress decently. I thank God for my spiritual sisters. There are sisters you never have to say another word to concerning clothing. There are brothers that you never have to say anything to about clothing because it is inside them to dress right. When Bro. Bud or I say something, we are not speaking to everybody, because, when the gospel message gets inside us to the point that nothing bothers us in this world, we are not going to change for anybody or anything. You no longer have to get before a mirror and look to see if you are dressed right, you dressed right when you got out of bed. Maybe I should not say this, but if you have a question, is this too short? Then it is too short. Or it is too tight. We are living in the end time. We are living here at the closing out. I just use this as an example, I do not want you to take it any further than that. I have traveled around the world with Bro. Steve and Sis. Elsie. We have probably traveled a hundred thousand miles by plane. Never one time was I ashamed of my sister and how she dressed, or my brother and how he dressed. Exampleship in this hour is worth more than what our testimony by speaking is. “And now ye know what withholdeth that he might be revealed in his time.” I just went over verse 7, so let us go to verse 8. “And then shall that Wicked be revealed, whom the Lord shall consume with the spirit of his mouth.” With the spirit of his mouth, Revelation 19, says the sword of the spirit. Just like a breath, that is what it is. I do not want to be on the wrong side. I do not want to be on the other side when they are singing the song, “When the Saints go marching in,” O Lord I want to be in that number, when the Saints go marching in. When they gather around that throne, I want to be there. There are people listening, I know there are, because they tell me they are. Sis. Doris sings the song, Tell Me His Name Again. They say this happened in Africa, where the song came from. When there was a woman that heard the good news, but she forgot the name Jesus. She forgot the name of the Lord Jesus. It was the first time she had ever heard anything like that. She forgot the name and ran up to somebody and said, Oh tell me His name again, tell me His name again. I also want to hear His name again, from lips that know what they are talking about. This is what excites me. I am excited inside right now, it may not show, but I am. That precious name of the Lord Jesus Christ will deliver you out of a lot of things. When you think that people could go either way, then you see it settle with a steadiness in the heart’s and mind’s of people who have said Yes Lord, Yes Lord. People have said, I have had a lot of trouble with people calling me, talking to me, trying to influence me. Bro. Steve said, I never did have any trouble with that, because they all knew where I stand. We are not teeter-totters, sitting on something, when one time it is up, and another time it is down. I serve a risen Saviour, He is in our life today. We know where we are. We know where we are; and we know where we are going, because we do not see any change. If you are going to go to work, and you are working outside, you may look at the weather to see what the weather is going to be, but when you are looking at the gospel, you have to be aware that there are winds of doctrines. That is how the Bible talks about it, winds, because you never know which way they are going to blow. That is why we everyone must know exactly where we stand spiritually. I was advised in 2008, before our fall meetings, that there were a bunch of preachers coming, that were going to debate me. I said, there will be no debate. There will be no debate about what I preach. Some may say, Well Bro. Allen, maybe you should have listened to them. I did not have anything to listen to, I knew where I was standing, so there was nothing to debate about. I allow only the Spirit of God to show me what to preach. Maybe you think I am just hard headed. You can call it anything you want, but it was God that called me to preach, and I depend upon Him to let me know what to preach: not a bunch of preachers that want to come in here and take over everything. Well I had better get back to one more scripture before I close this session. It is 2nd Corinthians. A few years ago, some time after all this happened, there was a young man that came to me and told me he did not agree with what I had to say. I just let it go. Two weeks later he came back again and said, the way you are preaching is not the way Bro. Jackson preached it. I did not say anything, but I told Bro. Bud, this will not happen again. I did not have time, because he was gone. 2nd Corinthians 5:19-20. “To wit, that God was in Christ, reconciling the world unto Himself, not imputing their trespasses unto them; and hath committed unto us the word of reconciliation. Now then we are ambassadors for Christ, (An ambassador for Christ, not an ambassador for himself. Ambassadors for who? Some church? For some system? Or somebody’s thinking? Or from some splinter group of something? No…) as though God did beseech you by us: (Look what it puts the ministry into. We are not representing ourselves.) we pray you in Christ’s stead.” Just as though He were here, that is how important the truth is, and how solid the true ministry has to be. If we are preaching by the Spirit of God, it is as though Christ were here in person. That got to me. That one verse speaks more than any man’s words today ever could. Enough that I want to read it again. Now we are ambassadors for Christ, as though God did beseech you by us, Paul is not talking just about himself. He is talking about the ministry called of God, ambassadors for Christ. We pray you in Christ’s stead, or instead of Christ, as though He were standing here with His own instructions. The revelation is not mine. The ministry is not mine. As I said this morning, I am not trying to set myself up on a pedestal where I can come out like the old Catholic priests did, come out and never talk to anybody. The only time he ever did was on Friday night when they came in to confess their sins to him. He used that against them. I remember one person that used to be a Catholic. He is dead now. He went to confession when he was a boy. He told the priest, I don’t have anything to confess, there is nothing wrong that I have done. The priest told him, you go back and think. He went back and thought again. He came back, and by that time the old priest was mad, because he could not think of anything to confess to him. I would rather talk to some clod hopper out somewhere plowing in a field. If you have something to confess, confess it to the Lord, not some earthly person. I better stop for now: I appreciate everyone of you.

6-1-14 AM

When I started this message, there were some things I did not altogether understand. I still don’t. But laying in bed this morning, just before I got up, I began to think about the first two things that are mentioned there as far as gifts are concerned. To me, they are probably the highlight of all the gifts. It starts off with wisdom and then the gift of knowledge. I remember Bro. William Branham saying as he was speaking of the gifts, he said to him the greatest gift was wisdom to know that your soul was saved. We know there is more to it than that in the gift of wisdom, because there is some understanding that goes along with it, of what the gift really is. We put more emphasis upon the ones that are more open, or that are visible, than we do the ones that are unseen. The thing about it is, when Paul talks about it, he said the ones we many times put less emphasis upon, they are the ones that we really benefit by. I would have to read it to tell you the exact words, the thing about it is, when you depend upon the Lord for an answer, when you go through something and you depend upon Him, the answer does not always come out the way the denominational church world puts it. That is because the denominational church world has nothing to do in this. I just look at things that are happening, and it opens up a lot to me. I had a sister-in-law, she and my brother had been in the Methodist church for seventy years, and better than forty years of that, he had pastored in the Methodist Church. Then when he got to age sixty seven, they did not need him anymore. He had his doctors degree and everything, but they more or less just turned him out to pasture. He lived in Louisville and went to service on Sunday morning. That is all they had. He died in 2010 and his wife, still living. She died back in January. I have to put the blame of a lot of it upon the Methodist Church, because they saw it was going to be a problem for them to take care of her, both of them were in Methodist home, I am talking about a rest home, that is what type it was. They put her out and said they could no longer take care of her. When they put her out, they put her where she would not be close to her grandchildren which took care of her. It made a hardship on them. The reason I say that, is, you see the different decisions that are being made. In 1994, the Southern Baptists, I found this out lately, made a deal with the pope. As far as I am concerned, the Methodist Church is as close to Catholicism as you can get without calling yourself that, just like the Lutherans. The Lutherans have already signed up with them. I guess the Methodists are just waiting their day and that is where the image of the beast comes in. Of course this has nothing to do with what I am preaching on, but we see things closing in around us real fast, to where the world of religion is no more than a lodge. It is no more than the Masons. Some people may not like me saying that, but the Masons are a religious organization, just not a Christian organization. I know people that used to belong to that, but they could no longer take it, knowing what it was. Of course there are certain material advantages in being a Mason, I know that from working at Ford, if you were in the union and were looking for a job in maintenance, if you were a Mason, then you got it, if you were not, you did not get it. It is a thing that is going on today. This homosexual thing that is affecting so many families, it is turning their hearts over. It is just turning their hearts away from even thinking right. There are two scriptures that point out the day and hour in which we live. I will read them just as a form of reference, before I go on. I want to read 2nd Timothy chapter 4, verse 1. “I charge thee therefore before God, and the Lord Jesus Christ, who shall judge the quick and the dead at his appearing and his kingdom; Preach the word; (That is simple. It needs no explanation, but it is something that is no longer preached. You turn on television, and it seems that half of the preachers on television are women. I have no idea how they get past the Word on that. They sure cannot line that up with the scripture. But here, if you turn on television, there is a certain woman whose name I do not remember right now, she will have thousands of people listening to her. Here they sit, gullible, in something that is motivational. That is all it is. It is like Joel Osteen, he is a motivational preacher, building people up into a state of mind, no correction. People come there dressed like they live on the street, and they have come in off the street. They do not turn anything away, and they do not preach anything that is going to be contrary to anyone. It says here, preach the Word. I have never done anything trying to run anybody off. But the Word of God will run some people off, if it is preached right. You just simply cannot help that. When the apostle Paul preached, he did not compromise on anything, for anyone, like, he did not see something wrong yesterday, and then it is right today. If it was wrong yesterday, how can it be right today? People have learned to accept the unacceptable.) be instant in season, out of season; reprove, rebuke,.” That is hard, but it is part of being faithful to your calling to preach the Word of God. That is not something you just get up here and storm out at people because you have something against somebody. The rebuke and reprove is within the realm of preaching truth from God’s Word, not in my own realm. Well I just have something against somebody. No. That is not it at all. If I correct something, it is not because I hate you, or have something personal against you. I am just talking about what Paul talked about here, with a few words of explanation. If Bro. Bud or I, preach something that is against somebody’s thinking and it is scriptural, I have to ask, who are you mad at? You are mad at the scripture that was inspired by God Himself. Scripture was written by God’s inspiration. I am not going to get out of here because I have taken the easy road, and failed to fulfill my calling. I would be doing every true child of God a disservice. After saying that, I will have to go back to Ezekiel 33. It is not only to deliver the man’s soul, but it is to pull somebody out of unrighteousness. People used to think, if a preacher preached something that got on their toes, I wonder who has told him something, who has been talking? How did he know that? I remember one time, preaching something one Sunday morning, and when I went out back, there was somebody out there as I was leaving, that was so hurt, and so mad at me, she was crying. She accused me of finding out something, or preaching something that somebody had told me. Nobody had told me anything, I did not know anything was going on. The thing about it is, the Holy Ghost knows what things need correcting. He is not concerned about it, but He knows what you had for breakfast this morning. I am talking about the Spirit of God, not a trinity like the denominations harp on. He is not concerned about what you had for breakfast though; He is concerned with the attitude we came in here with today. Be instant in season and out of season, He is not talking about the weather. The thing about it is, when we are shaken, there is a reason. I have been shaken. Do you think I was not shaken that Sunday morning after Bro. William Branham had preached on church order the night before. A little boy ran to catch up with his dad going down the aisle, and one of the deacons said, you can’t do that. He was just going to catch up with his dad, but those deacons were not going to allow anything like that. The whole thing was a complete turn around over night. A lot of preachers want to preach about Bro. William Branham or they were too young to know anything about him when he was here, or they were not there at all. A lot of people want to talk about Bro. Jackson. Did you know what he liked? Did you know he liked Pepsi and Breyer’s vanilla ice cream? Bro. Bud and I knew it. Time after time when we were working in that area, he would come out with Pepsi and vanilla ice cream after we were through working. We were not working for him. It was because he wanted to talk. He wanted to talk to someone he could associate certain things with, without it being spread around. That might hurt some, but even around good people, you have to watch what you say. You might think, that don’t have much to do with the gifts. Well I am talking about certain things, trying to get our attitude and mind’s in line where we can exercise the gifts of the Spirit by the Spirit of God. I have heard people say, well I will give him a piece of my mind, when they disagree with something. I say, just be careful: you might give the wrong piece away. It might be that after it was over, you wish you had not said it. If I have to correct something, or if Bro. Bud has to correct something, and we say something about it from the pulpit, it is not because we are mad at anyone. It is because we want the Church to move on in the spirit of righteousness. It says here, “exhort with all longsuffering and doctrine.” There are not quick fixes to everything. I am still fixing things in my life. I have not graduated yet. When we all graduate, we will go home. “For the time will come when they will not endure sound doctrine.” They will not endure sound doctrine, I have seen that; and I am still seeing it. I did not know that a year or two after Bro. Jackson had passed from among us, that we were doing anything to upset anybody’s apple cart, but we were. Somebody did not like us. I have just put it plain, you did not like us. When some left, the day they left, they said there were two devils in this pulpit. We have not made a big deal out of that. I would not want to lay in my casket, having left this world thinking like that. They will not endure sound doctrine, “but after their own lusts (Their own desires, according to their own thoughts, it does not say exactly that, but that is what it means.) shall they heap (just like cordwood) to themselves teachers, having itching ears.” Having what? Itching ears. They want to hear something that is pleasing to them, and that will not correct their error. Are you mad about that? “And they shall turn away their ears from the truth.” I remember when Bro. Jackson preached the seals, about the foolish virgins. They did not believe it. They still do not believe it. He said there will be no more foolish virgins than there are Bride people. He took the scripture where it says five wise and five foolish, to establish that. At this point, if I cannot make it in the Bride, forget about foolish virgins. I am not talking about forgetting about it, I am talking about forgetting about me being in the foolish virgins if I cannot be in the Bride at this point. That is because I know too much for that. Foolish virgins walked away, because they did not know a whole lot. They heard a little bit, did not want anything to do with this, so they headed for the denominational world of religion. Yet they have an experience with God and they live a good life. But this is not all for the foolish virgins. The foolish virgins, because they did not listen and believe the truth when they had the opportunity, will be in a world of hurt. That tribulation is not going to be a picnic. I would not want to be there under any circumstances, when I have had an opportunity to accept truth. That is what we are talking about. That is what the gospel is all about, for us to be able to live above the deceit of this world, believe the truth and live a life of righteousness, and when this present life has ended, we are going to be able to rule and reign with Christ in the Millennium. I look at myself, and ask that each of you would look at yourself this morning. When I look at myself, am I worthy to rule and to reign with Christ? Am I making the right decisions? Am I preaching the right message? It is time for self examination. Are we living every day according to the revelation of the Word of God, and in unity, which is absolutely necessary? I had said last Sunday that I was going to get into the gifts, but I still had some more things to say on this manner. The message this morning is not only searching you, but it is searching me, that we may be counted worthy, not by our good works, but because of fully accepting what Jesus accomplished for us on that old cross at Golgotha. I cannot do it on my own, but I can accept and live by what has been done for me. That is all God asks of us. This is what I am seeking to do. I am not claiming perfection yet, but I am pressing on toward it, as I endeavor every day to live by what has been revealed to us from the Word of God. If I, or we sit down to rest upon what we might believe is perfection, then there are days coming that I am going to need more. What I will need in the future, I do not yet have. What do I mean by that? I mean that we are improving day by day, as we live by this Word. We are climbing, we are going higher and higher, until one day it will all be over. Paul said, the life I now live is not my own. I am being honest this morning. I would not want to sit here in this place, with somebody preaching to me, like Bro. Bud, and like I myself am preaching to you, if I was not going to do my utmost to make it in the bride. It would get under my skin. We have people that travel here for a hundred miles or more. Why do they travel here? Is it because they like the road? No. It is because they know this is where they can hear the true revelation of God’s Word. Some have even moved here. This is the worst place there can be for allergies. That is what they say on television, if you can live in the Ohio valley, you can live anywhere. Sometimes we have to make fleshly sacrifices for the sake of being where the truth of God’s Word is being presented. Bro. William Branham said, as soon as he came over the Knobs, he could tell it. This was a far cry from the west where he had moved to, but he moved to the west by revelation.“And they shall turn away their ears from the truth, and shall be turned unto fables. But watch thou in all things.” Watch, in all things. Sometimes when I am preaching, it bothers me that I am saying the things I do, but I still have to say them. Something inside urges you, go on, we must get this thing right and be ready to get out of here. We are not going to get the Lord to come back any sooner, but we are going to get ready quicker. Ye are the light of the world, a city sitting on a hill cannot be hid. We went through Germany with Bro. Svein and others, Bro. Steve and Sis. Elsie, Bro. Svein’s wife and his sons. We went through a German town, where there was not one street light. The only light you saw was one single light in each house. That was all, one light in each house. Why? Because they have this modern wind turbine engines running out there just like they have in some places here in the USA. Environmentalists say nothing about all the eagles it is killing here. They say nothing about that. But if you happen to steal an eagle’s egg and break it, then that is a million dollar fine. They can kill eagles all they want to because of the wind turbines they are so determined to use. We live in a world that is getting more modern. Every once in awhile I will pull up behind a car at a stop light. I see somebody’s head down, and who knows what they are doing. They wait until that light turns yellow, then they take off and leave you sitting at a red light. That is what modernism is doing to us in this hour of time. Why does the government not make an example, and tell people how to live, how to conserve? The thing about it is, they cannot live it themselves, just like these modern day preachers. Every one of them act like they are paupers. Yet they live in five million dollar houses. I know I could improve my lifestyle, but I just don’t think about that as long as I have a good bed to sleep in. It is good to look and see where we are in Christ. Are we moving on with Him? We can make a straight line for our feet to walk on. It is a lot better to live right every day, so you do not have to go back and pick up all the pieces, and try to fix everything that has been done wrong that week. Somebody got a kick out of it the other day when I said, I don’t want to hear your problems, which I do not want you to confess to me, like the Catholic people do the priest. I said if you have any confessing to do, confess it to the Lord. He is the One that paid the price for our salvation, so if you do or say something wrong, He is the one you look to for forgiveness. “But watch thou in all things, endure afflictions.” He is not saying to just accept it. But when afflictions come, how often I hear people say, if I watch television, blaming God. Get out here driving crazy, something like that, and get all banged up and blame God. No. It has to do with me, I am the guilty one. Sometimes we do things that put marks against our being. Let me put it this way, when we do that, we do not always get rid of those marks in one day, it takes time. I remember a preacher in the Methodist Church saying something I thought was a good illustration. He said you can put all kinds of nail holes up and down a piece of wood, you can pull the nails out, so that they are no longer there; but it leaves a hole where each one was. The thing about it is, pertaining to our mistakes in life, time will fill in those holes if we live right with God. “Endure afflictions, (He is talking to the preachers,) do the work of an evangelist, make full proof of thy ministry.” Make full proof of thy ministry. I could say, there are three of us here, me, I, and myself. All three of us have to watch and pray to be faithful to our calling. This next verses really touches me, just thinking of what he meant. After he has gone through all of this with Timothy, he said, “For I am now ready to be offered.” I am ready. He said now I am ready to go. He was looking at the chop block. He knew he was. He was in jail, worse than any we have ever seen. He is looking death straight in the face, but he is saying, I am ready. He did not just say I am ready, he said, I am now ready to be offered up. He was not ready when he was at Jerusalem, even though he thought he was; but he got himself out of that quagmire. But now, that tells me something, I am now, not yesterday, not in time past, but now I am ready. Are you ready this morning? If this should be our last service, say the rapture was coming tomorrow, would we be out patching things up, getting things ready. No, that is too late. The Bible says, today is the day of salvation. Are you not sure about the message? Are you waiting? How much more time do you need, before you are ready? “For I am now ready to be offered, and the time of my departure is at hand. I have fought a good fight.” That has been quoted. Some have fought, but it was not a good fight. I am not talking about everybody that left here. There have been people left here that you do not hear about anymore. You do not hear anything they have said, good or bad, nay or yea. They just did not agree and they left. Others did not leave that way: they had to make their mark with remarks, before they walked out the door. Some said there were two devils in this pulpit. I do not consider that to be fighting a good fight. You fought alright, but to what end? Not to receive a crown. 1st Timothy 4, verse 1says, “Now the Spirit speaketh expressly, that in the latter times some shall depart from the faith, (Some shall depart from the faith. One Lord, one faith, one baptism. Is this the latter times? Well maybe Paul did not mean in the time we are living in? Maybe he is thinking about another time?) giving heed to seducing spirits, and doctrines of devils.” I am not through with that, but I want to go to 2nd Thessalonians, 3rd verse, 2nd chapter. “Let no man deceive you by any means: for that day shall not come, except there come a falling away first, and that man of sin be revealed, the son of perdition.” There is a little bit of difference in this verse than the one I read before. Because the one before tells you, and he is in his last years of time, some shall depart from the faith. Let no man deceive you by any means, for that day shall not come except there come a falling away first, this falling away is world wide, falling away from any knowledge of God. It is talking here about the pope, that pope. It does not say anything about the falling away from the truth, it is talking about a falling away that we are looking at even now. One president says we will never negotiate with terrorists. Here comes Obama, he negotiates, to get a man out of prison. He sends five enemy combatants to get him out, five men to go back and kill Americans. The man that he got out, walked away from his post at the beginning, and he was captured. I hate to see any of our service people captured, but you just simply do not negotiate with the devil. We do not negotiate with the devil. Let no man deceive you by any means, for that day shall not come, except there come a falling away first, and that man of sin be revealed the son of perdition. The falling away has to come, to show what time we are living in. It is the great falling away. We are seeing it everywhere we look now. You take France and England, they have negotiated with the terrorists, with Muslimism. Now they are overrun; and they claim that within a few years France will be Muslim and they will be under sharia law. How would you like for America to become Muslim and you be under sharia law? It would never happen with Christians, but those men can beat their wives whenever they want to. They can force them to do what they do not want to do. They can kill their wives, and their children. It is in the Koran. All they have to do is pull that burka off and walk down the street, and they will be beaten, because they do not want to see anything but the eyes of a woman. A dirty bunch of devils. What did I read last Sunday? Stewards of the mysteries of Christ. I just thought of something there. It does not say that we are stewards of Christ, we are stewards of the mysteries of Christ. The eagle still flies. Stewards, so if there is no revelation coming, where is the mysteries? We live in an amazing hour. This is a time and opportunity for the Bride to shine. This should be a place, when we come in here, that we have dumped all our problems, all the things that are bothering us, outside the door, and come in here and look up and thank Jesus Christ for His grace to us. Stewards, there is still something in the bank. It is going to take some honest God-fearing stewards to get it out. That is why Paul said in the 4th chapter of Ephesians, for the perfecting of the saints, for the work of the ministry until we all come into the unity of the faith, and into the knowledge of the son of God. Bro. Jackson said that would be one of the last things to be understood, the godhead. Even though he preached it, did we all understand it? The working of the Holy Spirit in our lives, is not just the Holy Spirit in a few: it is the working of the Holy Spirit which is in the body of Christ, to perfect the Church and give the gifts according to His purpose.

6-1-14 PM

We live in an hour of time when the harvest is about over. We feel that the threshing machine or the combine is in the field, doing its work, to blow the husks, the dust and particles away, anything that does not belong with the true crop God is harvesting. It takes a great wind to do that, a wind of separation. That is the reason the Bible would speak to you, every wind of doctrine, as the Bible talks about the separation of the tares and wheat. So we have a message in this hour that is prevalent for the hour, that is not going to go away, it is only going to increase. I am looking at it through faith. I am not looking at it through man’s ideas or natural sight, but through faith, spiritual sight and the Word of God. On one hand, He says what will be in the last days, and on the other hand, we are experiencing it. So let God be right, let everything else be wrong. No matter how much fun they make of the virgin birth, or of the blood of Jesus Christ, or of the Spirit of God, as they came into that room two thousand years ago, in prophetic time it would be, and as we go from this point to the point that is set in front of us, we do not know the day or hour. But we do know that we are on the fringes of it, because you see government leaders that you cannot trust to tell you the truth. As Bro. Steve has mentioned at different times to me, about what Bro. Jackson said one time, that we would be surprised if we knew what went on in Washington behind closed doors. It would really be a shock to us to know what compromises are being made, cutting off that which would help God’s people or help the people themselves, but the door is closing on opportunity, and natural man is lost in his own endeavors. You cannot trust church leaders of the world, because we live in that last part of the Laodicean Age, knowing that the light has gone out on it. God is just waiting to finish up time, what He promised would be before the end. You cannot skip over one piece and go to another and say this is God. If you ever listen to some of these preachers, they tell you He could come tonight. However I say, He could come for individuals tonight, but the Bride is not leaving tonight. I can assure you of that. God has a pattern, and He has let us know what it is. When we go to expressing ourselves in that way, He could come any time, then we have taken it completely out of the Word of God. It puts us up here somewhere in a plateau where God is not even working. One thing is sure: we are going to find out that every one has a job to do. Not every one will have the same job to do. Every preacher does not have the same message to preach, but all of God’s chosen preachers do have the same truth to preach. The difference is, that there is a five fold ministry, and each one has an integral part in proclaiming God’s Word for this hour of time. In the 11th chapter of Ephesians, it says He gave “some” apostles, not all, some prophets, some pastors, evangelists and teachers. He was not leaving anyone out when He was talking about that, because God has provided us with a means in this hour, of how He will work. We live in a wonderful time, when God has made a way that the truth will get out, when not everybody has a pastor. Everybody does not have a teacher. Neither does everyone have one of the five fold ministry, but they do get the message of the hour through the means God has furnished for this hour. Every true son and daughter of God will have all that they need to walk with God in truth. I remember when I was first called to preach: I did not know anything about any of this. I did not know where that leadership would be. I did not know where I would go, nor what I would do. I do remember when I was called to preach though: I lived in Cincinnati, and went to church there. I called the preacher and told him that I had a call upon my life. He was kind of reluctant with me. He said you should wait for awhile. I said, well God gave me a scripture. It was Luke 4, Jesus being tempted. When I told him that, then he said, you preach for me Sunday. He understood when I said that God had given me a scripture, that something was really going on. I don’t even know what I said, I just preached about Jesus. I do not know how long I preached. He said it was about thirty minutes. It has grown from there, would you not say? He had me preach, and then things went on from that point. I came to the Lord, and was converted January 7th 1959. I was preaching in the spring of the year, that was pretty quick. I have never doubted the call. Neither should you doubt, when God is dealing with you. That has been a long time, but God has not changed His mind. A lot of people have changed their mind, but God has not changed His. To me, the gospel today is just as precious as it was when I started. In many ways even more precious, because of our understanding of the hour we are living in. I stood there like a deer in the headlights of an automobile, no doubt. If you don’t know what that means, they will stand and stare at you if you are coming after them. I do want to emphasize this though, God is going to do something in the midst of Faith Assembly that has not been done. I have mentioned this scripture many times, I will mention it again. “Grow in grace and in the knowledge of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.” As maturity comes, so does the responsibility. I remember when God began to deal with me in different ways, people thought I was a little nutty. If you have been in denominations, you will go beyond that denominational system, because there is no growth there. It is just a settling in on a few things which do not amount to anything, as far as waking with God in a true revelation of His word. I am old enough to remember when preachers really used to preach the gospel of salvation. When I was a boy, probably six or seven years old, they were having a meeting down in the country. By the time the meeting was over, there were all these meteorites flying through the air. People thought it was the coming of the Lord. It scared them. People used to be sensitive to things of that nature. They were sensitive to one another also. I remember when somebody would get killed in a car wreck, or something would happen and somebody would die. Everybody began to wonder, especially church people, were they right with God? Now, preachers and everyone, just make them all allright, from Elvis Presley right on down. Elvis is king up there, Michael Jackson is doing his moon walk up there. You know I don’t believe any of that, and neither should anyone else. I want to go further than the moon. God is going to take us somewhere we have never been, when the rapture takes place, and then we later come back. It is further than Australia, it is further than New Zealand. It is further than any far off place, but that is not the great thing, it is the introduction you are going to get to the Lamb of God. I was not born in the time of John the Baptist. Of course I would have been a Gentile. But when John said, Behold the Lamb of God that takes away the sin of the world, when the gospel came to the Gentiles, I would have had to hear that, I believe I would. I hear it now. He was looking at something that we are given a privilege to look at in this hour in another sphere. We are given opportunity to look at it through the word of faith, through the Word of God by faith. I believe John’s record, when he looked at Him and said, Behold the Lamb of God that takes away the sin of the world. That was a prophecy, that was a prophecy that was going to be on going, right on through the Millennium. The sin of the world has not been taken away, but individually, our sins have been. The Millennium will clean up all of that. By the time you get to the end of the Millennium, this is going to be a different place. This world we are in now, this nation, this world we are in now, when Jesus comes back with His angels and His Bride, to rule and reign, is going to be a chaos. Otherwise there would not be a thousand years there. I want to see it cleaned up. I want to be a part of it, not just stand back and watch. Do not think that is all you will be doing. Bride people are going to have an integral part of cleaning this thing up. The devil is going to be bound, but what he did in the beginning, is still going to be prevalent, because you are still going to have serpent seed here on earth, not the ones that go into the Millennium, but the ones that are born during the Millennium. That is because that serpent seed gene will still be in the sheep people, just like it was with Noah’s family and the flood. I have tried to separate that out, showing that you only have sheep people that are going in there, along with the Jewish people. They will never be rejected. If they are sheep going in, they will be sheep coming out, but of the children born during that thousand years, there will be many that will be rjected. Jesus said, Of all that the Father hath given me, which would go all the way back, I have lost none. Jesus is not a looser. Let us take a look tonight, at the body. 12th chapter of 1st Corinthians. I have read that before, but that was just a preview reading of it. “Now concerning spiritual gifts.” This is what I said at the beginning, this is what he is dealing with, spiritual gifts, in this chapter, chapter 13 and chapter 14. Chapter 13 is dealing with the love of God in our heart’s and our mind’s, but it is a correction of what the Corinthian people were living. Most children, not all of them, but most children in life, go through different times of correction. That is what is wrong with this nation today, there is no correction. This basket ball coach, twenty years ago, which was a black man, said people send their children here for me to coach, and to try to straighten them out, when they themselves have not done anything for them in the past, in the way of correction, yet they expect me to get it out of them in four years. I thought that man had some sense. There is too much psychology being placed between people and their children. When children do not recognize what n-o spells, and what it means. They need some enlightenment from parents. What our children are going to learn in this hour of time, they must learn it at home. I am not saying there are no good teachers any more, but these colleges that started out as Christian colleges, Yale, Harvard, Princeton, started out as Christian colleges. Look at them today. They do not even want anybody there, that stands for God’s true message. When the president went to George Washington college, they had to cover all the crosses. Condoleeza Rice was going to go to a college a few days ago. They already were protesting, so that she could not go. Nobody stood up and protested the president. When you get rid of the cross, you get rid of America, you get rid of the United States of America, because that is the only thing that has ever united us. This young man that was released a day or two ago, they have already found out there is more behind it than just being released. What is wrong with a nation that compromises? What it is, as Christians we are given a complete armor on the front of us, but our nation has turned its backside to the world. Come on in and have a piece of the cake. As Bro. Jackson said, the icing is all they want, they are taking the icing. What is a cake without icing? Well Paul was talking here about spiritual gifts, so notice, “Now concerning spiritual gifts, brethren, I would not have you ignorant.” There is something here that requires understanding, and we must understand. As I have said, Paul was dealing with people there, that had lived believing they could be baptized for the dead, if somebody else could go be baptized for that person, it would make it all right. What a belief! You might think we have had to deal with things, but Paul’s whole ministry was dealing with adverse things like that. However I do not see one bit of discouragement in that man’s life, not even in death. As I went over it this morning, he was not discouraged. He said, I have fought a good fight. (Speaking of spiritual battles) “Ye know that ye were Gentiles, (He is talking to them as though they are not Gentiles now, you know you were Gentiles. In this inclusion gospel they are preaching now, we are Jews, the Jews are not Jews, we are the Jews. I say to them, You are ignorant! What he is doing here, is trying to acquaint us with a God of both Jews and Gentiles. We are all under sin.) carried away unto these dumb idols, even as ye were led.” That is the way they lived, idol worshipers. They dressed their women up to meet the sailors when they came in once a year. That was their lifestyle. That is how they lived. These dumb idols. We live in a nation where these men buy little girls, ten and twelve years old, from other nations. Men such as that ought to be put to death. They are just objects of evil. It says, in the last days evil men would get worse and worse. As Bro. Jackson said, worser. Some people said that was not a proper word, but when he prophesied, I have heard him say it. It is a word that God knows. As they were led, as they were led by their own motives. One man from this area shot a woman, and while she was still living, he dug a small grave and buried her. She was still alive when he buried her. What did they do about it? They try to say, oh, it is insanity, he was insane, we will take him and treat him. I can tell you what would treat him. But if they give him the death penalty, they turn around and say, this is cruel and unusual punishment. What about the poor girl that laid there, shot in her back, still living while he was throwing dirt in her face? The final judgment will take care of all of that. I saw a documentary on Hitler, for the years 1922 and 1923, he already hated the Jews. By 1942 he said that every Jew should be killed. It was only the hand of God as He worked in it according to Jeremiah 16, that kept it from happening. Half the Jewish population was wiped out. No wonder, in Revelation 6, that they are crying, how long O Lord, how long until you avenge our blood upon them on the earth? How merciful God is, He gave every one a white robe. That eased their pain. They went there in pain, they went into chapter 6 in pain, they came out of it without pain. Now they are waiting until their fellow brethren and servants go through with the same thing they did. But the Jewish nation will say, never again. You everyone know why the Jewish nation is not wiped out, right? The thing about it is, it is God’s protection, but it is God’s knowledge that He has put in those Jewish mind’s. We build an airplane, we send it to Israel, it comes back better. The motor doesn’t even cool off before they have improved it. That is what they were saying the other day, the motor does not even cool off until they have done seven hundred and some things to that plane to make it better. They upgrade it. That forty six million Arabs, all Muslims, that live around them are afraid, they are afraid of the God that rules Israel. Isaiah 52:9-10, will tell you, after Isaiah 52:8, then 52:9-10 will tell you God is going to bare His holy arm. He is going to shake His fist at the evil adversary, the old devil. He is going to say, come on. That is a little dot in the earth, the size of New Jersey. A little dot in the earth that God has His eye on. It is the apple of His eye. You have that little apple there, and the eye is the most tender part of it. I used to think it was an apple on a tree, but it is not. It is the apple of your eye. That is a tender spot with God. He will let this thing go so far. As the old saying goes, it is going to be Katy-bar-the-door. We may see all four blood moons before something happens, but it will be close thereafter. Let us not lay our head down upon the pillow at night without spending some time in prayer, no matter how much we have to do tomorrow. Let us not lay out head down on the bed without thinking of, and fellow shipping Him, and thanking Him for the blessings He bestows upon us every day. Thank you Lord, you have let me live another day, and you have let me see something in your Word. “Wherefore I give you to understand, that no man speaking by the Spirit of God calleth Jesus accursed.” You charismatic, you that want to mix Christianity and Muslimism together, I remember when 9-11 happened, George Bush came out and made a speech. He said the Muslim religion is a peaceful religion. What? We cannot compromise the gospel on what we feel, I don’t feel that way. This message of truth is going to go on regardless of what some may say and do. It is not going to stop until every bride saint has received what they need. It is just like a great snow ball. You can start it out like a basket ball, but you can get it on a hillside, it will go and go and go, and before long it is something as big as this building, and you do not want to get in its path. If you do get in its way, you become a part of it. I think about these people, every few days now, a group of people that have hiked into some mountain area. They got in an avalanche. Somebody has to go to great trouble and expense to rescue them, putting their own life in jeopardy, doing whatever they know to do to get them out. I would not want to be a government leader that would have to make decisions in such cases. I would block those places and say, stay away from them: if you go, you are on your own. America has more idols today than what any other country ever had. If it is not some sports event, then it is a mountain top somewhere. God has no place in the society of America any more. That is why children are running loose in the streets. I saw where ten and twelve year old children had formed a gang, and they had gone into a school and tore up everything. They were all white boys. I can tell you what would take care of that, just get a paddle about 12 to 18 inches long, and drill two or three holes in it. I grew up with one like that. I knew when I went to school back then, you were out of your parents’ hands and the teachers would take care of it. I saw a woman teacher one time, we had the double desks. Remember those double desks? This boy was sixteen years old, he worked in a saw mill. After WW2 they did not know what grade to place them in because they had not been going to school. They worked on farms from six years and up until the time the war was over, and nobody bothered them. This fellow was a big boy, and he did something the teacher did not like. She grabbed him by the belt, he was going around the desk and her feet were flying in the air. I saw that. That boy worked in a saw mill, but the teacher was holding on. I saw it all. Some may say, well that is why you are not too smart. I was smart enough to get up here and find truth in God’s Word. That puts a little wisdom in my soul, to know where truth is. If a bear is hunting a dead body somewhere, I am talking about an animal, his eyesight is not too good, but he has a good smeller and he can smell that dead carcase from a mile away. God has given us good eyesight in this hour, maybe not twenty-twenty in the natural, but God has given us an inner eye that is even better.

I am still talking about the body. No man speaking by the Spirit of God called Jesus Christ accursed. “And that man can say that Jesus is the Lord, but by the Holy Ghost.” There has to be a connection there. When the two spies left the harlot’s house, they left her a promise, a promise they believed God could and would keep. They had a red rope, it was not a little string, it was a red rope that she let them down the wall with. Before she did, she said to them, remember me when you come back to the city, because you all will take the place, remember me when you come back. Those two spies said, We can only remember you if you stay in this house, and you have this red rope hanging out the window. That was a strong rope in the hands of God, because it held that house up, it held that wall up when all the rest fell flat. That is what the Bible says, it fell flat. God knows one little woman that had not lived too good a life, but she changed. When she saw two men, she changed because she knew they had a message. She had already heard what God had done in other places. I wonder why the rest of them in Jericho did not hear the same message? It was because their names were not written in His book. When I look at the scripture, I see how many times so few make it, and it lets me realize the message is right. Bro. William Branham said, if there is only one that goes from Jeffersonville, I am going to be that one. That is determination. He did not say there was only going to be one, but if there be only one. Get that in your heart, that you are going to make it, that you are not going to ease up, that you are going to live right, no matter what. “Now there are diversities of gifts, (Different gifts, he is stating right here, it is not all the same gift, but he has already said there is one Lord. He wants to establish something in the peoples’ heart’s, because I have this gift, I am no better than the other one.) but the same Spirit.” He goes over this, some might say this is just a rigamarole of words. It is not! This is something that he wants to establish in the Corinthian’s heart’s, because he said you have been serving these dumb idols. This is not an idol. “And there are differences of administrations, but the same Lord. And there are diversities of operations, but it is the same God which worketh all in all.” He does not want you to get away from the theme of who is doing it. After all, these gifts are not ours. Were you born with it? When you were a teenager growing up, did you have it? Listen to what the apostle said about that. “But the manifestation of the Spirit is given to every man to profit withal.” It is not for our own benefit alone. If you have the gift of healing, you may never pray for yourself, you may never be healed by your own prayer. I have been, but it was by the Spirit of God. I knew He did it: it was not me. You may have great faith, but God may ask you to have somebody else pray for you. He may even appoint somebody and tell you to go to this person. That is because we need each other. We do. The manifestation of the Spirit is to profit withal. He goes ahead to say, if somebody rejoices, let us rejoice with them, if somebody is afflicted, let us pray. “For to one is given by the Spirit the word of wisdom; to another the word of knowledge by the same Spirit.” See? He is acquainting us with what Spirit it is in each gift. There are gifts that people have, you may never use them but one time in your life, but it is a manifestation of that Spirit for your benefit. You will know it, that it was God when that happened. I am not going to deal with each one of these to the fullest extent tonight. Take the word of wisdom for instance, it may be that the Church has need for somebody to speak on the gift of wisdom. There are people that have that gift, and it is manifested often. It also says, to another the word of knowledge by the same Spirit. God may speak to you some time and say to an individual, do not go this way. The word of knowledge is sometimes a prophecy. It is not the gift of prophecy, but the gift of prophecy is in there. When the apostle Paul was going to Jerusalem, there was a man that came into the assembly and said, the man that has this cloak, is going to be bound when he gets to Jerusalem. He takes it and binds himself with it. But I want to be able to go over this in a physical way also, before I am through with it, to show you how God has worked in peoples’ lives, to better somebody else’s life. The Bible tells us that none of us live to ourselves, and none of us die to ourselves. This is bringing it into a unity, which we will see in the 4th chapter of Ephesians, how the body is compacted. You cannot compact water, it is already compacted. They have compacted these cars, where you mostly have a running gear and seat to sit in. That is what they are wanting to do. I saw this car that made me think of what Bro. William Branham said in 1933. This car, two people were in it, riding down the road. It did not have a steering wheel, no brake pedal, no gas pedal. I thought, one of these days they will get this very thing, but they will have to get all this other stuff lined up before they do. They already have it. All they need now, is a white line on each side of the road. They have cars right now, if you are driving and get on that white line, it will warn you. The Bible says, that in the last days, wisdom will increase. I must bring these things in as I go on, because all these other things are pointing to the time we are living in, the end time. If we do not watch, these things will happen right under our nose, and if we are not watching, we will miss it. They talk like, by the year 2020, this will be mass produced. They say this is going to save peoples’ lives. They are not interested in saving peoples’ lives. If they really were they would do away with this demonic health insurance. Look at our soldiers that have come back from the battlefield, young lives coming back from the battlefield and they close the books. They could get to the bottom of this if they were really trying. They should close the book on somebody else. God will. It is nothing but murder on a mass scale. You have lawyers, judges and all, that can get you out of anything, if you know who to go to. Maybe I should not bring this in, but we are going to be talking about healing and things, so if you look at the insurance now, and you look at it five years down the road, it is going to be what the V.A. is doing right now. Your name will be lost in the shuffle. They talk about what doctors have to go through now to keep records. They do not have time to spend with their patient, like they once did, because they have all kinds of papers to fill out. When they fill out one paper, then there is another one, and it goes on and on and on. It snowballs until it gets to where it is lost completely. We are not lost in the fray, we have someone to look to. I went over the part where we are ambassadors, I went over the part where we are stewards of the mysteries of Christ. I want to get into this deeper as we go on. May God bless you everyone, with whatever you need.


I am going to get right into our lesson tonight. I have added some new scriptures. Three different ones. We are on part 7 of this message. I appreciate the Lord for His wonderful grace and kindness to me, He is always a present help in the time of need. He knows what we have need of before we ask, but that does not mean we should not ask. We appreciate the Lord and what He does for us every day, His loving kindness to us, the saints of God, the different ones that have talked to me about this message, how it has been a benefit to them, that is what I want, for it to be a benefit to the saints of God. This is something that just came to me suddenly the other day, within five minutes of time. I did not have the scripture that quick, but I had the message that quick. I appreciate it when God does things like that for me, because it means so much to me. I want to go to Genesis 17, starting with verse 4. God is talking to Abram, A-b-r-a-m. “As for me, behold, my covenant is with thee, and thou shalt be a father of many nations. Neither shall thy name any more be called Abram, but thy name shall be Abraham; for a father of many nations have I made thee.” The difference there in the name would be what God is going to do in the life of Abraham. As I was thinking about this, it was God’s visitation that changed Abraham’s name. I am going to relate that to the New Testament in a little while, but I want to go over this to show you what really happened. This is when circumcision was given to Abraham and his seed, and the covenant that God had made with him. Let me read the 5th verse again, “Neither shall thy name any more be called Abram, but thy name shall be Abraham; for a father of many nations have I made thee.” God, in order to do this for Abraham, had to change his name. Because that was the name that man gave him. So God put the other part on him because that is relationship to God. The “ham” part is relationship to God. I will mention this, I remember when Bro. William Branham was talking about this, he said when he was a little child, his dad had more or less fled from Kentucky because of some things that had happened there. His dad’s last name was Branam B-r-a-n-a-m. In order to throw things off, he changed his name to Branham. I did not know that when I first came into this message, I had been in it awhile, then I heard him talk about that, that God had really done that for a purpose for the message that was to be brought. I accepted it, because I know that it was a message of truth that God had spoken to an uneducated man. Abraham had been named this by his parents when he was in Ur of the Chaldees. This was where paganism was. The city Abraham came from, Ur, was a city of false gods, they worshiped women. That is why God spoke to him and told him to get out of his country and go to a land that He would show him. He brought him into a land just as bad, as far as worshipping many gods. The Canaanites were pagans, but this was a promise to Abraham. God promised what He would do for him. So he had the promise before he ever got there, and God changed his name. I will read on here, “And I will make thee exceeding fruitful, and I will make nations of thee, and kings shall come out of thee.” See? This was already promised in the 6th verse, that kings will come out of him. It was many generations before this ever happened, all the way down to Saul and David. David was the promised king because he was of the lineage of a particular tribe. God was going to use that tribe for His purpose. When he came out of the land which God told him, he was going to change him. That is what it is, not only a change of a name, it was a change of a man. God does things sometimes, so small looking, to where it looks like it is of no importance, but God does not do things that are not of importance. When He does something, He is meaning for it to be important in His way of doing things. “And I will establish my covenant between me and thee and thy seed after thee in their generations for an everlasting covenant, to be a God unto thee, and to thy seed after thee. And I will give unto thee, and to thy seed after thee, the land wherein thou art a stranger, all the land of Canaan, (See? This is promised before he gets there, or I don’t mean before he gets there, but before there has been any confirmation of this before, God just told him to go to a land that He had appointed. The Bible says he moved with fear, that was respect unto God’s word, that he moved. He was not going to establish His covenant with him, until he did change his name. I will give unto thee and to thy seed after thee the land wherein thou art a stranger, all the land of Canaan. All of it. This is not a half promise. This is a full promise, all the land of Canaan. We find those people over there today claiming it. When the pope was over there the other day, he called it Palestine. He stood on the other side of the wall there, which is the wailing wall, he stood on the other side of it, while he was on the Palestinian side, he called it Palestine.