Let Us Not Be Weary In Well Doing – pm

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  1. b Br Kevin.I was late in life converted and when I stumbeled on Br Branham I followed blindly as I had all of his sermons to catch up on and did not know where they were taking me as I was listening to 3 – 5 a week or wehere I was going. I went to college to be cleansed or corrected as my Church advised me but the College did no so as they said I was worse than ever.I then stumbled on Br Jackson and had all his sermons to catch up on. All I knew was that there was life for me in all the sermons so again I stumbled onagain not knowing where all this was taking me and by the time I had almost caught up Br Jackson had passed on.I finally heard Br Allan and I was now able to watch the live services/. No longer am I stumbling blindly on. trust you and the five fold ministry with my soul Br Holmes I thought to send this after I listened to the Thursday night message you preached

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