Getting Ready For The Rapture, Part 9

This is the last few words of July Issue. When you start out to be something you were not ordained to be, there is always a problem. You can always get followers. I am not after followers. I am after truth, and I am after people to be able to understand it in this end time, because all who are ready will be going, and we are all going to go together. I am not picking and choosing who is going to be ready, but I am looking at something that must happen: in order for us to rule and reign. I know I have a responsibility. Your responsibility is not the same as mine. I remember Bro. David Spurlock: before he became a Christian. Bro. Bud and I worked with him, and his brother. We worked with them for maybe two years or so. Then: all of a sudden, they got interested and came here one Thursday night. I was the one preaching. The reason I remembered it, they mentioned it to me, that I preached on Ruth. That was thirteen years ago. I have seen him here ever since then, and I have seen spiritual growth in him. Growth in him and his family; his wife and the little girls that love the Lord. That is the reason he has a testimony this morning, there is nothing between them and the Lord. We have to wipe it all out and get rid of it. I hate bugs on my windshield, but they get there because that is what bugs do. They mess up my windshield, but I don’t get mad curse them: I know they have a job to do, and I have a job also. We just cannot allow: as the old saying goes, and allow ourselves to fly off the handle. Everything that we are confronted with disturbs us at times; so we just have to become settled all the time. If somebody wants to pass you out here on the highway; when they crowd you, just let them go on by. As long as you are not exceeding the speed limit: you are alright. On my way, here Thursday; up near Hamburg, a woman pulled out into my lane, and I could see her mouthing that she was sorry. I went on up and another one pulled out. He did not say he was sorry. I had gone one block and almost got hit by another one twice, but I did not. I just praised the Lord for keeping me safe from that. I could have gotten mad, but no: I just let them go. Those things are just a test. Our enemy is always doing things for the purpose of seeing just how we will react. He is looking for a weakness in our determination to serve the Lord in truth and righteousness. He is always trying you; looking for a weakness. to see how you are going to react. I knew the woman was sorry, I could see her apologizing as she went by. She was wrong, but I could have reacted differently and been wrong also. “Ye have heard how I said unto you: I go away, and come again unto you.” That is the important thing, I come again unto you. How is He going to do that? He was going to raise from the dead. If Jesus had gone to the cross and been crucified, and raised from the dead, and that was all there was to it, it would not have freed anyone, but He said: I will send you another Comforter. He knew He had comforted those disciples. They had seen the sea calmed, and seen Him walk on the water, seen Him feed five thousand. They had been with Him when He healed Lazarus. Was that not something special? Would that not have been something really special? Here Lazarus came right out of the grave. I remember Bro. Neville saying one time: he used to be pastor at the Tabernacle: he said, Jesus said loose him and let him go. He said John looked over at Peter, and said, you go ahead. His sisters had already said, he stinks. Resurrection took the stink away: just like the three Hebrew children as they were put into the fiery furnace. Why were they put there? It was because they would not obey a mortal man. When the law decides: they are going to take on the saints of God, but they are going to have a handful of trouble. Those three Hebrew children did not do a thing: they just went. If God lets us die in there, we will die, but we are not going to listen to you. That is what I am saying this morning. You go ahead and do what you have to do, but Faith Assembly has been taught better. I do not want that worldly mess coming in these doors. No way: do I want it in here. “If ye loved me, ye would rejoice, because I said, I go unto the Father: for my Father is greater than I.” That sure knocks Jesus out of being God. Right? Go ahead and believe that, if you must, and we will see who comes out on top. “And now I have told you before it come to pass, that when it is come to pass, ye might believe.” He then said, “Hereafter I will not talk much with you: for the prince of this world cometh, and hath nothing in me. But that the world may know that I love the Father; and as the Father gave me commandment, even so I do. Arise, let us go hence.” I want to go to 2nd Samuel, chapter 12. This is a story of David. I will give a little background for it. David had made a big blunder. I could say mistake, but it is a blunder. He had taken a young man’s life, and also committed adultery with his wife. She was expecting a child. This man was a Hittite. Anybody that went to Israel with all their heart, they were accounted among the Jews. Oh, he was just an old Hittite. That is alright, but God has a recorder that keeps turning until it hits the stop button. That is where this was: It was at the stop button. Here came somebody that was not afraid of the Word of God, to speak to whoever it is to. His name Was Nathan. Our youngest son is named David Nathan. Mary Lou wanted to name him David. I said well, I would like his middle name to be Nathan. She said, where is that in the Bible. I turned to where it said, and David turned to Nathan. Here it is. He has come before David to correct something. What he did, was take an illustration; a parable. He said; there was this man: a ruler, an important man: a really important man. Really, really important man. I want you to get that. Here comes this prophet, speaking to him. He said this man that was really important, had all these ewe lambs, he took the travelers lamb, this poor man’s lamb instead of one of his own. He went ahead and explained it to him, and David got angry and said: I will have that man’s head. But the Spirit of God was there. Nathan looked at David and said, you are the man. That took courage. Now we will start reading the 16th verse. She was expecting a child by him. He had tried every way he could to get this man on the battlefield and get him to come into his wife, but instead he went out and got drunk and stayed with the soldiers. He did this two nights straight. David put him in the hottest of battles. He was not the best soldier there was. He put him up against the wall and had him killed. Now there are two things against him. “David therefore besought God for the child; and David fasted, and went in, and lay all night upon the earth.” You will find this in Psalm 51. Here is the king, so sorry for what he has done. It grips his heart. “And the elders of his house arose, and went to him, to raise him up from the earth: but he would not, neither did he eat bread with them. And it came to pass on the seventh day, (This went on for seven days.) that the child died. The servants of David feared to tell him that the child was dead: for they said, Behold, while the child was yet alive, we spake unto him, and he would not hearken unto our voice: how will he then vex himself, if we tell him that the child is dead?” They were afraid to tell him. They were afraid of what he would do when he found out the child had died after he had waited seven days, laying upon the earth. He did not have a bath, and did not eat any bread that was a meal. “Then David arose from the earth, and washed, and anointed himself, and changed his apparel, and came into the house of the Lord, and worshiped: (It is time for Faith Assembly, and many have caught on, but it is time for others to catch on: they can just grieve so long. That one that is gone on is not grieving. Do you think Bro. and Sis. Jackson are grieving this morning? They are happy! Do you think Bro. and Sis. Pixley are grieving this morning? Well you are talking like they are still alive. They are! They are just in another form this morning: one day to come back and get their body. They are not little spirits out there, they have a body God has given them until the real body comes, which will come up from the earth. I will rise again. David arose and washed himself and changed his apparel. That is what we have to do, change this old apparel. He went to the house of the Lord and worshiped.) Then he came to his own house; and when he required, they set bread before him, and he did eat.” He was changing: he has changed everything of the physical. One thing about it, he let some things rest. You may say this morning: you don’t understand my circumstances. God is wanting to help you in your situation. He is not out to destroy, He is out to help, but we let the devil destroy our testimony sometimes. The others, they did not know what to do with this. This is different. Four days ago, five days ago, six or seven days ago, look at him. Now he comes and they are beginning to be critical. Get out! Get before the Lord and anoint yourself. Then worship. Worship! Let bygones be bygones. “Then said his servants unto him, What thing is this that thou hast done? Thou didst fast and weep for the child, while it was alive; but when the child was dead, thou didst rise and eat bread, and he said, While the child was yet alive, I fasted and wept: for I said, Who can tell whether God will be gracious to me, that the child may live? But now he is dead, wherefore should I fast? Can I bring him back again? (No: I am saying today, you cannot bring them back.) I shall go to him, but he shall not return to me.” Brother: we can go to those that have passed on, but we cannot bring them back to us. They have tried that with Bro. William Branham for so long, it will soon be fifty years. They have waited at the grave site; for him to arise, but that is vain. Every Easter they have stood by the grave site waiting for Bro. William Branham to come back. They even dug a hole. I saw the place. I dreamed about the place. They dug a hole and were going to put a telephone down there for him. I could have been in the same place if it were not for the grace of God. I often said: they mentioned Bro. William Branham’s name at the Tabernacle; nine times to Jesus Christ one time. I was there: I was among them, but I could not swallow it. It choked me to think about it. I had to get away from all of that. When I had that dream, I went back one more time. When I saw what was going on: that was my last time. They were playing Bro. William Branham’s tapes. Bro. William Branham would say Amen, and everybody would say Amen. He would say; raise your hands, and everyone would raise their hands. There happened to be someone over there; that said Amen out of tine, and everybody turned to look at him. You just did not say it until when he said it. I could not take that: I could not swallow it. I like refried beans: because I like Mexican food, but I do not like refried leftovers. Don’t keep feeding them to me. There are seven or eight hundred tapes: I don’t know how many there are. They play them every Sunday. Many have left: young people have left, also older people have left. They just have a handful now, because they had to worship a man. They just could not do what David did: They could not get up and say: let us go on. No, their attitude was: we will make a museum out of this place, because this is where the food is stored. Bro. William Branham said it was the storehouse: but he also told a certain man that was playing tapes: he and four or five others were getting together. One was real close to Bro. William Branham; he was the one that told me. They were getting together and playing tapes while Bro. William Branham was still living, and he rebuked him: Don’t do that. I don’t care if you play a tape by yourself, but don’t get together and start playing tapes. He rebuked him. That man told me he did. The man is dead now: The man was Bank Woods, and he was the one that told me. He was very close to Bro. William Branham. God is alive. I say; there is wisdom in those tapes, but if the tape is all you are going to go by, then you are way behind time. You had better get it right while you can!I have some different scriptures to deal with tonight. I was in St. John this morning, but now I want to turn to Matthew. As we look at these scriptures, Jesus has upbraided Capernaum. He talks to them about the mighty works that have been done. He has been in that area of the world for many trips, because Cana is not all that far from Galilee; just a few miles. Cana is a city connected to Nazareth. Nazareth is not too far either, just a little way. You can see where they were going to throw Jesus off the bluff there, and you can see Megiddo. Look over that valley there: where the last war will be fought by mankind. When God takes over, there will not be any war. He is going to drop His bombs which will destroy wicked mankind. When He gets through: the Bible says there will be few men left upon the earth. That is what I used when I was preaching about the seven women taking hold of one man. Every subject I have taken like that has been criticized. That is alright. It must have results, because people are afraid; of the word. They just want you to settle in and not have anything to say up until the seven thunders speak. That is not the way it works. The seven thunders will come, and that is the end of prophecy. When they come, there will be no more need of prophesy. That ends prophecy. That is when the Bride is getting ready to leave here. One of these days she is going to leave here: I believe that! I not only believe that: I feel that tonight! The anointing is here right now, and I praise the Lord for that! Jesus said: rebuke these people for their unbelief. He said: if the mighty works had been done in certain places, even in Sodom, that have been done in these places, then it would have remained unto that day. The thing about it is, a son of God was there. He did not O.K. what Sodom had become: because that was God’s choice to take it out. He is saying: that when the presence of the Lord, in Jesus was here. He carried the presence of God because He was: and He is the Word made manifest. He said: if you believe in God, you must also believe in me. He made Himself; not God, but He made Himself to be the Son of God: which we know He was. We are on a lesser portion than that: we are sons and daughters of God also: after our new birth. Why would there not be something good come from our lives? I want to encourage your heart in that: so you will be able to see that you do amount to something: so do not cut the presence of the Lord short. Don’t let it just be a small thing: let it be precious. If He ever touches you just a little bit, grasp on to it, because there is more to come. Any amount of the anointing that you have upon you, is something to appreciate and praise Him for. His presence is better than anything the whole world has to offer. He said; if you gain the whole world and lose your soul: what has it profited you? What is more precious and profitable than our spiritual soul? I will start reading in verse 25 of the 11th chapter. “At that time Jesus answered and said, I thank thee, O Father, (Do you wonder why He was praying that way? He was recognizing His Father as the Supreme One.) Lord of heaven and earth, because thou hast hid these things from the wise and prudent, and hast revealed them unto babes. Even so, Father: for so it seemeth good in thy sight. All things are delivered unto me of my father: (All He was, or would ever be to the Church; was handed to Him by the Father.) neither knoweth any man the Father, save the Son, (If we would stop there, we would be in a very terrible condition, but He says more.) and he to whomsoever the Son will reveal Him.” So, we have to have revelation. We have to have something to push us on. We cannot allow ourselves to get in a stalemate, just hum drum, or something of that nature. “Come unto me, all ye that labor. (He is not talking about physical labor, He is talking about our lives, something we might be laboring with, something that has kept us from the potential that God has prepared for us: because God has a potential for our lives. Sometimes we labor with situations, trials and tests. God does not want it to be like that. He does not want it to go on like that. You can just labor so long. Really: it is the devil putting a cloud over us, over the light God has made available to His children. Here is the cloud, and here is the light, and we have obscured the light with a cloud.) and are heavy laden, (I have seen animals when I was a boy, that is what they worked with, horses. I have seen those poor horses in the woods pulling out logs. They used every muscle they had to strain and get those logs out of there. Sometimes they had to use help: by cutting off a limb so big around, and putting it under the log: to keep shifting it until it rolled where they wanted it, otherwise they could not make it. That is being laden. Sometimes we are pulled between two opinions to the point we are heavy laden. But then Jesus is really saying something there, He is not here in person, but that does not make any difference. The same Spirit that was within Jesus, is the Spirit that is within us. It is the Spirit of God, or the Holy Ghost, whichever you want to say. It is the Holy Ghost within us: that we can lay our cares and burdens upon. He cares for us. He cares more for us than we care for our self. remember before and at the time Bro. William Branham died. I had been here for three summers. As I said this morning, out of ten times anyone was mentioned, it was Bro. William Branham: nine and Jesus one. There are some people here that know what I am talking about, because you were there. It did not affect me. I did not believe it, because: as the song goes: Lift Him higher, not a man but Jesus Christ. It was the grace of God that kept me and others from getting in that same man worshipping rut. Look where we would have been now. It is decisions we make along the way: that is fashioning our experience with God. Sometimes you just have to depend completely upon the Spirit of God to make your decisions. The Bible speaks about groanings that cannot be uttered. All you can do is just groan because you don’t really know what words to say: it is just not in your vocabulary.Sometimes burdens will come upon you, and you don’t know why. You feel like it might be for someone else. I have a nephew that was in the Air Force. He came to our place when we lived in Jeffersonville: on Hopkins Lane. There was just a burden that came over me and would not leave. It was on me for three days. He thought I was being unfriendly, but it was for him. I did not cry, but I wanted to. God will sometimes deal with you for other people: simply because we are not our own. We are a family. As Bro. Kevin has talked about the 12th chapter of 1st Corinthians, how we are compressed together. Really: it is like being welded together. When someone is weak: you feel that weakness. Sometimes people think you are lashing out: but no, it is a waking up situation. As I said about my mom: while I was going to high school, she would say: get up, it is going on eight o’clock and it was only five after seven. She knew she was going to have to deal with that. She did not want me to miss the bus, but a few times I did and then I would have to hitch hike for seven miles. That is the way it is with young people. It was not that I was staying out all night. There was not anything to stay out for: unless you wanted to stand out in the dark somewhere. My mom was merciful. She wanted me to make something worthwhile of myself. I am sure there is nobody here that your mom wanted to be a failure. Where am I going with this? There were not many people: when I was growing up, that went to high school. There was not many that finished grade school back then. I remember when WW2 was over, there were some boys returned home; that were just about grown, but their parents felt like they needed to get back in school. They were already sixteen years old and had a model T car. They did not know where to put them in school: because they had not been there before. I remember one boy that had a car, and they put him in the 5th grade because they did not know where to put him. What they had been doing; was working. There were boys back then that were strong as an ox. Some had even worked at saw mills. If we let our past determine our future, and let yesterday, or a year ago, or even five years ago, determine what we are going to be in the future: that will not work. James said don’t even plan on the future: what you are going to be doing. I believe a year from now: things are going to be much different. You can just push God to a certain point, and that is what some are doing. They are determining law, but there is always a Supreme Court Justice, and it is not a bunch of half-baked men and women that the Supreme Court is made up of that is going to determine the outcome. He said, I will give you rest. If we are having trouble in this flesh tonight, there is a place in Him for rest. As Paul said, there remaineth a rest for the children of God and that rest is in the Spirit of God. “Take my yoke upon you, (What a pleasant thing, take my yoke upon you. Do not allow yourself to be yoked to something else. Don’t be yoked to some burden or to somebody that is going to drag you down. Sometimes we get with people that have the same burdens we do. They are not going to help us. If you come to me for help, and I have all kinds of things that I need to be put away, all these feelings and everything that need to be dealt with: how am I going to help you? Of course, people do come to us, and why would they not: if they did not think they could get some help? Our brothers and sisters are right: when they feel that they can get some help from the ministry. I am just a man, Bro. Kevin is a man: we are not gods. We are not somebody to bow down before, but it is what we represent; that makes us able to help some. It is the life that we all live that counts. That is what is going to shine in the end time: if God has first place in our lives. We have to have some positivity about us. There is a preacher by the name of Pierce e, I believe it was. He made a living on positive thinking. That is where Schuler and his bunch came from. That was good to one extent, but you have to have something more than just positive thinking, you have to have something inside you to go with that. There are a lot of people that have positive thinking. They just don’t believe anything they do is going to fail. I think that is the reason Trump has gone up so high in the polls. They asked him the other day about what he believed about God and he referred to that man I was talking about. Just to have positive thinking on its own is not going to do much good spiritually. We have to have something to go with that, and that has to be the Spirit of God. Positive thinking can heal your body: it can, but it cannot heal your soul. That requires a spiritual experience. Take my yoke upon you; Jesus said. If we have yoked our self with some other thing or some other meaning, we need to throw that yoke off and get yoked with Him. He is talking about burdens. I thought about what Bro. Kevin said to Ashley, why don’t you try the Lord first? I did not notice her limping when she came up on the stage tonight. Put some oomph behind it. I think it is the Marines that call it grunts. My brother was in the Marines, in WW2: he was in Guam. While preparing him for the battle, they put him through tunnels, and they set off hand grenades close to them while they were in the tunnels until his ears even bled. That is a rough way to prepare for war, but that is not even half of what it is in the battle. Jesus is trying to take the sting off, even the sting of death, so that we do not get discouraged. His yoke is easy. “And ye shall find rest unto your souls.” What a good word! It works! Rest! When I worked at Ford: the first six weeks for ten hours a day, there was no relief. You could not even go to the bathroom. Finally, after six weeks, I got a relief man. I was using a screw gun, and my hands swelled so much that it would take two hours in the morning; for them to limber up so that I could have movement in them. I needed a job. I felt that God gave me that job. After six months Bro. Wells was hired. He started out working with me. When he first started working with me, I was worn out, and he was running to keep up. I was worn out. The boss came by and said, son, you don’t have to run. He changed the job around and put some here and brought some better ones to us. I don’t know if he remembers that. Anyway, it made the load lighter. I was not going to give up, but I sure needed help. Do you need help tonight? You cannot carry all these things by yourself! Don’t even try! When you have Jesus yoked with you: He is carrying the load; not all of it. He is going to make it easier, but He is not going to take all the load off and let us loaf. “For my yoke is easy, and my burden light.” That is instruction for all time, and especially for the time we are living in, because there are things coming our way; that we will have to deal with. I want to go to Hebrews the 12th chapter. In the last part of the chapter 11, verse 37 tells us “They were stoned, they were sawn asunder, were tempted, were slain with the sword: they wandered about in sheepskins and goatskins; being destitute, afflicted, tormented; of whom the world was not worthy: they wandered in deserts, and in mountains, and in dens and caves of the earth.” Brother Branham said he would preach the Word if he had to do it with soda crackers and branch water. Bro. Jackson said that Paul ate rats in order to preach the gospel. We have it pretty good. We can go down here to a Smorgasbord on most any Street. “And these all, having obtained a good report through faith, received not the promise.” They waited for it. They were waiting for Him; they did not know when He was going to come. Nevertheless, they endured. “God having provided some better thing for us, (These people have not the spirit of God dwelling in them, but they had something inside. They had determination. As we see how the world is going tonight, and as we see what is being pushed on people, you wonder how long it will be before they are standing on our doorsteps. What is our answer going to be? I saw three people on the news tonight; talking about the woman in Kentucky, oh that is the law, that is the law. Whose law? The devil’s law, that is whose it is. We just as well be truthful about it. Without God in it, it is something that five rebated people pushed through. What do I mean by five? There were five out of the nine in the Supreme Court. And that is the law. That is not the law, there is somebody bigger than that. He is the Supreme One. People are going to be screaming and crying for the mountains to fall on them, hiding in dens and caves, whatever they can find to hide from Him that is coming back.) that they without us should not be made perfect.” It takes the church of the living God to perfect the whole thing. Us, you, you, you, and I, we are ones God is perfecting for this hour. And you listening on the internet. That should make us feel important, that they, all the trials, sorrow that they were persecuted with, without us could not be made perfect. “Wherefore seeing we also are compassed about with so great a cloud of witnesses, let us lay aside the every weight, (the yoke. Do you know what weight does? It puts strain all the way to the feet. Lay aside every weight. Well, I will lay one down. It said every one.) and the sin (We know what sin is. Am I talking about getting out here carousing? No. Sin is unbelief. If you don’t believe that God can help you and pull you up, that is unbelief. It becomes sin. Well I just don’t know how I am going to make it. Yes you do, you are going to believe the word and be pulled out. We don’t have to walk in the ditch.) which doth so easily beset us, and let us run (you can’t run with weights, it may be good for training, but it is not good for a race. Can you imagine somebody running with ten pounds on each foot having to drag that along? Or chains with some kind of weight on it.) with patience the race that is set before us.” What kind of race. The race that is set before each one of us as individuals. My race is not yours. Your race is not mine. But we are all running together. “Looking unto Jesus the author and finisher of our faith; (There have been a lot of sermons preached on that, but it goes deeper than that. Looking unto Jesus the author and finisher of our faith. He was the one that began it. He is the very author of our faith and the finisher. The Bible says we are complete in Him. We start in Him and we finish in Him.) who for the joy (He is looking beyond the grave. He is saying to the disciples as I read this morning, peace I give to you, my peace I give unto you. Who for the joy…) that was set before Him endured the cross, (It wasn’t easy. Just imagine to go through all He went through and Him not guilty of any of it. A bunch of religious people wanted it because He healed on the Sabbath day. His disciples went through a field and picked grains of corn on the Sabbath day. You can see that religious group getting madder and madder and madder. Then He comes in and turns over the changers of money tables and let their doves loose, told them to get the animals out of there. He said, my Father’s house shall be a house of prayer, you have made it a den of thieves. He didn’t have any good thing to say about the religionists of that day. We have had people come here and say, well you just criticize too much. No, we are just trying to let people know how God expects us to live.) despising the same, (Now here is the good part, here is the joy.) And is set down at the right hand of the throne of God.” To sit down at the right hand of the throne of God shows that God accepted Him. God is seeking to accept each of us tonight. But we have to be attentive to Him. I was just sitting in a chair last night and I seen something that I used to see often, a light appeared on the wall as I was thinking of Him, and I felt His presence. He wants to show us He cares about us, He cares for us, He takes care of us. “For consider Him that endured such contradiction of sinners against Himself, lest ye be wearied and faint in your minds.” It was the contradiction of sinners and the Law, and the Pharisees, those people that didn’t agree with anything He did. Contradiction all the way to the cross. There they stood, let Him be crucified. “Ye have not yet resisted unto blood, striving against sin. And ye have forgotten the exhortation which seemeth unto you as unto children, My Son, despise not thou the chastening of the Lord, nor faint when thou art rebuked of Him.” Sometimes when we feel low, it is just a little warning for us. God is not just going to be what you want Him to be at all times. Do you always shout when you feel like it? Do you always raise your hands when you feel like it? That is not it. It said raise your hands, it said to praise the Lord and we do that even if we don’t feel it, because that brings on the feeling. That brings on the happiness. I never ask Bro. Kevin how he feels, but I am sure as others, we go through dry spots but we don’t let everybody know about it and we don’t let the devil know about it. He doesn’t know your mind because we have the mind of Christ. He doesn’t know that mind because we don’t owe him anything. “For whom the Lord loveth He chasteneth, and scourgeth every son whom He receiveth. If ye endure chastening God dealt with you as with sons; for what son is he whom the Father chasteneth not?” Every child is not dealt with the same way. Some children when they are growing up just need a little bit of scolding, or a little slap on the behind. Of course, that is against the law, whose law? Not against the law of God. I remember school teachers used to whip. The children didn’t want to let their parents know about it because they would get another one. “But if ye be without chastisement, whereof all are partakers, then are ye bastards, and not sons.” God wants us to show Him respect every once in a while. He has to correct us, but He doesn’t correct us to the point that we just give in. Don’t be corrected a year, two, or five years, find out why the correction is there and so something about it. David, after he had done what he did, as I said this morning, God showed that he deserved death, but He said I forgive you. But He said the sword would never leave your house. I am saying tonight, God forgives you. I am saying this as plain as I can tonight, God forgives you, pick up the pieces and go on. I don’t know how much plainer I can say it. When the devil comes knocking, tell him to go on, he has plenty of room to work out there, he doesn’t have to work in me. The apostle Paul was pretty smart for that time. The wisdom God gave him as never diminished. We live on the word the apostle Paul preached, because he was preaching to the Gentiles. “Furthermore, we have had fathers of our flesh which corrected us, and we gave them reverence: shall we not much rather be in subjection unto the Father of spirits, and live? For they verily for a few days chastened us after their own pleasure; (I hope my dad didn’t have pleasure in that, but it means after his will, after his determination.) but he for our profit, that we might be partakers of his holiness.” That is what we want, we want to be part of the holiness of God. As He said, without holiness no man shall see the Lord. “Now no chastening for the present seemeth to be joyous, but grievous: nevertheless afterward it yieldeth the peaceable fruit of righteousness unto them which are exercised thereby. Wherefore lift up the hands which hang down, and the feeble knees; (That is what the Spirit of God will do. It will straighten your back.) And make straight paths for your feet, lest that which is lame be turned out of the way; but let it rather be healed. Follow peace with all men, and holiness, without which no man shall see the Lord: Looking diligently lest any man fail of the grace of God; lest any root of bitterness springing up trouble you, and thereby many be defiled.” May God bless you. Prayer.I was just thinking on some different things this morning as I was thinking about the message. I remembered how Bro. Jackson, not too long before he passed away, he walked down the aisle and stood by a certain row of seats, he was standing right beside some people who left. He said, there could be tares in our midst. He had already told some of us that he would probably be mentioning names, but he didn’t. He just stood there and leaned upon the seat of some of these people he had dreamed about. He had a dream and saw the ones that would leave. Some left before he passed away and others left after he passed away. Now most of them are dead. It doesn’t pay to sit in the midst of a people and not believe. If there is some other motive, something else in the person’s mind, the Bible said, be sure that your sins will find you out. Sin is unbelief. That was eleven years ago. It was about this time eleven years ago that he began to preach the Seals. He preached sixteen messages on the Seals. It was around convention time. He has been gone now for eleven years. The message lives on. Bro. William Branham said God takes his messenger, but He doesn’t take His Spirit. So as Bro. Kevin was preaching the other night, there are people that feel they are pulling something over on people. Something is getting ready to give, and some people are getting ready to be shown up for what they are, and for what they have done. He didn’t mention any names and I am not going to mention any names either, but it is not far away of what he was talking about. It is happening now among people who should know better. When Bro. William Branham was here, he preached truth to these people and it has become a mockery now, just a mockery. They have money, but they lost something else, something more precious than money. The Bible said if you gain the whole world and lose your soul, then you are in bad shape. It is better to never have believed than to be able to sit in truth and not receive. You are better off not to have darkened the door of the fellowship of saints than to go away and criticize or have some other motive in your mind other than truth. I say these words, but I believe the Spirit of God is speaking to some. Don’t have another motive in your mind, just come among the saints and surrender. Surrender all, then everything will be alright. I am not going to stand at the door and say, don’t come in. But some day the Holy Ghost will, because I see that in the 4th chapter of Acts where a couple that had experienced something in their life, then they turned and thought they would fool the Holy Ghost. The Holy Ghost is not fooled because He looks right into the heart, from the top of the head right on down into the heart. He sees every motive. If people sit and unwillingly to surrender their heart and mind to the Lord, if there is something they have against somebody and are not willing to make that right, then it is not good. You may have everything under control, but if there is something you are holding against somebody that is not right, then you have a problem that I can’t solve. I don’t intend to. But God knows about it. When you go to Isaiah, and you go to Jeremiah and see the Jews being taken out of their land, the northern tribes were taken out during Isaiah’s time. The southern tribes which were Judah and so on, were taken out in Jeremiah’s time. He prophesied and said there would be seventy years, they would be out of the land. It was even prophesied under Isaiah, a hundred and fifty years or so before, that there would be a king named Cyrus. It even mentioned his name, that under his rule the Jews would go back home. But the Jews went back home with a different attitude. It took Nehemiah, and it took Joshua at that time, in order to get them to go back and build the temple. They went back and built their houses, but they didn’t build their temple. I saw this morning on the news, in Jerusalem, I didn’t catch a lot of it, but the temple mount was under attack. I don’t know, but it looked like some gunfire on the temple mount, because they had been having so much trouble. It is supposed to be that way. They are going to get that ground back and it is not like some of these preachers who think it is going to be a shared arrangement between the Arabs and the Jews. That mosque of Omar has to go, it is in the wrong place. It is not going to sit there, neither is that Al-Aqsa mosque. They claim that is where Mohammad is going to come back to. He never was there, why would he come back? Jesus was there, Jesus is going to come back. So today when I see something rising up in the Middle East, I am not discouraged. I am not discouraged about Iran getting a bomb because I know the outcome before it ever happens. Because I believe the scripture. God doesn’t fail. If we believe, He won’t fail us. He has us on His mind. We have Him on our mind and Him in our heart. To be able to fellowship with Him and sit in His presence is the best thing you will ever have. You may have a happy marriage, you may have a happy home, which is all good. But that won’t take care of your happiness in the Lord. He is here this morning to do something, to take care of our problems, not just our needs, but our problems. Whenever I pray for somebody, I believe that something is going to happen. It has happened, it is happening. God is our conduit. A couple weeks ago there was a transformer that went out and we didn’t have Sunday night service. God’s transformer doesn’t go out. There is the song, Central is never busy, always on the line. I heard that song when I was a boy. It came along when the telephone came out. I remember the old telephones that you had to ring. I probably never seen a telephone until I was six years old. My grandparents had one. It was a funny looking thing. That was the first apple, but that was the starting. I had to start someplace. This truth had to start some place. Whenever everything was in an uproar, it looked good in the 40’s and 50’s. but something was wrong. Something had to be corrected. I remember meetings when I was a boy in the Methodist Church. I remember 1948 and 1949, in the community there were raw sinners that never had gone to church. I remember my dad and my brother, my brother was a preacher. I remember them going to houses with men who couldn’t cope they were so convicted. I remember those days. They had to have prayer before they could even leave their house. I remember one man, for three days he couldn’t even eat because he was under conviction. People don’t know what that is anymore. It is lost. All they have to do is go and sign a little letter, you are alright. Go in the back room and have a little prayer. That doesn’t fix the problem. America has a problem today. Preachers are preaching there is going to be a revival in America. I believe that something is going to happen in America, but it has to be brought to it’s knees first. There are going to be a whole lot of people missing because it has to have something to bring it to it’s knees in order to be the nation that the Jews flee to. They are not going to leave one place and come to another one where it is all in an uproar. People will be glad to get across the border then. If this is the place, there has to be a house cleaning. I believe there will be because this was hewn out of a wilderness. I remember WW2, people brought pictures of boys that were in service and placed them on the pianos. They prayed for them. People weren’t afraid to pray. They weren’t afraid to be heard praying. Because the nation was in turmoil. I remember when Japan hit the Hawaiian Islands. I was four or five years old. Roosevelt declared war. We have a president (Obama) now that declares nothing, just talk. He draws the line. When I was a boy, when someone would want to fight they would draw a line in the dirt. If one was afraid, then he would draw back and draw another line. It just kept on until all at once it was not important. That is the way it is today, this thing is not important. Other countries are running over us, but they make laws here for same sex marriage. I never saw anything so idiotic and devilish. Sodom. I saw a documentary of Hitler on the war channel. That man was full of the devil. He had Catholic priests in his army. It is not good enough to be a good old boy today, God is not smiling on people because they are southern or because they are northern. People get stuffy, those Yankees. People still have animosity in them. I am glad our Sister Helena testified this morning. I am glad to have her and Bro. Charles here. They are an example, both of them. I am glad to have all you people here this morning. God has picked you. Why would I have animosity? They come out of WW1, then Hitler got the big idea he was going to do something because Germany was defeated. He was so hurt, so angry. He started out with a few people, that is the way these movements are. Most of Germany didn’t even know that Auschwitz even existed. I have been there. The evidence is still there. Open latrines, men and women both had to go there. One woman cleaned those things just in order to live. It showed a little boy running, trying to get away from that bunch of devils. He ran and jumped in there to die, all because that man thought he was going to do something. After a while, I guess it played on his mind what he was doing, but I don’t know if he had any mind, he got on dope, crystal meth. It wasn’t even known in America, they didn’t know what it was, but they do today. It got to the point that he couldn’t even get out of bed for two years before he died. He was making decisions while on that stuff, how he was going to treat the Jews, and that stuff took his mind. So, they began to experiment with Jews. They mixed that and two other ingredients, and with seventy-pound packs of rocks on their backs, they made them march. They watched just to see how long they could live. Most of them were three or four days, they dropped dead. They weren’t even fed because he was making an experiment. If there ever was a devil beside the pope, it was him. There have been some of those popes just as evil. So, he began to give this to his soldiers. There was a medication, one they put in people when they are dying, morphine. They began to give this to his soldiers and they were going a hundred miles a day. They got close to Russia and were marching through mud with ice in it, because they had that crystal meth with other drugs, along with morphine to kill the pain. They walked in the mud, that water and ice, some of them lost their feet and didn’t even realize their feet were gone until they fell. All because they were marching against Russia, all the time they were losing and Hitler didn’t even know it, he thought he was winning all along while he was really losing. Why am I saying that? Because there are things going on in this world today with people, as Bro. William Branham said the time will come that in Washington they will be insane. Insanity rules the day in the schools. Some of these classes don’t have anything to do with education. It is just something that has been fixed up by the government in order to put young children, Kindergarten, they are teaching them if you don’t know what you are, boy or girl, you are alright, you can go to either bathroom you want. I grew up, there were boys that worked in WW2 that were six, seven, eight years old, whenever the war was over, they didn’t even know which class to put them in because they had worked all through that time. They grew up to be moral human beings. I remember 1973 they began to build pickup trucks at Ford, so they wanted a young work force. They hired a bunch of eighteen and nineteen-year-old boys. I have seen the line go down because somebody put something in it to break it. Those boys sat in a circle smoking pot and blowing it into each other’s mouths. If you reported them, they would have killed you. They wound up, most of them, quitting. One boy I remember, he thought of something every day in order to go home at lunch time. So, he got a call from somebody saying your mother is in the hospital, you need to go there. They came to find out that she worked in the hospital. This word sounds good to me, I think it is right, America is bound for a drubbing, is that a word? It sounds like one to me. That is why I say that America is going to have to have a revival, but not the way they think. It is going to be a forced thing. If God is going to get any morality out of America, He is going to have to do something. I am not demanding God, but I am saying He will do something. You don’t have to do anything because I said it, but there have been too many, along with Bro. William Branham and George Washington, saying that they saw cities in America burning. It is at that state right now. Bro. Jackson said the red blooded American, somewhere in the midst of America, there is somebody in America that is going to rise up and say, that is enough. You might think I am getting loud, but they have to hear me overseas. It says in Galatians 4:4, “But when the fulness of the time was come, God sent forth His Son, made of a woman, made under the law. To redeem them that were under the law, that we might receive the adoption of sons.” God is going to visit His Jewish people. I know the government over there is worried. They are afraid because they have depended on the U.S. government. They have depended on the almighty dollar or their shekels. Shekels can’t save them. But on the wings of those airplanes, God has angels. They saw it during the Six Day War, and here we are, Sunday 13th, does that mean anything to you? There will be a partial eclipse today. This is a Jewish holiday. Something is going on in the inner being of God’s mind. His mind is working. Don’t ever forget it. Work on me Lord, work on my heart and mind. Forgive me Father. Make my life what you would have it to be, let it be clean in your presence. I am not a one day of the week Christian. I don’t believe anybody can be. I say that, that I don’t believe anybody can be, because I am sure. You have seen houses for sale. We need to put the shingle out of our lives, and say, sold out. That is when the dead is made. I know there can’t be gray areas in our lives, it can’t happen. Hitler wanted blonde headed, blue eyed people, I don’t know why, he wasn’t like that. He took some of his biggest and best and put them with women to have those children. Those children never knew mom or dad because they were taken and put in a nursery to live. Out of the twelve thousand, there weren’t any that lived. Can you imagine losing a war and he was the only one who thought they were winning. His generals told him to give up, we are losing, give up. No, go on. If you don’t go on, I will shoot you. That is on the natural side. The devil inspired the natural side. Today this is unusual. If you have a spirit inside of you that you can’t control, surrender that thing, don’t let it drive you. Because if the devil is driving us, he is going to put us in the middle of the road straddling the yellow line. You can’t pass anybody like that because you will meet head on. You don’t have to live below your privilege. I don’t have to because I have a promise. You have a promise that there is nothing, nothing that can keep you from the presence of God. I am not asking for a bunch of people to come to the altar today, because you have to settle it between you and God. I know I am not wrong. You can come up here and tell part of your problem, but if you get alone with God and tell Him all your problems, Lord, I know I have something bad that is holding me back, please help me Father. That is hard. I am not looking in your heart, I don’t know everybody’s heart or mind, but I know that God does. These things are not easy to say. I don’t know how you are going to feel about me when this service is over. I don’t know what you are going to think about me. I am not trying to do something to hurt somebody. I am not saying to get things out in the open so everybody can hear, that is a denominational thing. If you have been a rapist or a pervert, if you have been on dope, they will take you from here to yonder letting you give your testimony so you can help somebody else who has been in the same shape. I would rather hear the gospel any time. I don’t need to know how many times you passed out on dope. I don’t want to listen to prostitutes on stage. They brought one to Jesus, caught in the very act. They brought her to Jesus and said, we caught her in the very act, what are you going to do about it? He got down and wrote in the dirt. I don’t know what He wrote, but then He got up and said, you Pharisee, you Sadducee, you Herodian, you righteous people go ahead and throw the first stone. He didn’t look at the woman, He got down and wrote again. This time I feel He is writing some names. This probably happened in five minutes, I don’t know. But then He got up and said, woman, where are your accusers? She said, I have none. Neither do I. Did He say, I am going to take you with me and tell everybody about it? No, He said go and sin no more, go, go. God can take a messed up life and can cleanse that life. He can make it to where it is something holy, that this thing is not remembered again, not brought up to where everybody can look at it. I have known people that have been sinners. They surrendered to God. I couldn’t even look at them and think they had ever been that because God changed them so much. He took the inside and cleansed it. Whenever He did, it just left. Bro. Lau keeps coming to my mind. He came to the Lord and then had a dream. He dreamed he was laying in the gutter, I believe it was. He seen himself there with his entrails hanging out. Here came an angel and took Mercurochrome and put it on there, then put him back together. He told this to a colored man who was a preacher and he said I wish I could have a dream like that. That Mercurochrome was the blood, it was the right color. God is willing to put the right color on us today, but it has to take us from the inside. Take us from the inside. Do you think it is a happy trip to drive from Campbellsville or Burkesville every week? Or from Somerset? There is something causing you to drive. There is a spirit that says, come on. He is saying that to others this morning, come on and go with me. Bro. Sawyer and his wife have been coming a long time. Is it worth it? I didn’t have to look at him when I said that because I knew that nobody is paying him to come. There are brothers and sisters that are sick, but they are still here today. I don’t like to see my brothers and sisters sick. I don’t want them to be better, I want them to be well. You don’t have to come to the altar every service so that God will release you. Do it one time and let the blood of Jesus Christ cover you and you will be alright. Bro. Duane, you and your wife didn’t have to move from Georgia, but something told you. Do you know what that something is? Something told you to move. They weren’t getting anything there, that is what they felt. So, the move is on. The move is on my Lord, the move is on. I haven’t read much scripture, I didn’t even know which scripture to go to this morning. I intend to finish this message tonight, but the next one may not be much different. We have a message and we have to carry it. We are not rulers, He is the ruler. I am just a carrier. Before they had walkies and talkies, they had carrying pigeons. They knew where to go when they turned them loose. Bro. William Branham told about one. During WW2 the enemy had them all pinned down and they didn’t know where to go. They took one of those carrier pigeons and tied a note to its leg. It said we are pinned down in a certain place. They turned it loose and the enemy began to fire at it and hit it’s wings. That is when he preached, On the Wings of a Dove. They hit it’s breast, but he said it fell in the camp with the message. A month from that time the same thing happened to him. His head and chest went through the windshield but he left us a message. I can’t help what others do with it. That is their problem not mine. He left a message. God brought that man on the scene and he left us with something to go on with, not to stop. He didn’t say stop, go on and stick with the Bible. Whenever I am gone, stick with the Bible. Bro. Jackson had the dream and told Bro. William Branham the last time he was here in Jeffersonville. That was August 5, 1965. He went into his office and told him about the horse dream. When he got through, Bro. William Branham said, I know what the horse is, the horse represents the word. He got his Bible, he told Bro. Jackson, when I am gone, stick with this. Bro. Jackson said, I will. I will. My brothers will, you brothers in other countries, as you hear this, stick with the word and let the word guide you. You won’t tell Bro. Spencer anything different. That brother stands for truth, there are no gray areas. There are no gray areas here. I wouldn’t give anything for what I feel this morning because it is real. God is real. If you want something real, be a link in that chain. We are on our way. We are, we are on our way. Don’t just take a little dab, that won’t do. I preach this message to say, let’s go on. Don’t let anything stop you. Let’s go on together. Has the move here been worth it? It is worth it all to be His child, to serve Him through that last long mile, it is worth it all to feel His power and to know He is with us every hour. Every hour of every day, He is with us. Are you ready? Are you ready to go? Are you ready to go on? I hope everybody feels it this morning. Prayer(The first few minutes of this service is of Bro. Yahraus giving testimony of their first trip to see Jonathan Cahn. Bro. Steve Yahraus speaking.) We went to see Jonathan Cahn. I know a lot of people have heard about him and asked about him. I have always said I could tell a denominational spirit two miles away. All these TV preachers, the books they put out and everything, I just don’t give two cents for it. I heard about the Shemitah, the Harbinger, and all these things. There wasn’t really anything new in it to me, I know it is coming, it had details, but it didn’t mean a whole lot to me. People kept talking about this Jonathan Cahn. One day Bro. Allen was over at the house and he asked if I had seen on You Tube that prayer breakfast, or maybe it was the one in Congress. I said no, I really hadn’t, but he wanted to see it so we listened to it.We went to meet Jonathan Cahn and when I got there I talked to him for a minute and then told him that I would like to call him some time and tell about a dream I had had. He said, well tell me now. I thought, here is this long line of people but he wants to hear this dream. So, I told him, I was asleep, laying on my left side on the couch and I heard voices behind me. After a while they began to give out numbers. He was listening very attentively to what I had to say. I told him the old number I was left with was the number 23. I thought all the numbers I hear is 13 and 28 up until lately. I hadn’t heard anything about the 23rd. I told him about all these numbers that were given to me, then after a while of talking then one voice said to another, Gabriel. That was when I woke up suddenly. I told him, I didn’t understand why that number was left with me. He said, well, if you go to the time 1967 when Israel go their land back, he began to explain it, he said the three hundred and sixty days, from what time he was talking about, he said it wind up on September 23rd, whenever the Six Day War was over. Then lately I had seen where the 23rd is the day of atonement. I didn’t know that at the time, but it is the day of atonement for Israel. Then there is another part of it there, the Jubilee, right between that. He said that is very interesting. Then he told me about the date 23rd and all. I appreciated him listening to me, that he would take time out to hear my dream. We were just people from another place, but it seemed like everything thing that happened, we have favor of God to be able to get what we wanted. It was more than I expected, to see all those people there, there were probably eight hundred or a thousand people there, something like that, but we got a front row seat. They said, you can sit on the front row but you can’t chew chewing gum or run to the bathroom while he is preaching because it is televised, world wide televised. So, we may be on television. But whenever he was talking about that, he told Bro. Steve that he was to be on Trinity Broadcast next month, I don’t remember the exact date, but yes I do, it was the 23rd he was supposed to be on there. He said they cancelled it because the pope is going to be there in the city at that time. I don’t know if Trinity Broadcast cancelled on account of that or if it was because of the crowd that would be there, the police force and all that would guard the pope. But everything worked perfect, it couldn’t have been any better to work out that way. We did sit on the front row while he preached. You say him standing there, maybe five foot six, 150 pounds. You can’t see that on television, but he is a little man. He blew the shofar, he had three there, two small ones and one big one. I think the two belonged to somebody else and they wanted him to blow it. So he bowed the shofar. We had a great time. We went to the airport, we already had our tickets TSA approved. There were probably about two people ahead of us. We walked right on through the line and didn’t have to take our coats off. Nobody had to take their shoes off. We checked in that easy. Bro. Steve had it all worked out, he had it all on his phone, but he couldn’t get it worked out, but coming back when we got to the airport, they gave us a yellow card TSA approved. So we only had two or three people in front of us again. There was the other line of people which probably would have taken forty-five minutes to get through, but we walked on through, Kings’ children. I don’t know what people out there think about that, but that don’t concern me. They already think bad about us anyway. As Bro. Steve said, that is not a perfecting message. It won’t perfect you but it will inform you. There was one thing he said that I was glad he did say, he said the tribulation is not going to happen now. He said there are too many things to be fulfilled before the tribulation. All the television preachers said it could happen now. I was glad he said that, because I could say Amen to that. It can’t happen now, there are too many things to be fulfilled. You are a part of that fulfilling, my brothers and sisters, we are on the way. We are well on the way. As I seen the people that were congregated there, they were interested but they were not ready. This is the best life a person can live. This is the best message and I am not talking about myself, this is the best message that God can give for this hour because it is a perfecting message. I appreciate that, I appreciate you all. Sometimes it may seem a little hard, but it is perfecting. I don’t say things to get it off my chest. I come to service with something on my heart and mind, but I don’t really know what all I will say because I feel that is my ministry, that is my calling. I don’t know how long it was but he never took a drink of water. He flipped page after page after page, but he didn’t just stand there and read out of it. So tonight, God’s people are the best people in the world. I am talking about Bride people. They are the best there is. I thank God for the privilege because I do believe the man has something to say for this endtime. It will help the Bride to hear. The message to the Bride is the fivefold ministry. In just a few days you will see some of that. So tonight, I hope you understand that we are on a journey and we have not been this way before. We are not lost on this journey, we have been found. Jesus Christ is very near. I love Him, don’t you? Let us pray.